The Young Samson and Goliath FAQ

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The Young Samson and Goliath FAQ v. 1.1

Originally written and Compiled by Chip Ashley.
Originally written June 3, 1998.
Updated August 3, 2005

Young Samson and Goliath and all related characters are copyright 2005/Hanna Barbera Productions.
This FAQ is copyright 2005/Chip Ashley.

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1.1 Who are Samson and Goliath?

Young Samson And Goliath was a half hour long show with approximately 12 minute long cartoons by Hanna Barbera. Young Samson was a boy who rode a motor scooter with his pooch named Goliath. When they found trouble Samson shouted a magic phrase, slapped his bracelets together, and transformed himself into the biblical Samson. His pooch was transformed into a Giant Lion with the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes, with one laser sharp paw. It premiered on September 9, 1967 in syndication.

1.2 What does Samson's costume look like?

White T-shirt with trunks, brown belt, golden wristbands, and brown boots.

1.3 What are Samson and Goliath's super powers?

Golden Wristbands which, when touched together, give Samson his super powers; when touched a second time, they turn his dog, Goliath, into a giant, "Super Lion". Samson can fly and has super strength. Goliath can fly, has super strength, and can fire destructive "power beams" from his eyes.

1.4 How do Samson and Goliath get around?

Samson and Goliath when they are not superheroes, drive around on Samson's motor scooter.

1.5 Where are Samson and Goliath's home?

Samson and Goliath live in

1.6 What do Samson and Goliath look like without their powers?

1.7 Why should I be interested in Samson and Goliath?


2.1 What are Samson and Goliath's origin?


3.1 Who are Samson and Goliath's friends and allies?

3.1.1 Ukluk the Eskimo

3.1.2 Professor Kincaid

3.1.3 Professor Cardwell


3.2 Do Samson and Goliath have a "Rogues' Gallery"?


3.2.1 Dr. Destro

3.2.2 Baron Von Skull

3.2.3 The Monsteroid Leader

3.2.4 The Coral Creature

3.2.5 The Dome/The Dome's Henchman

3.2.6 Voltar

3.2.7 Salamandro

3.2.8 The Priest of Rama Keesh/Rama Keesh

3.2.9 The Witch Doctor of Monatabu/Monatabu's Dragon

3.2.10 Nerod

3.2.11 The Colossus of Rhodes

3.2.12 Dr. Zuran/Rogor

3.2.13 The Aurora Borealis Creature

3.2.14 The Thing from the Black Mountains

3.2.15 The Venusians

3.2.16 The Leader

3.2.17 The Monarch

3.2.18 The Dragon King

3.2.19 Nauton

3.2.20 Darvo/Darvo's Henchman

3.2.21 Kunev Khan/The Moon Leader


4.1 What was the show about?

4.2 When did the show premiere and how long did it last?

4.3 How many episodes of the Samson and Goliath were there?

There were 20 episodes of Young Samson and Goliath.

4.4 What were the names of the episodes and can we have a synopsis of each episode?

The Curse of Monatabu
A strange monster emerges from a volcano on an island, frightening the natives. They believe it to be the spirit of Monatabu, an evil witch doctor. When Samson and Goliath arrive at the village, the chief of the tribe tells them how they punished Monatabu by making him leap into the volcano. Ever since, his spirit has come back every year to seek revenge. The boy and dog go into the volcano to investigate. Samson leaves Goliath, and finds the witch doctor is still alive. Not only that, but the monster is there, too. Monatabu discovers Samson, and captures him by knocking him out with magic energy from his wand. Samson is then tied to a slab. Monatabu reveals that he befriended the iguanasaurus when he entered the volcano. It is this prehistoric beast that has been terrorizing the natives. Samson calls Goliath, who unties the ropes, and frees him. Then, Samson becomes the biblical strong man, and Goliath the super lion. When things get too tough, Samson uses Super Samson power to make himself and Goliath more powerful. Eventually, they seal Monatabu and the iguanasaurus inside the volcano for keeps. When they leave, they tell the natives they no longer have anything to fear, and drive away on their motorcycle.

The Aurora Borealis Creature
Samson and Goliath save an Eskimo village from the Aurora Borealis when it turns into a monster.

The Great Colossus
The Colossus Of Rhodes comes to life, and goes on a rampage. Samson and Goliath send it back into the sea.

Cold Wind from Venus
The Ice Men arrive from Venus, and try to conquer Earth by freezing it. Samson and Goliath foil their plans by deflecting their freeze ray and melting them.

The SSK-19
A group of terrorists steals the SSX-19, a newly developed plane. They also steal Samson's bracelets, and replace them with fakes. Goliath brings Samson the real bracelets, and they capture the gang, and bring back the SSX-19.

Operation Peril
Professor Talos is kidnapped by PERIL, an evil organization. Samson and Goliath rescue him.

The Secret of Evil Island
With help from a native named Maori, Samson and Goliath head for Evil Island to investigate the disappearance of a missile. After encounters with mechanical sharks, hostile natives, and a talking flame, they meet Boltor. Boltor launches fifteen missiles, but the heroes destroy them. Boltor pulls a switch that sinks the island, but Samson and Goliath escape just in time.

The Monsteroids
Samson and Goliath are teleported to an asteroid to deal with Zargo, an evil alien, and his robot army, the Monsteroids.

The Idol Rama-Keesh
General Tong and Ramu send Rama-Keesh, a mechanical idol, to terrorize a village. Samson and Goliath break into their temple, destroy the idol, and defeat the villains.

In an undersea laboratory, three villains see a ship passing by. Salamandro, the ringleader of the trio, sends his henchmen to the ship to steal the gold bullion it's carrying. The men enter the transportation machine their boss has invented, and seconds later, materialize on the ship's deck. There, they paralyze the captain and his first mate. Then they go down to the vault, freeze the guard, and remove the gold. One of them sends a signal to Salamandro to let him know they have the loot. He brings them back, and gloats over the successful theft. Sometime later, Samson and Goliath are on a ship carrying a crate load of paintings. The captain expresses concern that the art will be stolen. The heroes go into the vault via a funnel, and hide themselves in the crate that holds the paintings. Salamandro sees the ship go by, and sends his goons directly to the vaults so they won't be seen by anyone. They find the crate, and send another signal. When they open the crate, they are surprised to find Samson and Goliath inside. When the duo transform, the henchmen try to paralyze them, but Goliath melts their guns with his power beams. Salamandro traps the pair inside a steel trap, but Goliath uses his roar to break them out. Noticing that their enemies are gone, Samson and Goliath head for an iron door, but are momentarily stopped by the electro rays that appear on it. Samson lifts the door without touching the rays, and he and Goliath enter the next room. Salamandro is there, but he's behind a glass shield that the heroes can't penetrate. He explains that it's eight feet thick. Then another glass shield appears behind them, and a deadly mist is pumped in. Samson and Goliath escape by crashing through the ceiling. One of the accomplices fires a ray through a hole in the wall, and successfully immobilizes Goliath.

Baron Von Skull
Samson and Goliath meet Baron Von Skull, a former World War One flying ace from Germany.

Moon Rendezvous
Kunev Kahn steals the Graviton. Samson and Goliath sneak aboard his space ship, and find themselves on the moon. There, they deal with both Kunev Kahn, and his partner in crime, the Moon Leader.

The Lost City Of The Dragon Men
Samson and Goliath enter an underground city to rescue Professor Kinkaid from the Dragon Men.

The Colossal Coral Creature
A pair of criminals based in a lighthouse revive a coral monster. It attacks an Australian city. Samson and Goliath defeat it. It destroys the lighthouse and returns to the sea.

Zuran's Creature
Samson is temporarily weakened when Dr. Zuran transfers his superstrength to a robot.

The Dome
Samson and Goliath prevent the Dome from launching his deadly missiles.

Samson and Goliath pit themselves against Nerod's gladiators.

The Terrible Dr. Desto
The appearances and disappearances of a Tyrannosaurus, Cyclops, and Rok, send Samson and Goliath to Dr. Desto's laboratory. He uses his time shield to bring in a variety of menaces from the past. Finally, he sends out a plague of locusts. Samson and Goliath drive the insects back. They are pulled back into the machine, but so is Desto. Samson then destroys the time shield for good to prevent Desto from ever returning.

From Out Of The Deep
Samson and Goliath's vacation is interrupted by the Gill Men.

Thing From The Black Mountains
A missile arouses a creature from the water near the Black Mountains. Samson and Goliath stop its rampage, and send it back to its environment.

4.5 What other shows did Samson and Goliath appear in?


6.1 In what Comic Books has Samson and Goliath appeared?

Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1
Gold Key/April 1968
1998 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$150.00 F-$41.00 VG-$14.00

Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes # 3
Gold Key/April 1968-October 1969
1998 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide NM-$95.00 F-$25.50 VG-$8.50

6.2 Are there any images of these books?


6.3 What are the storylines of these books?

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1
Gold Key/April 1968
Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 1

Story Title: The Magnetic Menace
Starring Young Samson and Goliath
Synopsis: ??

Story Title: Duel at Dawn
Starring Birdman

Story Title: Invasion of the Martian Ants
Starring The Herculoids

Story Title: The Mighty Mightor battles the Vampire King
Starring The Mighty Mightor

Story Title: Danger in the Deep
Starring Moby Dick

No Story Title
Starring The Galaxy Trio

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 3
Gold Key/April 1968
Cover of Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 3
Story Title: The Cosmic Werewolf
Starring Samson and Goliath Synopsis: Samson and Goliath investigate a bank robbery. Samson learns there is a Bank Clerk who somehow taps into power from the stars and transforms into a werewolf creature with super strength. Goliath knocks the werewolf into chemicals and causes an explosion. The werewolf turns back into the evil scientist, Dr. Krugle and is sent to prison for his crimes.

Story Title: Terrors of Turaba
Starring Shazzan

Story Title: The Plague of Giants
Starring Space Ghost

Story Title: Undersea Invasion
Starring Moby Dick

Story Title: The Solar Scorpions
Starring Birdman


7.1 Who created Samson and Goliath?

7.2 Who produced and directed the show?

7.3 Who were the story directors and writers for the show?

7.4 Who were the voices of the characters on the show?

7.5 Who were the animators for the show?

7.6 Who did the music and sound for the show?

7.7 Who was the production supervisor for the show?

7.8 Who were the film editors for the show?

7.9 Who were the cameramen for the show?

7.10 Who were the men in charge of layouts for the show?

7.11 Who were the people in charge of film editing?

7.12 Who were the people in charge of backgrounds for the show?


8.1 What kind of Action Figures are there of Samson and Goliath?

8.2 What other kind of merchandise is out there for Samson and Goliath?


Kenner Give A Show Projector
Story title: Thanks a Meal

16mm film of rare 1967 Young Samson and his dog Goliath. Episode is The Aurora Borealis Creature. Film is 12 minutes long.


9.1 Are there any plans for any new Samson and Goliath cartoons?


10.1 What are some other WebPages with information about Samson and Goliath?

Super Hero Cartoon Database


Hanna-Barbera Super Heroes

More Pictures and Information about Samson and Goliath


11.1 These are some people and books I would like to thank!!!

Pictures of Samson

Pictures of Goliath

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