My work is created entirely on a computer and only becomes an actual physical image on paper when the digital file is printed. Minor changes are often made after seeing a test print. When editing is complete, the file is saved and each print of the edition will be identical. Archival quality, limited edition prints are made with an Epson eight-color pigment printer on Museo Portfolio Rag paper. The heavy 300 gsm, 100% cotton base paper has a smooth texture and is pH-neutral and acid free.

DistantStormT AnticipationT1 AMomentOfCalmT WorkInProgress2116 DayDreamSeries1T
YellowHardHatT1 WayHomeT BeingSafe PurpleHeartT WorkingInRetailT TouristT1
WeekendPlayerT1 HeaddressT GoodLifeT1 MorningRoutineT1 SelfPortraitT MeasuringArtT
ModernLifeT1 WorkplaceT1 FirefighterT1 MechanicT AnonymousPortraitWithBlackShirtT UntitledAug11T
WinterChoresT WomanwithLeaves YellowHill WomanWithScarfT OnTheRoadBWT FedoraT
StandingManWithHammerT WomanInRobeT MomentOfDecisionT SellingFlowersT UntitledPortraitT CleanT

All images © 2008-2017 Steve Coppin. No reproduction in any form without permission.

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