The Dino Boy FAQ

The Dino Boy FAQ v. 1.4

Originally written and Compiled by Chip Ashley.
September 26, 1998
Updated August 5, 2005

Dino Boy and all related characters are copyright 2005/Hanna Barbera Productions.
This FAQ is copyright 2005/Chip Ashley.

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Table of Contents

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1.1 Who is Dino Boy?

Dino Boy

Dino Boy's real name is Todd. He had to parachute off of a burning plane and lands in a lost valley in South America. Another story I read says that Todd's father was experimenting with a time machine device on the plane and Todd was sent back in time when he jumped off of the plane.

1.2 What does Dino Boy's costume look like?

Dino Boy wears a white shirt with a brown vest, blue shorts, and boots made from some type of animal skin.

1.3 Where is Dino Boy located?

Dino Boy is in the lost valley. Location is either South America or in Earth's past.

1.4 Why should I be interested in Dino Boy?

Like any popular super hero, Dino Boy has withstood the test of time. He has great allies and great villains. This makes for interesting stories and a great time.


2.1 What is Dino Boy's origin?

Forced to parachute from a disabled plane, a young boy lands in a mysterious prehistoric valley filled with hidden dangers. When a saber-toothed tiger attacks he is saved by a giant caveman. And so begins the friendship and adventures of Dino Boy and Ugh the Caveman in the Lost Valley.

Click to hear the opening of Dino Boy



3.1 Who are Dino Boy's friends and allies?

3.1.0 Ugh

Ugh is a strong caveman. He has limited english usage. Ugh's favorite weapon is a club, but he has learned how to use a slingshot and bow/arrow. Ugh also has good communication with the wooly mammoth population often using them to assist him and Dino Boy.

3.1.1 Bronty

Bronty is a small Apatosaurus dinosaur. He wears a collar and is very tome. Bronty often gets Dino Boy in trouble by wandering off too far. Bronty is intelligent enough to get help when needed.

3.1.2 Space Ghost

Space Ghost is an interplanetary police officer who is stationed on the Ghost Planet. He has incredible powers from his costume and his power bands.

3.1.3 Jace

Jace is Space Ghost's young ward. He wears a costume of light blue and yellow with a black facemask. Jace looks to be about 15-17 years old. Jace has a jetpack to fly, a belt that gives him inviso power, and an emblem of Space Ghost on his chest that is used for a communications device.

3.1.4 Jan

Jan is the female member of the team and wears a costume of light blue and yellow with a black facemask. Jan looks to be about 15-17 years old. She has a jetpack to fly, a belt that gives her inviso power, and an emblem of Space Ghost on her chest that is used for a communications device.

3.1.5 Blip

Blip is a monkey. Blip wears a costume of light blue and yellow with a black facemask. He has a jetpack to fly, a belt that gives him inviso power, and an emblem of Space Ghost on his chest that is used for a communications device.

3.1.6 The Bird Riders

The Bird Riders are enemies of the Rock Pygmies. The Bird Riders have raised gigantic birds to carry them great distances. They assisted Dino Boy and Ugh in one episode.

3.1.7 The Ant Warriors

The Ant Warriors are tiny intelligent warrior ants. They have a village and form a community. Their main enemy is a giant sloth. The Ant Warriors assisted Dino Boy and Ugh in one episode.

3.2 Does Dino Boy have a "Rogues' Gallery"?

3.2.1 The Mighty Snow Creature

3.2.2 The Moss Men

3.2.3 The Rock Pygmies

3.2.4 The Vampire Men

3.2.5 Priest of the Sun King

3.2.6 King of the Spear Warriors/Baltar, Champion of the Spear Warriors

3.2.7 The Wolf People

3.2.8 The Giant

3.2.9 The Treemen

3.2.10 The Worm People

3.2.12 Chief of the Sabretooth People

3.2.13 The Bird Men

3.2.14 The Snake People

3.2.15 Chief of the Sun People



4.1 What was the show about?

The show was about Todd a young boy who lands in a lost valley and is rescued by Ugh a caveman.

4.2 When did the show premiere and how long did it last?

Space Ghost and Dino Boy premiered on CBS Saturday, September 10, 1966 and ended on Saturday, September 7, 1968

1966 Saturday Morning Schedule
1967 Saturday Morning Schedule

4.3 How many episodes of Dino Boy were there?

There were either 18 episodes of Dino Boy. I only have 18 episodes and all of the guides I find list 18 episodes, but I know that there were 42 episodes of Space Ghost and if you divide by two that should be 21 episodes of Dino Boy.

Some interesting information from Bob about the 1967 season.

There are indeed only 18 episodes of Dino Boy - not 21 - which makes sense because there were only 36 original Space Ghost cartoons (18 x 2) created for the 1966 season.

The total number of Space Ghost episodes increased to 42 in the fall of 1967 when CBS asked Hanna-Barbera to produce a special six-part episode to kick off the new 1967 Saturday morning line-up. This would be the famous six-part "Council of Doom" storyline, which included guest appearances by Mightor, Moby Dick, the Herculoids and Shazzan.

It was a well thought out cross-promotion tactic. CBS used the special six-part Space Ghost cartoon to introduce viewers to the newer (and unfamiliar) Hanna-Barbera superheroes that were set to debut that day as part of CBS' new Saturday morning schedule, to get the viewers "hooked," and make them want to tune in to sample the new shows.

In this special Space Ghost six-parter, the first three episodes: 1.) "The Meeting", 2.) "Clutches of the Creature King" and 3.) "The Deadly Trap" aired the first week of the new 1967 season. On that day, there was no Dino Boy cartoon.

4.4 What were the names of the episodes and can we have a synopsis of each episode?

Dino Boy's primitive companion, Ugh, has been stung by giant poison wasps, and only Dino Boy can save him. He must travel far to the dreaded Mist Island, home of the savage Moss Men, to retrieve some special herbs that will cure the illness and stop the poison from taking Ugh's life.

The Moss Men
Dino Boy happens upon a pygmy who is tied to stakes by a tribe of Moss Men, tribesmen who wear large moss-laden masks. Dino Boy manages to dress himself up as a moss-god and scare the Moss Men away from their captive-only to be berated by the unappreciative pygmy. This makes Dino Boy think twice about the next time he will stick his nose in where it is not wanted.

The Treemen
Dino Boy is captured and imprisoned by the fearsome Treemen tribe, who plan to sacrifice the youth to their prehistoric vulture gods. The vultures move in for the kill as Ugh puts his rescue plan into effect, causing a large group of wooly mammoths to stampede through the Treemen's habitat. During the rescue, Dino Boy falls into the river below but is rescued by Ugh.

The Fire God
A village of cave people is plundered and pillaged by the Sabretooth People and their gigantic "Fire God"...which then captures Dino Boy. It is here where Dino Boy learns that the "Fire God" is just a wheeled galley that transports the enslaved cave people to Sabretooth People's mines. The Chief of the Sabretooth People decides to sacrifice Dino Boy and a small child he rescued to their "true" god...a caged sabretooth. Ugh makes his way inside the "Fire God" and sends it careening to a fiery destruction while he and Dino Boy makes good their escape.

The Mighty Snow Creature
A giant fur-matted snow creature emerges from a nearby mountain and attacks a village. The creature abducts a little girl before Dino Boy and Ugh arrive on the scene. They decide to give chase when the villagers resign to accept the child's fate. After finding the creature, Ugh keeps it occupied as Dino Boy and Bronty make their way to the giant's cave and rescue the little girl. They make their escape with the creature in hot pursuit. Before the creature can grab our heroes, along come the villagers. Having finally taken a stand, they decide to drive the creature away for all time.

The Wolf People
Ugh is captured by the masked Wolf People who plan to torture the caveman before putting him to death. Ugh puts up a fierce battle and the sounds of their struggle lead Dino Boy and Bronty to the Wolf People's lair. Dino Boy frees the tied-up Ugh, then finds himself trapped upside down on a tree branch as Ugh and Bronty battle the remaining Wolf People.

Valley of the Giants
An earthquake panics Bronty, sending him from his cave. Dino Boy and Ugh follow their frightened pet into a mysterious valley where Bronty is captured by a 50-foot tall giant caveman, who puts him on a leash. The duo arrive to free their brontosaurus pal and do so, just as the caveman wakens and hurls huge boulders at the fleeing trio. As they make their way through a small opening, another earthquake fortuitously happens, sealing the giant back up in his valley forever.

The Ant Warriors
As Ugh begins his day like any typical caveman (battling a stegosaurus), he, while escaping by means of a handy vine, ends up crashing into the habitat of the tiny Ant Warriors. They end up doing a Lilliputian-number on the Ugh-Gulliver as they tie him to the ground. Led to the scene by Bronty, Dino Boy arrives just in time to free Ugh. They then join forces with the Ant Warriors to defeat their common enemy...a rampaging giant sloth bear.

The Bird Riders
One of the magnificent Bird-Rider People, while flying over the Rock Pygmies (Dino Boy encountered them before in "The Rock Pygmies") is knocked to the ground. Ugh and Dino Boy manage to retrieve the Bird-Rider before the pygmies can reach him but are soon attacked by the pursuing pygmies. As Ugh holds the pygmies off, help arrives as a group of Bird-Riders show up in time to stop the pygmies deadly fire arrow attack.

Giant Ants
While taking a shortcut back to their cave, Dino Boy and Ugh are separated by a volcanic eruption. Dino Boy ends up trapped in a a valley of gigantic insects as he fends off attacks from mammoth-sized spiders and dragonflies. His troubles are only beginning however, as he soon finds himself confronted by a tribe of giant fire ants. Ugh arrives just in time, causing a raging river to flood the ants away from his young friend.

The Rock Pygmies
While escaping from a sabretooth tiger, Dino Boy accidentally falls from his riding perch upon Bronty and thus is separated from his pet. Soon after, Bronty is captured by a marauding tribe of Rock Pygmies who seek to make the baby brontosaurus their slave. Dino Boy tracks the Pygmies to their lair, and after being reunited with his pet, they run to escape...but are blocked by an avalanche. Just when the duo are cornered with no hope of escape, Ugh makes a timely appearance, along with Tusko the wooly mammoth, and they proceed to have sport of their own with the hapless Pygmies.

Danger River
The Bird-Men, a tribe of people hunters, pursue a young caveman named Goom-wah through the jungle. Before Dino Boy and Ugh rescue him, the duo decide to escort the pygmy back to his own tribe through a treacherous river route. After deadly encounters with roaring rapids, giant water moccasins, giant bees, and a tribe of Snake People, the tribe barely make it to Goom-wah's village and back home with their lives. Ugh carries an exhausted Dino Boy home where they are met by Goom-wah, who thoroughly enjoyed himself and wants to know when they can do it again.

The Vampire Men
Dino Boy shows Ugh the principles of kite-flying-with Bronty supplying the power. The rope attached to Bronty breaks, sending the kite careening into the hillside. Unconscious, Dino Boy is captured by the Vampire Men, a race of winged weirdoes who take him to their cavern where he is confronted by their "bat-god". Ugh and Bronty make the scene, with a wooly mammoth in tow, and rescue Dino Boy.

The Terrible Chase
Dino Boy and Ugh encounter a native who is being pursued by the Sun People during their royal hunt. The hunters' huge lizard hounds pick up their scent, however, and Dino Boy and Ugh end up becoming the hunters' quarry. It takes the combination of Dino Boy's quick wits and Ugh's prodigious strength to cause the hunters to become the hunted...after the duo send a tyrannosaurus in pursuit of the pursuers.

The Sacrifice
Ugh is captured by a group of sun-worshipers and sentenced to die as a sacrifice to their sun-king. Dino Boy and Bronty trail their friend to the mysterious walled city where Dino Boy only has a limited amount of time to rescue Ugh before the golden bird idol is sent crashing down upon him. He frees Ugh but is discovered by the sun priest who, during the resulting melee, meets his own demise at the hands of the sun-king's "hands"...while the heroes escape.

The Marksman
Dino Boy is captured by a pterodactyl and held prisoner in it's nest, forcing Ugh to come to grips with Dino Boy's bow and arrow, which he uses to rescue Dino Boy from the "killer birds". This leads to a cessation of Dino Boy and Ugh's argument over who has the better weapon.

The Spear Warriors
When Dino Boy averts a Spear Warrior from making a kill, the frustrated warrior summons his group to surround and capture our hero. Ugh is then forced into the "field of combat" against the warriors' greatest champion, Baltar. If Baltar wins, Dino Boy and Ugh will be killed. Alternatively, if Ugh wins, he and Dino Boy become slaves. The battle begins with Ugh and Baltar, both mounted on individual triceratops, charging each other. At first, Baltar has the advantage. That quickly changes, however, when a late arriving club enables Ugh to start swinging things his way. Finally, after causing the sore loser to careen off a cliff and into the river, our heroes make a last-ditch escape into the brush.

The Worm People
While playing with Bronty in the forest, Dino Boy is captured by a pterodactyl. After it is attacked by another pterodactyl, Dino Boy is dropped into Horror Swamp where he is captured by the dreaded Worm People and is then imprisoned within a giant beetle pit. Ugh is able to track him down and rescue they youth before it is too late.

Synopsis Courtesy of Toon Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 3 by Michael Swanigan

4.5 What other shows did Dino Boy appear in?

Hanna-Barbera's World of Super Adventure
Half-Hour Show
Premiered September 1980
This show featured the following Super Heroes:
The Fantastic Four (1967)
Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles (1967)
Space Ghost (1966)
The Herculoids (1967)
Shazzan (1967)
Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor (1967)
Birdman and The Galaxy Trio (1967)

Super Adventures
Cartoon Network
Half-Hour and Two-Hour Shows
Premiered October 1992
This show featured the following Super Heroes:
The Fantastic Four (1967)
Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles (1967)
Space Ghost and Dino Boy (1966)
The Herculoids (1967)
Shazzan (1967)
Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor (1967)
Birdman and The Galaxy Trio (1967)

Cartoon Network
One and a Half Hour Show
Sundays 7:00-8:30 AM (EST)
Premiered Spring 1998
Space Ghost and Dino Boy (1966)
Shazzan (1967)
Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor (1967)
The Herculoids (1967)
The Fantastic Four (1967)

4.6 Wasn't there another superhero that appeared on the show?

Space Ghost an interstellar police officer was the other show. Space Ghost, Jace, Jan, and Blip had two eight minute episodes to save the universe.



5.1 In what Comic Books has Dino Boy appeared?

Space Ghost # 1
Gold Key/March 1967
2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$475.00 F-$142.00 VG-$71.00

Space Ghost # 1
Archie Comics/Cartoon Network Presents/March 1997
2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$3.00 F-$1.00 VG-$.50

5.2 Are there any images of these books?


5.3 What are the storylines of these books?

Space Ghost # 1
Gold Key/March 1967
Front and Back Cover of Space Ghost # 1

Story Title: Zorak's Revenge
Starring Space Ghost
Synopsis: Zorak escapes from the Omegan Prison with help from two of his henchmen. He immediately goes to the Ghost Planet to enact his revenge on Space Ghost. Space Ghost is not there bacause he is on a mission, but Jan and Jace are, and are held hostage by Zorak. Space Ghost arrives at Zorak's base and frees Jan and Jace, but they are attacked by flying insects. Zorak also traps Jan and Jace in a flying time bomb and sends them off into space. Space Ghost rescues them and sends the bomb back at Zorak's base destroying it.

Story Title: The Raiders of Ra
Starring Dino Boy and Ugh
Synopsis: The Raiders of Ra arrive at a village and demand sacrifices to their god. Dino Boy and Ugh manage to get the villagers to safety. Dino Boy sends Bronty on a mission to find a Stegosaurus to chase him into the Raiders of Ra's village. The Raiders flee for their lives and the villagers are saved.

Story Title: The Space Outpost
Starring Space Ghost
Synopsis: Space Ghost, Jan, and Jace are on patrol when they spot a giant man on an asteroid. They take him back to the Ghost Planet and set him free. He belongs to the race called the Dweerza's, who are known throughout the region as the locusts of the universe, little thieves and destroyers. The Giant, named Gurun convinces Space Ghost that he is different from the rest of his people. He then takes over the Ghost Planet and sends a message for his people to set up their kingdom there where Gurun will rule over them. The Dweerza's change their mind and attack Gurun, and also steal Space Ghost Power Bands. Blip sets Space Ghost free and he fights off the invaders.

Space Ghost # 1
Archie Comics/Cartoon Network Presents/March 1997
Cover of Space Ghost # 1

Story Title: The Final Defeat of Space Ghost! (14 pages)
Story by: Bill Matheny
Pencils by: Scott Rosema
Inks by: Jorge Pacheco
Synopsis: Investigating a priority one distress call in an asteroid belt. Space Ghost, Jan, Jace, and Blip are ambushed by Brak, his men, and Tansut the Intergalactic Hi-Jacker. They blast Space Ghost with anti-matter rays and cause him to become intangible because of molecular disruption. A real Space Ghost. Brak and Tansut capture Jan and Jace and head back to the Ghost Planet to take over the headquarters. Jace and Jan escape with Blip's help. Blip leads them to Space Ghost who causes a reverse polarity blast to bring him back tangible. Space Ghost then captures Brak and Tansut.

Story Title: Trapped by the Time-Bot! (8 pages)
Story by: Bill Matheny
Pencils by: Scott Rosema
Inks by: Scott Awley
Synopsis: After capturing Mettalus Space Ghost and Blip are hit by Metallus' time-bot robot and sent back to the lost valley where Dino Boy and Ugh live. The Keepers of the Fire Beast try to make Space Ghost their sacrifice. Dino Boy, Ugh, and Blip rescue Space Ghost from the Fire Beast Dinosaur. Jace and Jan reprogram the time-bot to open a portal for Space Ghost and Blip to get back home.



6.1 Who created Dino Boy?

Alex Toth designed and came up with the idea of Dino Boy.
Animation USA
Alex Toth Question and Answers
Alex Toth Books and Magazines
Interview with Alex Toth from Comic Book Artist # 11
The Official Alex Toth Website

6.2 Who produced and directed the show?

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

Hanna Barbera Biography, Part 1
History of Hanna Barbera Productions

6.3 Who were the story directors and writers for the show?

Lew Marshall/Paul Sommer/Bill Perez/Walter Black/Bill Hamilton

6.4 Who were the voices of the characters?

Dino Boy - Johnny Carson (not the famed talk show host)
Ugh - Mike Road
Bronty - Don Messick
Don Messick Tribute

6.5 Who were the animators for the show?

Charles A. Nichols/Jerry Hathcock/George Nicholas/Allen Wilyback/D.E. Callahan/Ken Southworth/Mike Webster/
Bill Hutter/Ed Parks/Ed Barge/Rudy Cataldi/ George Rowley/Bob Carr/Hicks Lokey/John Spacey

6.6 Who did the music for the show?

Ted Nichols

6.7 Who was the production supervisor?

Howard Hanson

6.8 Who were the film editors?

Warner Leighton/Larry Cowan/Milton Krear/Tony Milch/Don Douglas

6.9 Who were the cameramen?

Frank Packer/Frank Parrish/John Pratt/Roy Wade/Charles Hikal/Bill Kotler/
Roger Sims/Dick Blundell



7.1 What kind of Action Figures are there of Dino Boy?

As far as I know there have never been any action figures of Dino Boy, Ugh, or Bronty.
If anyone has some homemade figures please let me know.

7.2 What kinds of merchandise are out there for Dino Boy?

Space Ghost and Dino Boy Laser Disc
Space Ghost Video 1
Space Ghost Video 2


8.1 Are there any plans for any new Dino Boy cartoons?

As far as I know there are no plans for any future Dino Boy cartoons.


9.1 What are some other WebPages with information about Dino Boy?

Super Hero Cartoon Database.

CGSTV Cartoons

Hanna Barbera Shows Index

M & K's Superhero Classic Webpage

Space Ghost at The Big Cartoon Database



10.1 These are some people and books I would like to thank!!!

Thanks to the following people, organizations, and books:
Toon Magazine Volume 1 Number 3 by Michael Swaningan
The Encyclopedia of Super Heroes by Jeff Rovin
The Encyclopedia of Super Villains by Jeff Rovin
The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons by Jeff Lenberg
Saturday Morning TV by Gary H. Grossman
All of you out there on the web who love Dino Boy and want to preserve his memory.

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