Stateline Slotcars

Slot car racing and collecting of all scales in southern Wisconsin

Looking for other slot car enthusiasts in the southern WI-northern IL area
interested in meeting for informal races.

Still under construction

If it weren't for the bad habit called "a job" I'd be making more progress
But then without the job I'd be scratching this out in the dirt with a stick under a bridge somewhere...
Until I hit it big on the lottery these are the conditions that prevail

recent updates:
08/18/10 - some Thunderjet 500 pictures in the HO Aurora section

The very short 1/32-1/24 scale Monroe Speedway road course is up and running. 
A few photos of the first race day can be seen via the Monroe Speedway tab.

The Monroe Speedway will eventually be "repaved". 
Going to pull up the Otaki 1/24 track and lay down my newly acquired Revell 1/32 in its place.

The non slot car stuff will eventually get crowded out as more is added to the slot and projects pages
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