This original drawing was sketched by Roberto Corona of New Zealand. Picture is on 8.5 x 11 animation paper. Pen and Ink Media.

This large 13 x 17 Bristol Paper. Signed by Artist, Gary Shipman. The original drawing was done in pen and ink.

Art Marker rendering on 100lb. Canston Bristol measures 9 x 10 7/8.

Chip Carray knocked out this great 8.5 x 11" sketch of Hanna Barberas favorite interplanetary crime buster, Space Ghost, on heavy cardstock paper. Signed by the artist.

Original Water Color Painting by Andy Kuhn.

Space Ghost-Extreme! by J.E. Smith, writer/artist of Complex City: All in a Day's Work. Very cool full-color image of the original Space Ghost, looking even buffer than usual. Sketch is 9 x 12 on art paper.

Sexy picture of Jan by an unknown artist. Looks to be computer generated.