Excerpt taken from Toon Magazine # 12

Alex Toth: Interview by Darrell Bowen

DB: Let's talk about Space Ghost. It is what a lot of people remember you for, but it wasn't your favorite character.

AT: No it wasn't. And I don't know what all the shouting's about. I always thought it was mediocre.

DB: Well it's one of the characters that made you well known.

AT: Freddie Silverman came in one Monday morning banging around all kinds of ideas and I guess on the previous Friday, or Thursday and Friday, we had locked down on Space Ghost but the question of the costume was still up in the air. So there we were on Monday morning in Joe's office, and in walks Freddie Silverman with this Life Magazine in his hands and damn, right on the cover is Adam West and the kid, Burt Ward, as Batman and Robin and he throws the magazine down on Joe's desk and he looks at me, and he looks at Joe and he says, "That's the look I want. I want that Batman look." I said "Well, he's supposed to be Space Ghost. He should be white, you know, so how do we..?" And Silverman says, "I want that Batman look." So finally, Space Ghost wound up with that black cowl, that black helmet over his head, and I kept fighting him on it, saying that it would drop out in the art work when we had him superimposed against a space background-that didn't matter. Then they came up with the rim light idea, to edge light him up there, with a good thick band of light so that he'd always stand out against the space and we went with that. I didn't want the cape-that diaphanous, squirrelly cape that he wound up with, which looked like ectoplasm, but that's what they wanted. I was just there as a pair of hands. So anytime anyone, Steve Rude or all those other cats who walk up to me or write to me and say, "God, you know, Space Ghost changed my life and you did such a marvelous job." I have to keep from scratching my head and telling them I really didn't have much to do with it.

This picture was done by Alex Toth for one of his friends, Debra Gomez.