Black & White Alex Toth (Ref. #BAW)
Manuel Auad, Alex Toth, Jim Warren (introduction). Auad, 1999.
The superb sketchbook dedicated to his whole career packed with sketches, complete stories, and excerpts from this artist's talented pen. Among the many features are stories like Heroes, The Crushed Gardenia, Baron Von Roth, Vanguard, plus portfolios and letters. Alex Toth was elected to the “Jack Kirby Hall of Fame” in 1990 and to the “Will Eisner Hall of Fame” in 1991. With tributes from Jim Warren, Jordi Bernet, Joe Kubert, Alberto Bacattini, Rick Estrada, etc. 220 pages. Hard Cover Black & White 8¾" x 11¼" (22cm x 29cm)

Alex Toth by Alex Toth, edited by Manuel Auad.
This sketchbook is one of the major collections of work by one of the major artists of all time. While Toth offers reams of insights on the creative process and the field of comics in his writings here [and perhaps offers unintended insights on his personality in the process?], the drawings are where you get your money’s worth. All in black-and-white [Toth’s forte], there’s some of everything here: comic book pages, strips, model sheets, roughs, spot illos, from all five decades of his career to date. Toth is where you go to learn comics at the deepest and most abstract level: not to learn “speed-line technique” or “how to draw eyes”, but sutff like composition, economy, pacing, layout, spotting blacks, and his two most fundamental principles: Tell The Story and Never Stop Growing. This is a book that’ll keep teaching you for years, if you’re serious enough to keep digging.

The premier issue of this short lived anthology. Lots of interesting art, comics, and articles. Best of all the interviews with Ben Enlund (The Tick), John Kricfalusi (Ren and Stimpy), and a rare and revealing interview with the illusive Alex Toth (Space Ghost).