EZ-GO-Oriental Strategy in a Nutshell

by Bruce & Sue Wilcox

Over a decade in the making, "EZ-GO - Oriental Strategy in a Nutshell" by Bruce & Sue Wilcox. is a 286 page printable PDF book packed with illustrative diagrams to aid your understanding of the fully unfurled and unexpurgated Wilcox Theory of Go. Although this work builds on the theories first published as 'Instant Go' it is a completely new publication and includes concepts never before aired at Wilcox lectures or in print.

Take a delightful journey through Oriental business strategy and philosophy as revealed in the game of Go. The insights of a strong player are distilled through the eyes of a weaker player to insure understanding by everyone from beginner on. Strategy and tactics of Go are brought to life (and applied to life) in this unique metaphorical treatment of the game. The metaphorical style of explanation has grown out of the more memorable aspects of the Wilcox Go lectures and is now a unique approach to teaching Go.

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Metaphorical Go
Explores metaphors for war, business, and Go, including the Go board as Brownie. Covers the first half of the rules of Go and an overview of the game phases: opening game, middle game, and end game.

The Dinosaur's Hind Brain
Completes the rules and describes the primitive formations of strings, links, territories and groups and their associated reflexes.

The Wolf Pack
Explores the dangerous dynamics of hunting strings, from enclosure and liberty filling through to ladders and capturing races.


Call of the Wild
Alerts you to the dangers of enclosure and shows how sector lines are an early warning system for groups and define potential territories .

Danger Radiation Area
Examines the dangerous influence of stones on nearby intersections and the use of walls for territory or attack.

4,3,2,1, Contact
Teaches finding one's balance, advantage and purpose while next to enemy stones.

High Concepts

Yin & Yang
Describes the dynamics between strategy and tactics and provides some meta-rules about both.

A Question of Balance
Compares American and Oriental traditions of fighting and competition. Considers balance and consistency, looking at styles. Uses 'The Great Wall' opening as an example of how to disconcert established players with the psycho style.

Winds of Change
Considers the need for anticipation when riding an elemental force.

Sacrificial Lamb
Tells when to abandon stones and shows how different Go board entities can be traded away for greater value.

Group Defense

Flight and Fight
Extols the virtues of running and explains its interdependence with counter-attack.

The Great Escape
Provides a no-lookahead formula for trying to break out of containment.

Darwinian Evolution
Lays out fundamental shapes and how to evolve them. Covers the basics of survival with two eyes.

Attacking Groups

Buy Wholesale, Sell Retail
Reveals a simple secret for better strategic play by showing you when not to attack or defend.

Rampant Machiavelliism
Educates you in the sophisticated pleasures of attacking enemy groups without trying to kill them.

The Dark Side
Explains the Magical techniques for finishing off enemy groups.

Handling Territory

Fools Rush In
Addresses the attack and defense of large potential territories, including light reductions, invasions, and probes.

Discusses the final moves of the game and how to adroitly shift the balance of territory in your favor.


Go Sharping
Treats the subjects of board assessment, local expectation, and exploiting your opponent's human weaknesses.

Variations on a Theme
Uncovers merits in games closely related to normal Go.

The Road Less Traveled
Catalogs the rare and not-so-rare Go board phenomena of ko and seki.

You Rang?

Who was that Masked Man?
Glamorizes the histories of the authors.

Where was that bit about... ?
Indexes concepts

What does that mean?
Describes some Go jargon.

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