The Galaxy Trio FAQ V. 1.1

December 24, 1998

  • Added a few synopsis of episodes.

  • Added pictures to Rogue's Gallery.

  • Answered more of the FAQ questions.

    The Galaxy Trio FAQ V. 1.2

    January 17, 1999

  • Added the Creative Teams for the Galaxy Trio.

  • Added reference to Alex Toth: By Design.

  • Changed the spelling to some of the Rogue's Gallery.

  • Added descriptions of the Galaxy Trio's costumes.

  • Finished episodes synopsis.

    The Galaxy Trio FAQ V. 1.3

    February 19, 1999

  • Added a Meteor Man cel to more pictures.

  • Added a Gravity Girl cel to more pictures.

    The Galaxy Trio FAQ V. 1.4

    May 28, 1999

  • Added a link to my new Superhero Cartoon Videos Webpage.

  • Corrected some typos on the webpage.

  • Added links to an Alex Toth tribute and a picture of Alex Toth.

  • Added a link to a picture of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

  • Added links to the Toonarrific Cartoon Archive, Yesterdayland Cartoons, Hanna Barbera Index, and CGSTV Cartoons.