Raku Beads

At last - the only book on the planet to tell you how to make Raku beads!

Published on CD in printable Adobe PDF format, it comes in two resolutions - a fast loading one suitable for those in a hurry to read the text or with less powerful computers - and a high resolution one for those who appreciate the ability to zoom into photos of beads glorying in every lucious detail. There are over 250 8.5" x 11" pages with more than 530 color photos on making Raku beads.

Raku Beads teaches you how to make ceramic beads without needing major technical knowledge. Many of these techniques can be applied to polymer and precious metal clays. Appendices cover detail on clays and glazes for those who want to know more. To get you started, the book lists all the equipment you will find useful and points out when you can borrow, do without, or substitute for them.

Fully illustrated projects take you through the stages of making many different sorts of beads. And the book includes a taxonomy to help you come up with new approaches to beadmaking. To give you further ideas, there are interviews with four ceramic beadmakers plus details of how to make their signature beads.

Once you've made your beads, Raku Beads shows you the next step of turning them into necklaces and designing your own wearable art. The book also teaches all you need to know to make your own clasps, earrings, and
various ways of suspending and linking beads together.

But no book on ceramics should fail to let you know what can go wrong. Raku is to some extent an unpredictable art - this is its joy and its sometimes infuriating aspect. Raku Beads reveals what can go wrong with ceramics and how to mend it, not do it again, or use it to your own creative ends.

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Explore the variety of bead types then try your hand at making some of these exciting new beads


organic shapes



geometric- triangle


white brain

flattened disk

metal costume jewelry

alien face

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