The Moby Dick FAQ V. 1.1

January 17, 1999.

  • Added the rest of questions to the FAQ.

  • Added more pictures to the Rogue's Gallery.

  • Added information about a Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor Video.

  • Added information about Moby Dick's Creative Teams.

  • Added synopsis for Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 5.

  • Added a picture of Moby Dick Bubble Bath to Merchandise.

  • Added a picture of a Moby Dick cel to merchandise.

    The Moby Dick FAQ V. 1.2

    May 26, 1999.

  • Added a link to my new Superhero Cartoon Videos Webpage.

  • Added links to an Alex Toth Tribute Webpage and pictuer of Alex Toth.

  • Added link to a picture of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

  • Added links to the Toonarrific Cartoon Archive, Yesterdayland Cartoons, Hanna Barbera Index, and CGSTV Cartoons.