This is a letter sent from Scott Rosema. Scott was the penciler for
Space Ghost # 1/Archie Comics. Here is a cover picture of that book.

Dear Chip,

I've checked out your web site and it's fantastic!! I'm always very glad to see someone share my enthusiasm for Space Ghost. He really is one of the greatest superheroes of all time (TV and comics included). I know I had a phenomenal time drawing (and coloring) the issue of Space Ghost that I did for Archie Comics. I was so relieved, just before I was to start penciling, to find out that the book was going to be the classic adventure show version and not Coast-to-Coast. It was a life long dream come true for me. I want you to know, Chip, that I'm still trying to convince the people at DC (who now own the rights to publish SG) to do a classic adventure SG in comic book format. No luck yet, though. I'll keep you posted as I learn new things.


One can only hope that eventually DC will listen and start an adventure SG book with yours truly at the helm. I know at least 30 other comic professionals who are just chomping at the bit to contribute SG material. (Maybe the y2k bug will shake things loose and mysteriously leave the rights to SG in my hands! Again, one can only hope.) Actually I have an idea how to get SG back in print without having to wait for the powers-that-be to come to their senses. I can start up a Space Ghost fanzine! It'll have newly written and drawn professional looking content but as long as the title is "The Fanzine of Space Ghost" or some such and all monies collected are donations or are for postage and handling they can't say boo about it! Hmmm... the wheels are turning.....