Tuesday, June 2, 1998

Hi Chip,

Your info is 100% correct. I have written a small story synopsis and business propositon for a direct-to-video Space Ghost Movie.

I turned it in to the bosses a few months ago. There's been no word yet, but I'm hopeful. It's a series pilot/origin story with sequences both before and after the classic series and I've tossed in The Herculoids to boot. It's a real labor of love.

My good friend Steve Rude did some gorgeous artwork for it. Steve drew the beautiful Space Ghost Graphic Novel back in the 80's. (for Comico) He's the man when it comes to drawing the character now that Alex Toth has retired.

Next to Jonny Quest, Space Ghost is the HB show I'd most like to do. I see it as a cross between Batman and Star Wars and I have a whole 65 episode story arc roughly worked out. (Sorry, I can't send it)

I love the show, but I want to elevate the story level to Jonny Quest's.

I'll check out your page when I get a little time. Thanks for writing.


Here is one of the pictures that Steve Rude drew for the new series.

Story behind this picture.
I contacted James Stenstrum who was offering this picture on ebay. I asked him the following questions: Did you purchase this from Mr. Rude personally or are you a personal friend of his?

I am asking because you said this presentation was made to hopefully get Space Ghost back on TV and I am curious to find out what the response was.



While I know Steve, I purchased this from a friend of his. (Possibly Lance Falk??) He (the friend) told me the response was overwhelmingly positive to the whole notion of a new Space Ghost Series, but at the time, Cartoon Network was having great success with their Space Ghost: Coast to Coast series and had decided not to go any further with new series development at that time (late 1990's). Since then, squabbles between Hanna-Barbera and the Cartoon Network have made almost impossible any new incarnations of old Hanna-Barbera Shows. Only lately has there been any cooperation between the two entities, and perhaps down the line the original Space Ghost series can be brought back to life. Hope that answers your questions.