The Herculoids FAQ

The Herculoids FAQ v. 2.0

Originally written and Compiled by Chip Ashley.
September 26, 1998
Updated July 30, 2005

The Herculoids and all related characters are copyright 2005/Hanna Barbera Productions.
This FAQ is copyright 2005/Chip Ashley.

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Table of Contents

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1.1 Who are the Herculoids and what are their super powers?

The Herculoids are a group of superheroes created by Alex Toth for a Hanna-Barbera cartoon show that ran on CBS from 1967-1969. Based on the planet Quasar, the Herculoids are incredible beasts who aid King Zandor of the land of Amzot, his wife Tara, and their son Dorno.

The Herculoids

Zandor (1967)/Zandor (1981)

Zandor is King of the land of Amzot and is also the leader of the Herculoids. Zandor carries a shield and also packs a slingshot with which he can fire energy rocks. Zandor is in peak athletic condition. He has the strength of two men. He is an accurate marksman with his shield and slingshot. His shield will return to him when thrown. He also uses his shield as a parachute at times.

Tara (1967)/Tara (1981)

Tara is the wife of Zandor and is also Queen of Amzot. She is also the mother of Dorno. Tara is also an excellent marksman with a slingshot and energy rocks.


Dorno is the son of Zandor and Tara. Dorno is 13 years old. He is also an expert marksman with a slingshot and energy rocks.


Zok is a winged Space Dragon with a horn on his head. He can fire "power rays" from his eyes and tail. Zok also has a nega beam which comes from his eyes in circles. This beam disables any immobilizer ray. Zok can also survive in space and is capable of interstellar travel. He is also strong enough to fly with two people on his back.
Click to hear Zok

Igoo (1967)/Igoo (1981)

Igoo is a towering "rock ape" of incredible might. Igoo's body is virtually indestructible.
Click to hear Igoo


Tundro is a ceratopsian dinosaur who can fire "energy rocks" from the great horn on his head. Tundro has four horns of which the largest is used to fire energy rocks that explode on contact. Tundro has ten legs and can use them to get to reach great heights. He also has armor plating that can withstand concussion blasts.
Click to hear Tundro

Gloop and Gleep (1967)/Gloop and Gleep (1981)

Gloop and Gleep are jelly-like blobs which can assume any shape. They can use their bodies to withstand power beams. They can also turn into several miniature Gloops and Gleeps then reassemble themselves. Gloop and Gleep can also be used as giant slingshots. They can also be used for parachutes, cushions, and a trampoline.

1.2 What do The Herculoids costumes look like?

Zandor wears green trunks with a blue triangular collar around his neck and brown boots. He has a golden belt and golden bracelets. He also has a blue tiara around his head. He carries a holster for his slingshot and he also carries a shield.

Tara wears a blue dress, golden bracelets, green circular collar, and brown shoes. She also wears a golden nugget on her forehead.

Dorno wears blue trunks with a blue circular collar, golden belt and bracelets, and brown boots. He also carries a slingshot that fires energy rocks.

1.3 Where is The Herculoids home?

The Herculoids home planet is called Quasar and the land they live in is called Amzot.
Pictures of the Zandor, Tara, and Dorno's House

1.4 Why should I be interested in The Herculoids?

Like any popular superheroes, The Herculoids have withstood the test of time. They have great powers, great allies, and great villains. This makes for interesting stories and a great time.



2.1 What is The Herculoids origin?

I have researched through books, comics, and all the TV cartoon shows and I cannot find any indication of The Herculoids origin. Speculation is that these creatures are all indigenous to Quasar and for some reason have chosen to follow Zandor, Tara, and Dorno. Zandor may be King by birth or he may have had to fight for this position. Maybe Alex Toth will reveal the Origin story someday.



3.1 Who are The Herculoids friends and allies?

3.1.0 Space Ghost

Space Ghost is an interplanetary police officer who is stationed on the Ghost Planet. He has incredible powers from his costume and his power bands. Space Ghost, Jace, Jan, and Blip assisted The Herculoids on two occasions.

3.1.1 Jace

Jace is Space Ghost's young ward. He wears a costume of light blue and yellow with a black facemask. Jace looks to be about 15-17 years old. Jace has a jetpack to fly, a belt that gives him inviso power, and an emblem of Space Ghost on his chest that is used for a communications device.

3.1.2 Jan

Jan is the female member of the team and wears a costume of light blue and yellow with a black facemask. She has a jetpack to fly, a belt that gives her inviso power, and an emblem of Space Ghost on her chest that is used for a communications device.

3.1.3 Blip

Blip is a monkey. Blip wears a costume of light blue and yellow with a black facemask. He has a jetpack to fly, a belt that gives him inviso power, and an emblem of Space Ghost on his chest that is used for a communications device.

3.1.4 The Monkey People

The Monkey people are small monkeys that have wings to fly. The Monkey People can communicate with Zandor. The Herculoids have assisted the Monkey People on two occasions.

3.1.5 King Zel of the Zeelos (The Monkey Men)

King Zel and The Herculoids used to be enemies until they signed a truce of non-aggression. Some of King Zel's subjects including his son, Izzo, did not like the treaty and rebelled against his rule.

3.1.6 Princess Sirena of the Sun People

Princess Sirena of the Sun People came to the Herculoids for help when Darkon and the Faceless People attacked her planet.

3.1.7 King Kayi of the Sand People

King Kayi of the Sand People asked for the Herculoids help when the Buccaneer and his band of pirates were digging in his lands for buried treasure. The drills that they were using were destroying the underground caverns of his people.

3.1.8 Sanju


3.2 Do The Herculoids have a "Rogues' Gallery"?

3.2.1 Andropon

3.2.2 Mutak of the Mutoids

3.2.3 Neron and The Gladiators of Kyanite, Rodak and Ticon

3.2.4 Mekkano the Machine Master

3.2.5 Brotak of the Bubble Men

3.2.6 Gorvac of the Android People

3.2.7 Kryton of The Crystalites

3.2.8 Captain of the Sky Pirates

3.2.9 Amakk of the Amatons

3.2.10 Mekkor

3.2.11 Queen Skorra

3.2.12 Malak the Dwarf King and the Metal Apes

3.2.13 Sta-Lak

3.2.14 Darkon of The Faceless People

3.2.15 Sarko the Arkman

3.2.16 Konar of the Zorbots

3.2.17 Volton of the Electrode Men

3.2.18 King Turak of the Spider Men

3.2.19 The Pod Creatures

3.2.20 Zaygot, Ruler of Luvanum

3.2.21 The Swamp Monster

3.2.22 Vipon of The Reptons

3.2.23 The High Priest of Trax

3.2.24 Maggon of The Laser Lancers

3.2.25 King Markon and Targo, of the Mole Men

3.2.26 Oton of The Time Creatures

3.2.27 Torrak

3.2.28 Lotak and the Gravites

3.2.29 Prokar of the Beaked People

3.3 1981 Rogues' Gallery

3.3.1 The Mindbender

3.3.2 Eurayus, King of the Snake Riders

3.3.3 The Ancients

3.3.4 The Energy Creature

3.2.5 The Ice Monster

3.3.6 The Space Trappers

3.3.7 The Buccaneer

3.3.8 Izzo of the Zeelos (The Monkey Men)

Izzo of the Zeelos is the son of King Zel. He chose to rebel against his father when his father signed a peace treaty with the Herculoids. When a meteor of magna lite crash landed on Quasar, Izzo and his rebels used it to turn invisible and attempts to take over Quasar.

3.3.9 The Firebird



4.1 What was the show about?

The show was about The Herculoids a group of fantastic creatures who aid King Zandor, his wife Tara, and their son Dorno from evil invaders of their land. Each week they had two ten minute episodes with which to save their planet.

4.2 When did the show premiere and how long did it last?

The half-hour show premiered on CBS Saturday, September 9, 1967. The show lasted until September 6, 1969. After this it was re-released in other shows.

1967 Saturday Morning Schedule
1968 Saturday Morning Schedule
1967 Saturday Lineup Advertisement

4.3 How many original episodes of The Herculoids were there?

There were 36 original episodes of The Herculoids.

4.4 What were the names of the the original episodes of The Herculoids and can we have a synopsis of each?

The Mutoids
A ship crash lands on Quasar with a sole occupant on board. Zanor offers assistance, but the passenger tells him he has already contacted his people. The passenger turns out to be a Mutoid, a race who can change their appearance to anything. The Mutoids plan to take over Quasar and use it as a base of operations. Zandor destroys the Mutoids missile control system and the missiles explode defeating the Mutoids.

The Gladiators of Kyanite
The Gladiators of Kyanite capture Tundro to use in their arena contests. Zandor and Zok leave to rescue Tundro. They are force to fight in the gladiatorial games. The other Herculoids arrive and have to face Rodak and Ticon, Champions of Neron. The Herculoids defeat the champions and destroy the arena.

The Antidote
Zandor has been bitten by a gigantic spider and only an antidote form the Spider-Men will save him. Dorno and the Herculoids travel to the endless caves to ask King Turak and the Spider-Men for the antidote. King Turak refuses and Dorno is captured. The Herculoids defeat the Spider-Men and take the antidote to Zandor.

Attack from Space
Quasar is being bombarded by missiles from the planet Luvanuum. Zaygot and his henchmen are trying to destroy Quasar. The Herculoids travel to Lubanuum in a ship they took from ___. When they land their ship is destroyed and they are attacked by winged sentries with deadly laser beams. The Herculoids destroy Zaygot's base and he escapes. They use Zaygot's ship to return to Quasar.

Defeat of Ogron
Andropon and his cylinder ships attack and destroy the Herculoids home. The Herculoids had left before they were destroyed. The Herculoids attack the cylinders and destroy them. Zandor then squares off with Ogron, The Champion of his people, and his arsenal of weapons. Zandor tricks him into diving into the Black Pool. His ship is destroyed. Andropon attacks Zandor and his ship is destroyed by a large boulder.

Destroyer Ants
A storm causes lightning to strike a mountain with thousands of eggs with giant ants inside. The ants begin to hatch and ravage the countryside of Amzot. Zandor directs the ants in to the bottomless pits never to be heard from again.

Mekkano, The Machine Man
Mekkano is broken out of the intergalactic prison by his machine servants. He wants to exact revenge on the Herculoids for sending him to his imprisonment. Mekkano lands on Quasar and attacks the Herculoids with his armored tanks. He then attacks with his mech-flying destroyers. Mekkano then directly attacks in his ship. Gloop and Gleep get inside his ship and capture him. The Herculoids send Mekkano back to prison in a rocket.

Prisoners of the Bubble Men
Zandor and Tara are captured by the Bubble Men and taken to their secret undersea base. Brotak wanted to capture them to use them for experiments. Dorno and Gleep come to the rescue. Dorno, Tara, Zandor, and Gleep escape and are pursued by the Bubble Men. Tundro and Igoo destroy the ships and Zok destroys the entrance to the undersea base.

The Android People
The Android People come to Amzont and use magno beams to capture Zandor. Gorvac is planning to make android duplicates of Zandor and use them for a fierce warrior army. Zandor escapes and is pursued by the Android People. The Herculoids come to the rescue. Zandor destroys the controls on the gigantic android duplicate and the duplicate destroys Gorvac.

The Crystalites
A meteor crash lands on Quasar. It turns into a giant crystaline object. Zandor investigates and is taken onboard the ship. He is attacked by the Crystalites. Tara and Dorno are captured in crystal cells. The Crystalites are building an impregnable fortress by which to take over the planet. Zandor, Gloop, and Gleep steal uniforms and sneak into the fortress and free Dorno and Tara. Gloop and Zok destroy Kryton's ship and he is defeated.

The Pirates
A group of pirates land on Quasar to bury their stolen treasures. They attack Dorno, Tundro, and capture Dorno. Igoo keeps their ship from leaving by throwing a huge boulder on the engine. Gloop rescues Dorno. The Pirates attack in their flying torpedoes. Zok destroys the flying torpedoes and Igoo destroys the Pirate ship.

The Pod Creatures
A ship is depositing large metallic pods on planet Quasar. Dorno, Gleep, and Igoo investigate and are attacked by the emerging Pod Creatures. The Herculoids destroy the Pod Creatures and the ship that deposited them on the planet leaves in a hurry.

The Island of the Gravites
Zandor and Dorno rescue a man floating in the river who says he is from Gravite Island. He tells Zandor that a villain has taken over the island. The Herculoids go to investigate and are attacked by giant gravite creatures. The creatures are being created by Lotak who wants the village because of its large deposits of gravite. Zandor is captured by the creatures. The Herculoids rescue Zandor. Zok destroys the machine Lotak uses to make his creatures and Lotak is destroyed when his energy ray backfires on him.

Queen Skorra
Queen Skorra rouse a swamp quadit to attack the Herculoids and divert their attention while her robot guards apprehend Tara and Dorno. Queen Skorra plans to exile the Herculoids from Amzot. Gloop and Gleep protect Dorno and Tara until the other Herculoids arrive and defeat the robot guards. Queen Skorra sends a robot with a mega shield to trap the Herculoids. They escape thru a secret passage. With their combined might they destroy Skorra's base of operations.

The Raiders
Sta-Lak lands on Quasar and take Tara hostage so he can loot the planet of its riches. Gloop finds the other Herculoids and tell them what has happened. Sta-Lak attacks the Herculoids with his death ray robots. The Herculoids destroy them and Sta-Lak escapes in his ship. Sta-Lak's ship is destroyed by Zok's eye beams and a rock thrown by Igoo.

Malak and the Metal Apes
Malak launches his newest weapons, Metal Apes, to attack the Sea People. Dorno is shot down off of Zok by one of the Metal Apes. Zandor and the Herculoids destroy the Metal Apes. A damaged Metal Ape returns to Malak's headquarters and is followed by the Herculoids. The Herculoids destroy all the Metal Apes and Zok causes a steel beam to fall on Malak and his assistant.

The Mole Men
Markon and the Mole Men are preparing for an invasion of the surface world. Some advance scouts are sent to spy out the land. Zandor travels to the underground world of the Mole Men. Zandor defeats Markon and Zok seals the tunnel to the Mole Men's underground world.

Return of Sta-Lak
Sta-Lak has returned to Quasar with his version of mechanical Herculoids. The Mettalic Zok captures Dorno and Tara. Zandor and the Herculoids go to Sta-Lak's hideout which is located in an inactive volcano. Sta-Lak challenges the Herculoids with his mechanical duplicates for supremacy of the planet. The Herculoids destroy their mechanical counterparts and Sta-Lak escapes.

The Time Creatures
Oton and the Time Creatures are from the future and they want to destroy everything from the past. Oton and his men attack Dorno, Gleep, and Tundro. They capture Dorno and return to the future. Zandor uses Oton's time device to propel himself and the Herculoids to 5,000 years in the future. Oton sends his space tanks to destroy the Herculoids but they are destroyed. Zandor and the Herculoids rescue Dorno and escape back to their own time.

Attack of the Faceless People
A ship crash lands on Quasar with Princess Serena of the Sun Planet on board. She tells the story of how she escaped from Darkon and the Faceless People who had captured her and held her to make her people surrender to them. Darkon and his men attack the Herculoids and their ship is destroyed. Darkon captures Tara and holds her hostage. Gleep poses as the princess and rescues Tara. Zok destroys Darkon's ship.

Revenge of the Pirates
The Sky Pirates return to Quasar to enact revenge on the Herculoids. Zandor, Igoo, and Tundro are caught in an immobilizer ray. Dorno and Tara are captured by the Sky Pirates. Zok uses his nega beam to free Zandor, Igoo, and Tundro. They are attacked by the Sky Pirates in small attack craft. Gleep causes the Sky Pirates ship to backfire and it is destroyed.

Laser Lancers
The Laser Lancers, a group of insect like creatures, try to kill Zandor, but he is protected by Gloop. The Herculoids defeat the Laser Lancers, but they come back in greater forces led by their leader, Maggon, on their gigantic flying insects. The Laser Lancers are sent packing after their defeat from the Herculoids.

Sarko the Arkman
Sarko the Arkman of the planet Zodan arrives on Quasar to capture animals for his experiments. He captures Igoo in an energy field and transports him onto his ship. Sarko uses gas to knockout Zandor. Dorno and Tundro are captured. Gleep returns to tell Tara, Zok, and Gleep what has happened and they come to the rescue. Dorno, Igoo, and Tundro are taken to the planet Zodan by Sarko. Zok and Zandor fly through space to Sarko's planet. The Herculoids destroy Sarko's base and use his ship to return to Quasar.

The Beaked People
Krokar and the Parrot Men capture the flying monkey people to make them slaves. One of the flying monkey people escape and tell Zandor that his people have been captured. Zandor is captured by the Parrot Men. Dorno and Zok go in search of Zandor. Zandor is placed in the river of the bottomless pit. Krokar is knocked into the river by Tundro and alls into the bottomless pit.

The Spider Men
Zandor and Dorno are taken prisoner by the Spider Men. Zok flies to get Tara and the other Herculoids. Once they arrive, Tundro seals off the entrance to the cave headquarters. Zandor and Dorno are freed and the Herculoids do battle to defeat the Spider Men.

Tiny World of Terror
Torrak, an evil scientist, manages to capture the Herculoids using a laser-ray device. Once they are in his lab, he uses a ray gun that shrinks the Herculoids down to miniature size to force them into battle with a number of microscopic creatures. The Herculoids manage to escape and are able to set the device to reverse them back to normal size. They manage to put a stop to Torrak.

Mission of the Amatons
Amak and the Amatons place control collars on some animals, and gain control over them. They intend to do the same to the Herculoids. When their efforts to enslave them fail, Amak decides they must perish. Gloop and Gleep save the day by turning Amak's stun turret on him, and causing his ship to crash.

Swamp Monster
The Herculoids must fight a ferocious monster from the Swamp that was created when a meteor crashes from outer space.

The Lost Dargyte
A vulture has captured a Dorgyte, one of a peaceful race of humanoids who live on the other side of Quasar. The Herculoids rescue the Dorgyte, then have to face a number of obstacles as they try to return him to his home.

Temple of Trax
The Herculoids come upon a city that has been ruined for several years. Dorno, Gleep, Gloop, Igoo, and Tundro are attacked by gargoyles who come to life in the city. One of the gargoyles kidnaps Tara. Zandor and Zok happen upon the area and assist the other Herculoids in battling a priest who intends to offer Tara as a sacrifice to the largest gargoyle, Trax.

An army of robot invaders lands on Amzot. Mekkor, the leader of the mechanical troops sends them on their mission, and then goes underground. Only his antenna can be seen. The robots keep overpowering the Herculoids until Zandor cuts off Mekkor's antenna with his shield. The robots fall, and break into pieces. Mekkor himself pops back up, and Zok blasts him.

The Zorbots
Konar and the Zorbots plan to drain the atmosphere from Amzot. Zandor, Dorno, Igoo, Tundro, and Gloop are captured, but escape. The Herculoids defeat the Zorbots and their giant robots.

Invasion of the Electrode People
The Herculoids contend with Photon and the Electrode Men.

Ruler of the Reptons
Tara is captured by the Reptons. Placed under a mind control device, she becomes their Queen, and orders them to destroy Zandor and the Herculoids. The Herculoids are attacked by the Reptons, but beat them, and go in to rescue Tara. The Reptons send the Destructo Bats after them, but they escape, and destroy the Reptons' underground lair.

The Raider Apes
Gotron and the Raider Apes (gorillas in Viking costumes) attack a nearby village, intent on stealing the people's gold. The villagers summon the Herculoids by lighting a beacon. The heroes arrive, and follow the apes into the cave the gold is hidden in. The villains eventually find the gold, and load it onto their ship. However, the ship is so weighted down with gold that it can barely move. Zandor sends Zok out with one last bag of loot. The dragon drops it right on Gotron's face, and the ship sinks. The chief of the village reveals that the survivors got away, and Zandor adds that Gotron will return, due to his greed.

The Return of Torrak
Torrak the evil scientist kidnaps Tara as part of his plan to lure the Herculoids into a trap. Tara manages to escape her captor to warn Zandor of Torrak's plans for them, and Zandor rescues her. The Herculoids end up battling, and defeating, Torrak's creatures once again.



5.1 What was the name of the show?

The show was called The Space Stars.
The Space Stars Promo Sheet

5.2 When did the show premier and how long did it last?

The hour-long show premiered on NBC Saturday, September 12, 1981. The show lasted until September 11, 1982.

5.3 How many new episodes of The Herculoids were there?

There were a total of 11 new episodes of The Herculoids.

5.4 What were the names of the The Herculoids episodes and can we have a synopsis of each?

The Invisibles
Space Ghost, Jace, Jan, and Blip are tracing a meteor of magna lite through space. Magnalite comes from a black hole causing anything each touches to become invisible. The magnalite lands of Quasar. Soon items start disappearing from the Herculoids home. They trace the problem to the Monkey Men. The Herculoids travel to meet with King Zeelo to ask for help in solving this problem. King Zeelo tells that his son has rebelled against him and is now a thief. Space Ghost shows up and retrieves the magnalite. Everything that was invisible now returns visible. The Herculoids capture the renegade Monkey Men and they are taken back to King Zel.

Dorno, Gloop, and Gleep are playing and discover a cylinder with a man inside. They soon discover that they have released a Mindbender, a being who ruled Quasar and thousand years ago. Zandor tricks the Mindbender into going back into his cylinder and they bury him under tons or rocks.

The Buccaneer
The buccaneer and his pirates arrive on Quasar searching for a buried treasure. The Buccaneer has waited five years to find this treasure. They meet the Herculoids and tell them of their plans. They use their hovercraft to search for the treasure. They begin drilling near a fault line that is close to the Sand People's home. The Buccaneer kidnaps Dorno. Zandor attempts to rescue Dorno and is captured. Tara and Zok arrive to rescue Zandor and Dorno. Zok captures the Buccaneer and his pirates and Zandor commands they leave Quasar never to return.

Space Trappers
The Space Trappers arrive on Quasar seeking animals for an intergalactic circus. They decide that the Herculoids are perfect specimens, and use their Psycho Modulator to control them. Tara frees them from the Trappers' control by destroying the Psycho Modulator with energy rocks.

The Purple Menace
The Herculoids are attacked by purple vines whose existence was brought about by glowing purple energy rocks.

The Ice Monster
Dorno is feeling depressed when Zandor treats him like a child because of his size and age. Cue an ancient robot monster emerging from an iceblock that is indestructible. Gleep and Dorno sneak into the robot and manage to take control of it and direct it to walk off a cliff, escaping in the nick of time.

Return of the Ancients
The descendents/survivors of a highly-developed race that was wiped out on Quasar return to the planet after a 1,000-year mission, and they're not happy to find out their civilization is gone. They attack and capture Dorno, and Gleep and Gloop bring the others. When Zandor confronts them they capture him and put him into a battle with energy whips against their leader. Tara and the Herculoids find proof of how the aliens' civilization was wiped out by trumpeter plants while Zandor plays for time. Tara gets the flower to Zandor which he uses to drive the aliens off.

The Snake Riders
Dorno and Gleep spot the Snake Riders, who plan an attack from halfway across the planet, across the Boiling Sea. They warn the others and the Herculoids drive them back to their caverns, but Zara gets captured. Zok disguises himself as one of the Riders' giant snakes and Dorno disguises himself as a Snake Rider and they sneak in, free Zara, and seal off the passageway leading back to the Snake Riders' home.

The Energy Creature
An energy creature lands on Quasar via a meteorite. The creatuer can take on the form and properties of any creature it duplicates while imprisoning them in energy coils. It takes on the form of Igoo and proves difficult to defeat. Igoo manages to break free through sheer determination and Zandor defeats the creature by tricking it into taking on the form of a Millennium Plant which will be in suspended animation for the next few centuries.

The Thunderbolt
Saju, a creature with a voracious appetite, comes upon some electrically charged rocks, and eats them. He becomes a living electrical monster. But the Herculoids soon realize this is only temporary. While the others fill up the crevasse the rocks are in, Zandor lures Saju into a canyon. While trying to reason with him, Zandor is buried under a pile of rocks. Saju loses his electrical energy, and even helps Tara, Dorno, and the Herculoids get Zandor out.

The Firebird

5.5 What other superhero cartoon characters were on the show?

Space Ghost
There were 22 new episodes featuring Space Ghost, Jace, Jan, and Blip against a whole new group of villains.

Teen Force
Based on and around Black Hole X, these three teenagers and their mascots-the two, blue Astromites-tool around the galaxy on space scooters, preserving it from evil. Elektra, the only female member, can become invisible and fire electric bolts; Kid Comet can become a living comet, flying through space at super speed and with destructive force; Moleculad, an African-American youth, can disintegrate himself and reintegrate elsewhere. All of the heroes wear different costumes and can talk in space. Their most nefarious foe is the tyrant, Uglor.
Picture of Elektra
Picture of Kid Comet
Picture of Molceculad
Picture of Plutem and Glax

Astro and the Space Mutts
A trio of interstellar police officers, The Jetson's family pet, Astro, and two clumsy canines, Cosmo and Dipper, fight crime under the direction of their Police boss, Space Ace.

5.6 Wasn't there a Space Stars Finale show that starred The Herculoids, Space Ghost, and The Teen Force?


5.7 What were the names of the episodes?

  • Dimension of Doom
  • Worlds in Collision
  • Polaris
  • Endangered Species
  • The Olympians
  • Magnus
  • The Crystal Menace
  • The Outworlder
  • Mindswitch
  • Uglor Conquers the Universe
  • The Cosmic Mousetrap
  • 5.8 What other shows did The Herculoids appear in?

    The Super Globetrotters Hour
    Hour Show
    Premiered September 9, 1976

    Hanna-Barbera's World of Super Adventure
    Theme Song for Hanna Barbera's World of Super Adventure
    Half-Hour Show
    Premiered September, 1980
    This show featured the following Super Heroes:
    The Fantastic Four (1967)
    Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles (1967)
    Space Ghost (1966)
    The Herculoids (1967)
    Shazzan (1967)
    Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor (1967)
    Birdman and The Galaxy Trio (1967)

    USA Cartoon Express
    Two Hour Show
    Premiered-Late 1980's

    Super Adventures
    Cartoon Network
    Half-Hour and Two-Hour Shows
    Premiered October 1992
    This show featured the following Super Heroes:
    The Fantastic Four (1967)
    Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles (1967)
    Space Ghost and Dino Boy (1966)
    The Herculoids (1967)
    Shazzan (1967)
    Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor (1967)
    Birdman and The Galaxy Trio (1967)

    Cartoon Network
    Fifteen Minute Shows
    Premiered Fall 1997
    This show featured the following Super Heroes:
    Space Ghost (1966/1981)
    The Herculoids (1967/1981)
    Birdman and The Galaxy Trio (1967)

    Cartoon Network
    One and a Half Hour Show
    Sundays 8:00-9:00 AM (EST)
    Premiered Spring 1998
    Space Ghost and Dino Boy (1966)
    Shazzan (1967)
    Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor (1967)
    The Herculoids (1967)
    The Fantastic Four (1967)



    6.1 In what Comic Books have The Herculoids appeared?

    Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1
    Gold Key/April 1968
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$225.00 F-$67.50 VG-$33.75

    Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 2
    Gold Key/July 1968
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$150.00 F-$45.00 VG-$22.50

    Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 4
    Gold Key/January 1969
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$120.00 F-$36.00 VG-18.00

    Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 5
    Gold Key/April 1969
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$120.00 F-$36.00 VG-18.00

    Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 6
    Gold Key/August 1968
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$140.00 F-$42.00 VG-21.00

    Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 7
    Gold Key/October 1969
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$140.00 F-$42.00 VG-21.00

    Cartoon Network Presents # 5
    DC Comics/December 1997
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$3.00 F-$1.00 VG-$.50

    Cartoon Network Presents # 9
    DC Comics/April 1998
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$3.00 F-$1.00 VG-$.50

    Cartoon Network Presents # 13
    DC Comics/July 1998
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$2.25 F-$1.00 VG-$.50

    Cartoon Network Presents # 17
    DC Comics/January 1999
    2005 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$2.25 F-$1.00 VG-$.50

    6.2 Are there any images of these books?


    6.3 What are the storylines of these books?

    Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1
    Gold Key/April 1968
    Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1

    Story Title: Invasion of the Martian Ants
    Starring The Herculoids
    Synopsis: A ship crash lands in the land of Amzot. Zandor and Zok investigate. Giant ants attack Zandor and Zok. Zandor calls for the Herculoids. The Herculoids get trapped in a cavern. Gloop and Gleep help them escape and they attack the alien who sent the ants to gather raw materials for his war effort. The Martian is defeated and leaves the planet.

    Story Title: Duel at Dawn
    Starring Birdman

    Story Title: The Mighty Mightor battles the Vampire King
    Starring The Mighty Mightor

    Story Title: Danger in the Deep
    Starring Moby Dick

    Story Title: The Magnetic Menace
    Starring Young Samson and Goliath

    No Story Title
    Starring The Galaxy Trio

    Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 2
    Gold Key/July 1968
    Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 2

    Story Title: The Vapor Vampire Invasion
    Starring The Herculoids
    A strange ship hovers over Amzot taking readings of the planets high moisture content. Vapor clouds come down to the surface and before the Herculoids eyes one condenses into a small creature. It begins sucking all of the moisture out of the plant life and then turns back into vapor. Soon the whole planet is infested with these creatures! But with the help of Gloop and Gleep, Zandor travels up to the ship, calls all of the creatures to it, and escorts them to the cold north pole of Amzot...where the vapor freezes and they are instantly turned into ice-crystals.
    (Synopsis courtesy of Todd Marsh.)

    Story Title: The Noxious Oxoids
    Starring Birdman and the Galaxy Trio

    Story Title: Beware Skullarva
    Starring The Mighty Mightor

    Story Title: The Diamond of Doom
    Starring Shazzan

    Untitled Story
    Starring Moby Dick

    Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 4
    Gold Key/January 1969
    Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 4

    Story Title: Threat of the Cavern Creatures
    Starring The Herculoids
    Flying boulders attack the Herculoids and begins draining their energy. Soon a squad of creatures called Grunogs captures Zandor and binds him in their cavern. The Herculoids come to the rescue though and with Zok shattering their boulder tossing catapult and Igoo closing their entrance with a mountain of boulders, the surface of Amzot is safe again.
    (Synopsis courtesy of Todd Marsh.)

    Story Title: Mind-Master
    Starring Shazzan

    Story Title: The Pincered Sea Demon
    Starring Moby Dick

    Story Title: The Piper's Plot
    Starring The Mighty Mightor

    Story Title: Terror by Ice
    Starring Birdman

    Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 5
    Gold Key/April 1969
    Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 5

    Story Title: The Diamond Demon
    Starring The Herculoids
    On a unexplored region of Amzot, Zandor and his family fall through an opening in the ground below them. They plunge into an underground pool, crawl out, and are then greeted by an awakened diamond-monster! Power rays and energy rocks have no effect on it! It isn't until Igoo breaks through from the surface, draws the monster to a diamond surrounded area, and lets Zok bounce his power beams off the walls that the monster is shattered to pieces.
    (Synopsis courtesy of Todd Marsh.)

    Story Title: Captives of Medusa
    Starring Birdman

    Story Title: Curse of the Cloud-Wizard
    Starrring Shazzan

    Story Title: The Yeast Beast
    Starring Moby Dick

    Story Title: Multiplying Menace
    Starring Mighty Mightor

    Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 6
    Gold Key/August 1969
    Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 6

    Story title: The Energy Creatures
    Starring The Herculoids
    Synopsis: One evening, a mysterious sphere crashes into Amzot's forbidden swamp. A glowing blue named Amaak contacts Planet M and prepares to test the Herculoids strength for a possible future invasion. The Herculoids powers have no effect over the electrical energy creature, which begins turning rocks and trees into hulking energy creatures. Gleep and Igoo destroy the creatures and Amaak is short-circuited with water.
    (Synopsis courtesy of Todd Marsh.)

    Story Title: The Sun Master
    Starring Space Ghost

    Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 7
    Gold Key/October 1969
    Cover of Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 7

    Story Title: The Ruthless Reducers
    Starring The Herculoids
    Synopsis: The Herculoids fight the Reducers who scour the universe shrinking life forms. Their goal is to be honored as the greatest hunters ever to prowl the universe. They shrink the Herculoids only to have their captives escape and discover the hunters' weak spot; their ears. Attacking their "centers of balance", the Herculoids force the hunters to restore them to normal, after which the Herculoids shrink the aliens, leaving them unable to operate their ship and thus stranded on Amzot.

    Story Title: The Mutant Planet
    Starring Space Ghost

    Story Title: The Submarine Pirates
    Starring Moby Dick, Tom, Tub, and Scooby

    Story Title: Wrath of Tazarr
    Starring The Mighty Mightor

    Hanna Barbera TV Stars # 3
    Marvel Comics/1978
    Cover of Hanna Barbera TV Stars # 3

    Story Title: Cauldron of Disaster
    Starring The Herculoids
    From the Eastern jungle, smoke rises as Zandor and Zok flying overhead. They follow the smoke to a cauldron filled with worm-like creatures shadowed by a huge statue. The Herculoids fight these vegetation eating creatures as well as the statue which turns out to be a warrior of Abyx! Igoo gives it an unbreakable bear hug and the warrior surrenders offering to give the antidote to remove the worm-creatures.
    (Thanks to Todd Marsh for the Synopsis.)

    Cartoon Network Presents # 5
    DC Comics/December 1997
    Cover from Cartoon Network Presents # 5

    Story Title: Act of Kindness
    Starring Birdman

    Story Title: Everybody needs Somebody
    Starring The Herculoids
    Synopsis: Igoo is lonely for a rock creature like himself.

    Cartoon Network Presents # 9
    DC Comics/April 1998
    Cover to Cartoon Network Presents # 9

    Story Title: She Loved Me Like a Zok
    Starring The Herculoids
    Synopsis: Zok falls ill and is visited by his mother a giant space dragon.

    Story Title: Birdman in a Gilded Cage
    Starring Birdman

    Cartoon Network Presents # 13
    DC Comics/July 1998
    Cover of Cartoon Network Presents # 13

    Story Title: Bother From Another Planet
    Starring The Herculoids
    Synopsis: Joyriding teenage aliens from outer space make life difficult for the Herculoids when they decide to drag race on their base planet of Quasar.

    Story Title: Kaboobie's Prize
    Starring Shazzan

    Cartoon Network Presents # 17
    DC Comics/January 1999
    Cover of Cartoon Network Presents # 17

    Story Title: Winter Takes All
    Starring The Herculoids
    Synopsis: Alien invaders turn the warm temperatures of Amzot into blizzard like conditions. Zandor and Zok try to stop them but are put in cryogenic freeze. Tara, Dorno, Gloop, Gleep, Igoo, and Tundro travel to the aliens base, free Zandor and Zok and destroy the cold weather making machines. The aliens abandon their base and leave planet Quasar.

    Story Title: Giant Robot Rumble
    Starring The Galaxy Trio



    7.1 Who created The Herculoids?

    Alex Toth designed and came up with the idea of The Herculoids.

    Alex Toth Question and Answers
    Interview with Alex Toth from Comic Book Artist # 11
    Picture of Alex Toth

    7.2 Who produced and directed the show?

    William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

    7.3 Who were the story directors and writers for the show?

    1967-69 The Herculoids
    Bill Perez/Paul Sommer/Ken Spears/Joe Ruby/David Scott

    7.4 Who were the voices of the characters?

    Herculoids Voice List

    1967-69 Herculoids

  • Zandor - Mike Road
  • Tara - Virginia Gregg
  • Dorno - Ted Eccles
  • Gloop/Gleep - Don Messick
    Don Messick Webpage
  • Zok/Igoo/Tundro - Mike Road

    1981 Herculoids

  • Zandor - Mike Road
  • Tara - Virginia Gregg
  • Dorno - Sparky Marcus
  • Gloop/Gleep - Don Messick
  • Zok/Igoo/Tundro - Mike Road

    7.5 Who were the animators for the show?

    1967-69 Herculoids
    Charles A. Nichols/Ed Aardal/John Spavey/Lou Kachivas/Rudy Cataldi/Harry Holt/Ray Abrams/Dick Hall/Tony Love

    7.6 Who did the music for the show?

    1967-69 Herculoids
    Ted Nichols/Richard Olson/Bill Getty

    7.7 Who was the production supervisor?

    1967-69 Herculoids
    Howard Hanson

    7.8 Who were the film editors?

    1967-69 Herculoids
    Warren Leighton/Larry Cowan/David Horton/Geoffrey Griffin

    7.9 Who were the cameramen?

    1967-69 Herculoids
    Bill Kotler/Gene Borghi/Byron McRae/Cliff Shirpsher

    7.10 Who was the associate producer and assitant production supervisor for the show?

    1967-69 Herculoids
    Art Scott/Victor D. Schipek

    7.11 Who were the men in charge of layouts for the show?

    1967-69 Herculoids
    Bill Perez/Tony Sgroi/Nick Gibson/Al Wilson/Jack Huber/Dick Bickenbach

    7.12 Who was the technical supervisor for the show?

    1967-69 Herculoids
    Frank Paiker

    7.13 Who were the people in charge of backgrounds for the show?

    1967-69 Herculoids
    Paul Julian/Gary Niblett/Cathleen Braver



    8.1 What kind of Action Figures are there of The Herculoids?

    The Herculoids have finally been made into Action Figures.

    Herculoids Action Figures 1
    Herculoids Action Figures 2
    Herculoids Action Figures 3

    8.2 What other kinds of merchandise is out there for The Herculoids?

    The Herculoids Videos and Laserdisc

    Herculoids Puzzle

    Herculoids Gleep Bank

    Herculoids Key Chain and Necklaces

    Gloop Toy Clay

    Igoo Resin Model

    Herculoids Easy Show Kenner Movie

    The Herculoids by VegasMike

    Zandor by Steve Rude



    9.1 Are there any plans for any new Herculoids cartoons?

    As far as I know there are no plans for any new episodes.



    10.1 What are some other WebPages with information about The Herculoids?

    Super Hero Cartoon Database


    Hanna-Barbera Super Heroes

    Wingnuts Herculoids Page

    More Pictures of The Herculoids

    Another Webpage of The Herculoids

    The Herculoids at The Big Cartoon Database

    CGSTV Cartoons

    Computer Graphic Art of The Herculoids

    Steve Smyth's Blog of the Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes Herculoids Page

    Cartoon Network Herculoids Interactive Movies

    DC Comics Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes Message Board

    Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes Trivia Game

    The Herculoids at the Internet Movie Database



    11.1 These are some people and books I would like to thank!!!

    This FAQ would not have been possible without the help of the following people and books.
    Alex Toth: By Design by Alex Toth and Darrell McNeil
    Scott at the Superhero Cartoon Database
    The Encyclopedia of Super Heroes by Jeff Rovin
    The Encyclopedia of Super Villains by Jeff Rovin
    The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons by Jeff Lenberg
    Saturday Morning TV by Gary H. Grossman
    All of you out there on the web who love The Herculoids and want to preserve their memory.


    Any additions/corrections/suggestions/questions/comments should be directed towards FAQ keeper,
    Chip Ashley, at this address:

    The Herculoids and all related characters are Copyright Hanna-Barbera Productions.

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