The Birdman FAQ

The Birdman FAQ v. 1.7

Originally Written and Compiled by Chip Ashley.
September 26, 1998
Updated August 3, 2005

Birdman and all related characters are copyright 2005/Hanna Barbera Productions.
This FAQ is copyright 2005/Chip Ashley.

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FAQ keeper, Chip Ashley, at this address:

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Table of Contents

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1.1 Who is Birdman and what are his super powers?

Birdman is a superhero created by Alex Toth for a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Stationed in a mountain base, Birdman's powers come directly from his ability to absorb sunlight. Deriving his powers from the Egyptian sun god Ra, Birdman is able to store them and transform this energy into super might, destructive sun bolts, or an invisible force shield-both of which he generates with his hands. Armed with these abilities, as well as wings which enable him to fly, Birdman patrols the skies over Central City aided by Birdboy and his eagle Avenger. Birdman can call Avenger for assistance via a communicator on his neck, the bird being powerful enough to carry Birdman on those occasion when he is cut off from the sun's rays-as in a dark room or cavern-and goes limp, or is stunned by artillery fire. When not airborne, Birdman relaxes in his volcano headquarters, where he can only be contacted by secret operative Falcon 7.

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1.2 What does Birdman's costume look like?

Birdman has a golden bodysuit with black trunks; a blue cowl with black mask; a yellow helmet and collar; red and black wristbands, ankle bands, and belt.

1.3 Where is Birdman's home base?

Birdman's home base is located in an inactive volcano. He has a vary of communications devices.

1.4 Why should I be interested in Birdman?

Like any popular superhero, Birdman has withstood the test of time. He has great powers, great allies, and great villains. This makes for interesting stories and a great time.



2.1 What is Birdman's origin?

Birdman's origin is somehow tied into the Egyptian sun god Ra. Possibly Ray Randall was an archaeologist who discovered devices in an Egyptian tomb that enabled him to store solar energy. Whether he fashioned his own costume or was given the costume by the government agency he works for is unknown.

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3.1 Who are Birdman's friends and allies?

3.1.0 Avenger

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Avenger is a giant eagle and Birdman's ally. Birdman can call Avenger for assistance via a communicator on his neck. Avenger is powerful enough to carry Birdman on those occasion when he is cut off from the sun's rays-as in a dark room or cavern-and goes limp, or is stunned by artillery fire.

3.1.1 Falcon-7

Falcon-7 is Birdman's government contact. He is a special agent with the government. Falcon-7 is able to contact Birdman when there is an emergency or assignment for Birdman.

3.1.2 Birdboy

Birdboy was given some of Birdman's powers and a costume when he was near death from exposure on the sea. He assists Birdman on several missions.

3.1.3 Birdgirl

Birdgirl was created by Dr. Mentaur to destroy Birdman. Birdgirl realized she served a madman and became a force for good. Birdgirl appeared in one episode.

3.1.4 Vapor Man

Vapor Man is from the planet Vaporus. He has the ability to turn his body into any gaseous form and also use any chemical as weapons.

3.1.5 Meteor Man

Meteor Man is from the planet Meteorus. He has the ability to make any part of his body grow larger in size.

3.1.6 Gravity Girl

Gravity Girl is from the planet Gravitas. She has the ability to lift any object with her powers.

3.2 Does Birdman have a "Rogues' Gallery"?

3.2.1 Number One, Leader of FEAR

Number One is the Leader of FEAR. FEAR stands for ___. He has many weapons at his disposal. Number One appeared in four episodes.

3.2.2 The Pirates
Dr. Demon/Captain Kidd

The Pirates are commanders of a futuristic pirate ship with all of the latest gadgetry and equipment. They use this ship to loot luxury liners. The Pirates appeared in one episode.

3.2.3 Skon

Skon is the first of an invading force of aliens. Skon has come to see if his people can conquer Earth. He has a multitude of weapons and a defensive force shield. Skon appeared in one episode.

3.2.4 Murro the Marauder

Murro the Marauder can walk through walls. He can also use shadows to aid him. Murro was hired by FEAR to steal some plans and to destroy Birdman. Murro the Marauder appeared in one episode.

3.2.5 Dr. Millennium

Dr. Millennium has discovered a means of time travel. He has used his device to pluck monsters from the past to aid his evil plans. he can also use the device to travel back in time. Dr. Millennium appeared in two episodes.

3.2.6 Dr. Vult/Vulturo, Prince of Darkness/Dirth, the Vulture Bird

Dr. Vult has created a costume to counteract Birdman's powers. He also created a mechanical bird named Dirth to combat Avenger. Vulturo was hired by FEAR to destroy Birdman. Vulturo appeared in two episodes.

3.2.7 Morto

Morto is a mechanical genius. He has created a suit of super armor and weapons to go with it. He also has a mechanical horse which he rides. Morto appeared in two episodes.

3.2.8 Cumulus, the Storm King

Cumulus has learned to control the weather elements. He uses his powers to get cities to pay him for not causing damages with his lightning storms. Cumulus appeared in one episode.

3.2.9 Shado the Brain Thief

Shado steals the knowledge of scientists and places it in a machine. He also created a mechanical Birdman and Avenger to defeat the real heroes. Shado appeared in one episode.

3.2.10 The Constrictor

The Constrictor uses his submarine and weapons to steal missile plans for the highest bidder. The Constrictor appeared in one episode.

3.2.11 Reducto

Reducto is a mad scientist who has created a reduction ray. He uses this ray to demand money from Central City or he will shrink it's size. After being defeated by Birdman he is shrunken down to microscopic size. Reducto appeared in one episode.

3.2.12 Nitron the Human Bomb

Nitron was a nuclear scientist who was caught in an atomic explosion. He now has the power of bomb blasts in his hands. He uses his power to join FEAR. Nitron appeared in one episode.

3.2.13 Professor Nightshade

Professor Nightshade steals a device that is capable of making people and objects disappear by suspending them in time and space. He uses this device to demand supreme rule of the United States. The device backfires on him and he is caught in time and space forever. Professor Nightshade appeared in one episode.

3.2.14 Hannibal the Hunter

Hannibal is a great trophy hunter who is tired of hunting animals. He wants the ultimate challenge and prize, Birdman. He has a vast array of weapons and traps. Hannibal appeared in one episode.

3.2.15 The Speed Demon

The Speed Demon was a prisoner who was caught in a chemical explosion while trying to escape from prison. The chemicals he is bathed in give him incredible super speed. He uses this speed to steal a fortune. As he tries to outrun a missile the Speed Demon ages to the point of old age. The Speed Demon appeared in one episode.

3.2.16 Dr. Freezoids

Dr. Freezoids has a weapon that can turn an entire city block into ice. He has a retreat in the North Pole. Birdman causes him to self-destruct his base of operations with his own weapons. Dr. Freezoids appeared in one episode.

3.2.17 The Chameleon

The Chameleon uses a special serum that allows him to change into any animal, vegetable, or mineral. He uses his powers to steal from others. The Chameleon appeared in one episode.

3.2.18 The Mummer

The Mummer is a master of disguises. He poses as a world leader to get two countries in a world war. The Mummer appeared in one episode.

3.2.19 X the Eliminator

X the Eliminator is hired by FEAR for one million dollars to destroy Birdman. He uses a paralyzer ray and assorted missiles to try and eliminate Birdman. X the Eliminator appeared in one episode.

3.2.20 Kyrov

Kyrov is a mad scientist. He has created a device that can cause earthquakes at any place and anytime. He also has a secret fortress the houses this weapon. Kyrov appeared in one episode.

3.2.21 Dr. Shark

Dr. Shark has a multipurpose submarine that he uses for his headquarters. Dr. Shark also has a group of henchmen and monsters that he uses to attack Birdman. Dr. Shark appeared in one episode.

3.2.22 Xandu/Zarog

Xandu and Zarog are from the planet Moger. Xandu and Zarog are using their ship to perpetuate a purple moss to cover Central City in an effort to take over the Earth. Xandu and Zarog appeared in one episode.

3.2.23 Mentaur

Mentaur is an evil scientist who hypnotizes a young girl and gives her a costume similar to Birdman. He tells her that Birdman is evil and uses Birdgirl to trap Birdman. He then causes Birdgirl to steal a hydrogen bomb from the U.S. Government. Mentaur is destroyed by a shell that Birdman deflects back at him. Mentaur appeared in one episode.

3.2.24 Mettalo

Mettalo is an foreign enemy agent who uses magnetic robots to steal a government titanium shipment. He has a metal warehouse he uses as his base of operations. Mettalo appeared in one episode.

3.2.25 Medusa

Medusa is the Empress of Evil. She is the leader of a group of amazons. She uses her amazons to capture a young prince and hold him for ransom. Medusa appeared in one episode. Medusa also appeared in Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1 and # 5.

3.2.26 Moray

Moray has kidnapped a group of scientists to work on an atomic reactor for his plans of world domination. Moray has an underground laboratory. He is captured by Birdman and turned over to the Navy. Moray appeared in one episode.

3.2.27 Spyro

Spyro is the leader of a foreign gang who plans to steal an American space capsule by replacing the astronauts with his own henchmen. Spyro appeared in one episode.

3.2.28 Professor Taggart the Deadly Duplicator

Professor Taggart has created a device that can duplicate anyone. He uses the device to replace a US Army General in order to cause chaos in the military. He also has built robot duplicates of Birdman and Avenger. Professor Taggart is destroyed by his own duplicate. Professor Taggart appeared in one episode.

3.2.29 The Deadly Trio

The Deadly Trio are a group of super villains who combine their evil genius and weapons to attempt to destroy Birdman. Some of their weapons are a force wall, an inviso ray, and a communications scrambler. The Deadly Trio appeared in one episode.

3.2.30 The Barracuda

The Barracuda lives on a strange armored island. He plans on using torpedoes and submarines to loot ships and start wars between countries. His island base is destroyed by Birdman, but the Barracuda escapes. The Barracuda appeared in one episode.

3.2.31 The Circus of Crime
The Ringmaster/Tobo the Strong Man/The Human Fly

The Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime steal the government's three most advanced weapons, a flying tank, a laser cannon, and a new ultra serum. They use these weapons to attack Birdman. The Ringmaster is buried in an avalanche. The Circus of Crime appeared in one episode.

3.2.32 The Ant Ape/Professor Claw

Professor Claw invents a creature of incredible strength and names him the Ant Ape. He uses Ant Ape to steal and loot from banks and museums. Ant Ape is destroyed by Birdman. Professor Claw and Ant Ape appeared in one episode.

3.2.33 Chang and the Monster of the Mountains

Chang has created a mechanical yeti monster to frighten the villagers of Tibet away. He is doing this because there is a large supply of uranium deposits. Birdman destroys the monster and captures Chang. Chang and the Monster of the Mountain appeared in one episode.

3.2.34 Jesse Jons/Dr. Kordo

Jesse Jons and his gang are all descendants of western outlaws. He and his gang are seeking revenge on the people of today. Dr. Kordo invents all of the mechanical horses and advanced weapons that the outlaws use in their robberies and extortions. Jesse Jons and Dr. Kordo appeared in one episode.

3.2.35 Mentok, The Mind Taker

Mentok has the agility to send cerebral messages to a person or animal to do his bidding. He uses this ability to get Birdman to steal missiles from the United States Government. He plans on using these missiles to start a way between two countries. Mentok appeared in one episode.

3.2.36 Zardo II

Zardo II kidnaps Avenger and holds him for ransom. He makes Birdman steal government plans and equipment. Birdman is able to track down where Zardo II is keeping Avenger and frees him. Birdman then turns Zardo II over to the authorities. Zardo II appeared in one episode.



4.1 What was the show about?

The show was about Birdman a government agent with the power to fly and fire solar beams.

4.2 When did the show premiere and how long did it last?

Birdman premiered on NBC Saturday, September 9, 1967. The show lasted until Saturday, September 6, 1969.
1967 Saturday Morning Schedule
1968 Saturday Morning Schedule

4.3 How many episodes of the Birdman were there?

There were a total of forty episodes of Birdman.

4.4 What were the names of the episodes and can we have a synopsis of each episode?

Murro the Marauder
An outlaw who can walk through walls and direct shadows to do his bidding takes a secret defense formula to a subversive organization and offers to trade it for ultimate control over their evil activities. He captures and takes Falcon-7 to a secret island and bombards Birdman with rays and flame cannons when he approaches. Birdman is pitted against his own shadow, which the evil one has brought to life, and that failing, the villain blocks the sun to weaken Birdman; in doing so, however, he also destroys the shadows which he can control, and Birdman disarms the spiritman forever

Morto Rides Again
Wearing a suit of super-armor fashioned while in prison, Morto escapes and vows to destroy Birdman. Attacking with his mechanical marvel weapons, he stuns, and believes he has killed Birdman. As Morto goes after one million dollars in gold coins, Birdman pursues and , despite a mechanical horse and a smoke screen, overtakes Morto to return him to prison.

The Pirate Plot
A fantastic pirate ship outfitted with the latest electronic gadgetry swoops down on a luxury cruise ship, loots it, and takes hostages for ransom. The pirates shoot down Avengers as he and Birdman fly in to free the captives, and wanting to protect Avenger, Birdman allows himself to be captured. He is forced to walk the gang-plank and must fight off sharks in the water before his is rescued by Avenger, who has broken free. They board the ship, disarm the trio of greedy pirates, and leave them to be picked up by the authorities.

Skon of Space
Birdman and Avenger are attacked by an unidentified space creature and enter some caves to evade it, but Avenger is sealed inside, unable to help Birdman, who is subjected to an attack by powerful outer space weapons. He deflects all except the cold-ray immobilizer and the commander of the ship then attempts to transmit Birdman back to his far-away planet, but Birdman gains strength from the solar ray the commander is using on him and breaks free. Birdman locks the ship's controls to return to outer space, advising the commander that all men on earth have powers equal to Birdman's and that any future invasion would be useless.

Train Trek
A foreign gang plots to divert an American solar capsule to their landing station by changing places with the astronauts just before the launch. Replacing a city supply train with one of their own, they start toward the site, but Birdman and Avenger rush the train and battle against super-weapons only to lose the gang in a tunnel. Birdman reaches the launching site just at blast off to ground the train tricksters for good.

Revenge of Dr. Millennium
Birdman is transported back in time to ancient China by his enemy's time machine, to match powers and wits with him once more. Saving a village from destruction by a mechanical dragon, and fighting off rockets, Birdman, weakens and is captured when his sun-power runs short. While the evil time-wizard is preparing an army of barbarians to attack the people of the 20th century, Birdboy, finds and transfers some solar energy to Birdman. Together they use their solar weapons to down the hordes of soldiers and destroy the harmful time-machine as their adversary vanishes.

Number One
Birdman's number one enemy schemes to steal away his energy for use in a pirate satellite. He traps Birdman in his armored car, saps his energy, and puts him underground. Avenger rescues him, and they battle electric and sonic powers, thus putting an end to Number One.

Professor Nightshade
As the inventor of a black box device capable of making people disappear by suspending them in time and space is showing it to colleagues, Professor Nightshade whisks it away. The thief uses the box to make the capital of the country disappear for a time, and then return it, demanding that he be declared supreme ruler. Next he tries to get rid of Birdman by trapping him in a greenhouse of carnivorous plants and using the box on him, but the solar energy the box generates is sent back at the thieving Nightshade to send him into time and space indefinitely.

The Purple Moss
Fed by rays from a hovering mental sphere, a suffocating purple moss is spreading over the countryside. Birdman must get inside the sphere to confront Xandu, who is scheming to take over the Earth for the planet Moger, but he turns out to be a trick image. Birdman is immobilized by a centrifugal force machine and a strange spray and dumped outside the craft; he recharges his strength and goes after Xandu, neatly arranging to send the enemy out into space in endless orbit, locked there by their own harmful ray.

Vulturo, Prince of Darkness
Birdman's sinister foe Vulturo suddenly appears at an astronomic conference and threatens the whole assembly unless Birdman agrees to meet him in a duel that will match Birdman's superpowers against the awesome powers that Vulturo has devised. He even has a match for Avenger, a mechanical bird called Dirth. Fighting off each attack, Birdman's powers begin to fade; he flies evasively, but finds out that the lives of the scientists at the conference are under threat of a time-bomb. Given back some strength by a passing comet, Birdman rushes to the scientists, as Vulturo escapes.

X the Eliminator
One million dollars for the crest of the Birdman's helmet. Determined to get rid of the Birdman forever, X the Eliminator causes an Earth-to-Mars cargo van to go down at sea, and when Birdman investigates, paralyzes him with a vice-gun and throws him in a dark pit. Birdman calls to Avenger to free him, and they fly against X's missiles in a mid-air battle to shoot him down.

The Wings of FEAR
Birdman devises a scheme to learn the identity of kidnappers who have abducted three ambassadors from the UN. He substitutes a robot ambassador for their next intended victim and, when they strike from the air, blows up the robot right in their midst. The culprits escape under cover of a dark cloud and retreat to their mountain headquarters to plot at destroying world peace by first "brainwashing" and then sending back the ambassadors they have captured to their countries, causing confusion and discord. Birdman deflects the weapons they throw at him one by one, rescues the ambassadors, and demolishes their headquarters.

The Deadly Trio
Three super-villains decide to combine their powers to accomplish what each of them has failed to do individually--destroy the invincible Birdman and in so doing, dominate the world. They begin to plunder the city with a free hand, and when Birdman opposes them, they use their force wall, invisible ray, and communications scrambler to have him put behind bars. Birdman uses his captors' own machinery to melt the jail door, restore his sun-energy, and this time overpowers The Deadly Trio with his solar shield and solar beam.

The Ruthless Ringmaster
The Ringmaster steals the governments' three most advanced weapons--a flying tank, a laser cannon, and the new ultra-serum. He fiendishly decides to use these against Birdman and Avenger, but finds out that their powers are much stronger. As they close in on him, he accidentally sets off an avalanche which buries him.

Hannibal the Hunter
Hannibal captures Birdman's longtime friend, Professor Demetrius, to lure Birdman to his secret island and hunt him down with wild animals. As Birdman tries to fly toward the sun to restore his strength, Hannibal catches him in a steel net and starts to lower him into a pit of animals, but an SOS brings Avenger, who saves him. They release the trapped animals, but as Hannibal tries to shoot Birdman down with a rocket and cross-bow, he snares himself in one of his own traps to be captured.

The Empress of Evil
The legendary Medusa and her Amazons capture a young prince on a hunt and demand a king's crown jewels for his return. Birdman finds and enters her hiding place and uses his solar shield to pass through a wall of flame that she throws up against him. Medusa further drains Birdman's strength by sending illusionary demons for him to attack and is eventually able to take him captive. Birdman uses the young prince's radiant diamond to recharge his power and subdues Medusa's assistants by freezing them, but she throws herself into a pit of demons to elude him.

Birdman vs. The Speed Demon
Mixing together a special concoction of chemicals, a prisoner blast himself free while at the same time gaining the power of fantastic speed from the explosion. Capable of out-racing bullets, the demonic speedster first steals a fortune and then a missile. He traps Birdman inside a tornado-force wind and plots to send him off to destruction in the stolen missile, but Birdman is able to use special skills to redirect the missile while the Speed Demon runs himself right into old age as he tries to outrun the missile.

The Brain Thief
As Birdman and Avenger go after a kidnapper who "dematerializes" scientists and puts their combined knowledge into his evil machine, Birdman is overcome and shot out to sea in a capsule. Avenger hears Birdman's cries for help and rescues him. To capture the Brain-Thief they must match their power against a giant replica of Birdman and Avenger, but they easily crush these and set the scientists free.

Birdman vs. The Constrictor
Birdman reluctantly surrenders his golden eagle companion, Avenger, to his enemy the Constrictor, who promises to give up stolen missile plans in return but double-crosses Birdman by taking off with the plans and Avenger. Pursuing, Birdman runs into a radar scanner that releases missiles at him, and a laser ray. He blocks these with his solar shield then enters the schemer's ship and recovers the secret plans while the Constrictor flees.

Monster of the Mountains
When a village in Tibet is regularly terrorized by a monster, Birdman and his friends Birdboy and Avenger follow the giant tracks and encounter him. As Birdman fights the monster, Birdboy is taken captive by the real villain, an exploiter who has created this mechanical giant to frighten the villagers away from town and the uranium deposits nearby. Smashing the monster, Birdman is cornered by the villain and his uranium ray, but Avenger saves the day by surprising the aggressor, who is downed by his own ray. The grateful villagers thank the heroes for removing the threat over them.

Birdman meets Birdboy
Birdman rescues a young boy from a shark-threatened raft and finds him near death. Restoring his life with his own energy, he also transfers to him some of his super-human powers and calls him Birdboy. Birdboy tells Birdman of a strange armored island he has seen which turns out to be inhabited by an evil doer who is planning to use torpedoes and submarines to loot ships and to start wars between countries, and further profit by the confusion. Birdman is captured on the island, but Birdboy escapes and brings back Avenger to rescue him. They smash the island's armaments, but the villain escapes.

The Wild Weird West
Evil super-human raiders attack a western town for material gain and revenge in the name of their outlaw ancestors. Birdman and Falcon-7 follow their trail and capture on of them, forcing him to reveal the location of the hideout. Once there, Birdman steps into a trap and is locked up as the gang goes off to derail a governor's train and kidnap him. Birdman faces all four raiders in a shoot-out with laser guns, out-draws them, and restores peace to the west.

The Ant Ape
Another evil adversary of Birdman's creates a creature of fantastic strength and calls it "Ant Ape". He orders it to loot museums and even steal a jeweled sword of state from a visiting king and queen. As Birdman pursues, the villain releases all the wild animals from the city zoo to cause general havoc and then makes a large building collapse on Birdman to take him. Birdman is able to escape Ant Ape, who has been instructed to guard him, by making him doubt his ability and strength. Recharging, Birdman succeeds in bringing the villain and his creation down to size.

The Deadly Duplicator
Birdman and Avenger are called in to help when a non-human replica of an army defense general stirs up trouble. In order to get inside the headquarters of the evil professor, who is kidnapping people and replacing them with his duplicates, they fight off a replica Birdman and Avenger. They free the captive by pitting the professor and his duplicate against each other.

Birdman meets Reducto
Reducto threatens to shrink the country to the size of a matchbox unless he is given ultimate power. In an attack on the powerful shrink-machine, Birdman damages it but is reduced to the size of insect bait. Attacked by ants, spiders, and flies, he calls to avenger for help, who uses a magnifying glass to direct the sun's rays to Birdman, and then Birdman blows himself up to proper size again. They destroy the machine, accidentally reducing Reducto to an invisible size, never to be heard from again.

The Return of Vulturo
An old enemy begins operation revenge by luring Birdman's young companion, Birdboy, to his laboratory. First weakening him, he puts Birdboy on a conveyor belt directed toward a bottomless pit and waits. When Birdman arrives, the schemer causes the sky to cloud over to keep out the sun's energy, locks \him in with a paralyzing ray, and puts him on the conveyor belt too. Avenger stops the motion of the belt to allow Birdman time to wrench himself free, intercept the revengeful Vulturo, and have him locked up.

The Menace of Dr. Millennium
After they scamper off with high-security missile plans, Birdman pursues frightening prehistoric monsters that Dr. Millennium has brought back to life. Birdman temporarily loses the beastly thieves when he is stunned by a thermobeam, but he lures them back with a trick news broadcast to wrestle them down and recover the secret materials. To avoid being taken, Dr. Millennium turns his time twisting-machine on himself and returns to two million years in the past.

Birdman meets Birdgirl
Birdman's reputation is suddenly challenged by the appearance of Birdgirl, who claims credit for his brave deeds. Birdgirl, a young aerialist whom Mentaur has hypnotized and endowed with mechanical wings and super-strength, is ordered to steal a hydrogen bomb from the government. Going after her, Birdman is knocked down and locked in a dark cell, but he arouses Birdgirl's sympathy and she lets him out into the sunlight, which restores his strength. As they battle again, Mentaur is finished off by a shell which Birdman deflects back at him.

Birdman vs. Dr. Freezoids
When Birdman catches him rummaging through inter-nation security files, Dr. Freezoids turns the whole city to a block of ice and retreats to the North Pole. Birdman thaws out the city and follows, using trick flying, his solar beam, and his solar shield. He breaks down Freezoid's defenses and enters the hideout, only to be sealed inside a block of ice himself. Using the sun to melt the ice, Birdman corners Dr. Freezoids with a brilliant glare of light, but the villain, in a last desperate act, sets his freeze generator to turn his entire headquarters to ice and traps himself inside.

Mentok, The Mind Taker
Mentok first turns Avenger against Birdman by cerebral suggestion and then uses the bird to bring Birdman to him. Birdman frees Avenger from his spell but falls victim to Mentok's black shield and is forced to turn against his own government. The sun restores Birdman's judgment, and he is free to stop a missile Mentok has aimed to start a world war. Mentok manages to escape as Birdman is occupied with saving humanity.

The Chameleon
A cunning man uses a serum to change himself into any kind of thing---animal, vegetable, or mineral and uses these disguises to grab up valuables. Birdman first spots him as a midget, running off with a diamond, and follows him. Birdman finally catches up with his tricky foe, who is now disguised as the Governor, when the Chameleon's serum runs out.

Birdman meets Moray of the Deep
Birdman, Birdboy, and Avenger head for a dangerous mission---the rescue of kidnapped nuclear scientists who are being forced to work against their will on an atomic reactor in a secret underground laboratory. Disguising himself as a well-known scientist, Birdman allows the kidnapper to take him inside and is forced to into a nuclear reactor. The reactor's energy does not destroy, but recharges Birdman's strength, and he joins his two companions, who fear him dead, to bring the scientists to safety, turning the villains over to the Navy.

Birdman vs. Cumulus, The Storm King
Cumulus, who has learned to direct the elements, is attempting to enslave the country with them. Only Birdman and Avenger stand in his way. By purposely striking a dam with a lightning bolt, Cumulus attracts Birdman and then uses a trick fog to take him captive. Avenger rescues Birdman, and together they take away the ill-used toys of Cumulus.

The Incredible Magnatroid
When Birdman goes out looking for Metallo, an agent of enemy powers who uses magnetic robots to steal a government titanium shipment, he becomes dangerously trapped in his dark metal scrap warehouse. As Birdman's strength ebbs, Avenger reflects some sunlight to restore his power, allowing Birdman to blast his way through the steel roof of the building. Metallo runs to his aircraft only to find the propellers gone as Birdman traps him and his robots in a magnetic trap for the police.

Avenger for Ransom
Birdman is forced to steal secret plans from the government by a kidnapper who is holding Avenger captive. Evading military gunfire, Birdman manages to turn the tables on the kidnapper, regaining Avenger and their government's trust.

Birdman vs. The Mummer
An imposter at a peace conference purposely stirs up mistrust leading to war between two countries. As bombs begin to fly, Birdman and Avenger catch them in mid-air so that innocent people won't be hurt. Later at a missile-testing-ground exhibit they stop more of the evildoer's mischief, but he loses himself in the crowd of spectators to avoid capture.

Nitron the Human Bomb
A turncoat nuclear scientist takes on three destructive tasks to gain power in an underground organization. When he is prevented from accomplishing his first two assignments by Birdman and Falcon 7, he becomes enraged and turns all his force to an all-out attack on Birdman's lair-only to succeed in destroying himself in a radioactive explosion he sets off.

The Quake Threat
Birdman tracks Kyrov, who has been engineering earthquakes that terrify and threaten the population, to his fortress-hideout, but the evil genius imprisons him underground to weaken his powers. Avenger cleverly attracts Kyrov's gunfire toward Birdman's cell to make openings that allow the sun's energy to come in, and together they put Kyrov in his own cage.

Serpents of the Deep
Birdman and Avenger go after the cunning Dr. Shark to retrieve a government gold-extracting bathysphere which is secreted away in the thief's submarine headquarters. The Shark sends his henchmen and sea monsters after them, capturing Birdman as his sun-charged energy fails, but he recharges his power by short-circuiting a sun machine and uses his solar beam and solar shield to get rid of the sea monsters. Short-circuiting the sub's depth stabilizer, he stops radar bombs in order to finally put Dr. Shark to flight.

Morto the Marauder
Escaping from captivity, the evil Morto mobilizes a mechanical "knight of evil" to devastate the country and draw Birdman into an all out confrontation. A time for a dual is set, and they meet, but instead of making it a fair fight, Birdman's adversary sends two mechanical knights with specialized powers to weaken Birdman and then blocks out the sun to further diminish his chances. Thinking himself victorious, Morto throws a steel net over Birdman, but Avenger arranges a way to recharge Birdman's strength; together they put Morto into the hands of the authorities.

Birdman Episode Synopsis were provided by Hanna Barbera's World of Super Adventure,
Volume 1 by Michael Swanigan.

4.5 What other shows did Birdman appear in?

Hanna-Barbera's World of Super Adventure
Listen to the Theme Song
Half-Hour Show
Premiered September, 1980
This show featured the following Super Heroes:
The Fantastic Four (1967)
Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles (1967)
Space Ghost (1966)
The Herculoids (1967)
Shazzan (1967)
Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor (1967)
Birdman and The Galaxy Trio (1967)

Super Adventures
Cartoon Network
Half-Hour and Two-Hour Shows
Premiered October 1992
This show featured the following Super Heroes:
The Fantastic Four (1967)
Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles (1967)
Space Ghost and Dino Boy (1966)
The Herculoids (1967)
Shazzan (1967)
Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor (1967)
Birdman and The Galaxy Trio (1967)

Cartoon Network
Fifteen Minute Shows
Premiered Fall 1997
This show featured the following Super Heroes:
Space Ghost (1966/1981)
The Herculoids (1967/1981)
Birdman and The Galaxy Trio (1967)

Cartoon Network
One Hour Show
Sundays 8:00-9:00 AM (EST)
Premiered Spring 1998
Space Ghost and Dino Boy (1966)
Birdman and The Galaxy Trio (1967)
Shazzan (1967)
Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor (1967)
The Herculoids (1967)
The Fantastic Four (1967)

4.6 Wasn't there another group of superheroes that appeared on the show?

Yes. The Galaxy Trio was the middle part of the show. The Galaxy Trio, composed of Vapor Man, Meteor Man, and Gravity Girl travel around in their spaceship Condor I defending the universe.



5.1 What Comic Books has Birdman been in?

Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1
Gold Key/April 1968
2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$225.00 F-$67.50 VG-$33.75

Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 2
Gold Key/July 1968
2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$150.00 F-$45.00 VG-$22.50

Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 4
Gold Key/January 1969
2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$120.00 F-$36.00 VG-18.00

Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 5
Gold Key/April 1969
2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$120.00 F-$36.00 VG-18.00

Cartoon Network Presents # 5
DC Comics/December 1997
2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$3.00 F-$1.00 VG-$.50

Cartoon Network Presents # 9
DC Comics/April 1998
2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$3.00 F-$1.00 VG-$.50

5.2 Are there any images of these books?


5.3 What are the storylines of these books?

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1
Gold Key/April 1968
Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1

Story Title: Duel at Dawn
Starring Birdman
Synopsis: Falcon-7 contacts Birdman and tells him that someone has called and said there will be an avalanche in the Himalayan city of Ladhasa. Birdman saves the city, but is attacked by Medusa and her abominable snowmen. Avenger rescues Birdman and takes him into the sunlight to replenish his power. Birdman defeats the abominable snowmen and Medusa is caught in a snow avalanche.

Story Title: Invasion of the Martian Ants
Starring The Herculoids

Story Title: The Mighty Mightor battles the Vampire King
Starring The Mighty Mightor

Story Title: Danger in the Deep
Starring Moby Dick

Story Title: The Magnetic Menace
Starring Young Samson and Goliath

No Story Title
Starring The Galaxy Trio

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 2
Gold Key/July 1968
Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 2

Story Title: The Noxious Oxoids
Starring Birdman and the Galaxy Trio
Synopsis: Birdman and the Galaxy Trio team up against Dr. Toxic and the Oxoids from Planet Lethalia. Before our heroes can come out on top, they have to overcome the effects of an alien suicide gas.

Story Title: The Vapor-Vampire Invasion
Starring The Herculoids

Story Title: Beware Skullarva
Starring The Mighty Mightor

Story Title: The Diamond of Doom
Starring Shazzan

Untitled Story
Starring Moby Dick

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 3
Gold Key/April 1968
Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 3

Story Title: The Solar Scorpions
Starring Birdman
Synopsis: Birdman diverts a meteor that is headed toward Central City. The meteor has eggs which hatch into fiery scorpions. Birdman defeats the scorpions.

Story Title: Terrors of Turaba
Starring Shazzan

Story Title: The Plague of Giants
Starring Space Ghost

Story Title: Undersea Invasion
Starring Moby Dick

Story Title: The Cosmic Werewolf
Starring Samson and Goliath

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 4
Gold Key/1969
Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 4

Story Title: Terror by Ice
Starring Birdman
Synopsis: Dr. Fahreez attacks Birdman with his Ice Tank. Birdman's energy is low because of fog blocking out the sunlight and he has to retreat to his volcanic base. Avenger manages to punch a hole in the fog. With his strength restored Birdman destroys Dr. Fahreez' Ice Tank.

Story Title: Threat of the Cavern Creatures
Starring The Herculoids

Story Title: Mind-Master
Starring Shazzan

Story Title: The Pincered Sea Demon
Starring Moby Dick

Story Title: The Piper's Plot
Starring The Mighty Mightor

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 5
Gold Key/April 1969
Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 5

Story Title: Captives of Medusa
Starring Birdman
Synopsis: Ships are vanishing in the Kala Straits and Birdman is sent to investigate. Medusa and her monsters are stealing all the valuables from the passengers. Avenger takes the bomb off of the ship which Medusa had placed to destroy it. Birdman destroys Medusa's submarine, but she escapes in a lifeboat.

Story Title: Curse of the Cloud-Wizard
Starring Shazzan

Story Title: The Yeast Beast
Starring Moby Dick

Story Title: Multiplying Menace
Starring Mighty Mightor

Story Title: The Diamond Demon
Starring The Herculoids

Cartoon Network Presents # 5
DC Comics/December 1997
Cover from Cartoon Network Presents # 5

Story Title: Act of Kindness
Starring Birdman
Synopsis: Birdman defeats the god Set.

Story Title: Everybody needs Somebody
Starring The Herculoids

Cartoon Network Presents # 9
DC Comics/April 1998
Cover to Cartoon Network Presents # 9

Story Title: She Loved Me Like a Zok
Starring The Herculoids

Story Title: Birdman in a Gilded Cage
Starring Birdman
Synopsis: Birdman is captured by Lady Bird and is rescued by Avenger.



6.1 Who created Birdman?

Birdman was created by Alex Toth.

Alex Toth Question and Answers
Alex Toth Interview from Comic Book Artist # 11
Picture of Alex Toth

6.2 Who produced and directed the show?

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

Hanna Barbera History 1

6.3 Who were the story directors and writers for the show?

Art Davis/Paul Sommer/Jack Hanrahan/Phil Hahn/Neal Barbera

6.4 Who were the voices of the characters on the show?

Birdman Voice Actors

Birdman - Keith Andes
Falcon 7 - Don Messick
Birdboy - Dick Beals

6.5 Who were the animators for the show?

Charles A. Nichols/Ed Love/Bill Hutten/Hank Smith/Lloyd Vaughan/Jack Parr/Emil Carle

6.6 Who did the music and sound for the show?

Ted Nichols/Richard Olson/Bill Getty

6.7 Who was the production supervisor and assistant production supervisor for the show?

Howard Hanson/Victor O. Schipek

6.8 Who were the film editors for the show?

Warner Leighton/Pat Foley/Gerald A. Bailey/David Horton

6.9 Who were the cameramen for the show?

Frank Parrish/Dick Blundell/Hal Shiffman/Roy Wade

6.10 Who was the associate producer for the show?

Lewis A. Marshall

6.11 Who were the men in charge of layouts for the show?

Lance Nolley/Brad Case/Bruce Bushman/Alvard Arce/Gary Hoffman

6.12 Who was the technical supervisor for the show?

Frank Paiker

6.13 Who were the people in charge of backgrounds for the show?

Janet Brown/Don Watson/Richard Khim



7.1 What kind of Action Figures are there of Birdman?

As far as I know there has never been an action figure of Birdman. Maybe someone out there has made a custom figure and would like to share a picture with us.

Official Birdman and Avenger Figures

7.2 What kinds of merchandise are out there for Birdman?

Birdman Video

Books with Information about Birdman

Birdman Maquette

Birdman and Avenger I-Men 2-Pack



8.1 Are there any plans for any new Birdman cartoons?

As far as I know there are no plans for any new Birdman cartoon.



9.1 What are some other WebPages with information about Birdman?

Super Hero Cartoon Database.

Wingnuts Birdman and The Galaxy Trio Page

Cartoon-O-Rama's Hanna Barbera Superhero Photo Gallery

CGSTV Cartoons

Birdman at The Big Cartoon Database Birdman Page

Computer Images of Birdman

Birdman at the Internet Movie Database

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes Message Board

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes Trivia Game



10.1 These are some people and books I would like to thank!!!

Thanks to the following people, organizations, and books:
Hanna Barbera's World of Super Adventure, Volume 1 by Michael Swanigan.
Alex Toth: By Design by Alex Toth and Darrell McNeil.
Scott at the Super Hero Cartoon Database.
Kywal Graphics Hanna Barbera Page for animation and pictures.
The Encyclopedia of Super Heroes by Jeff Rovin
The Encyclopedia of Super Villains by Jeff Rovin
The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons by Jeff Lenberg
Saturday Morning TV by Gary H. Grossman
All of you out there on the web who love Birdman and want to preserve his memory.


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