The Shazzan FAQ V. 1.5

August 5, 2005

  • Added new links to Shazzan.

  • Added new opening pictures.

  • Fixed dead links.

  • Changed comic book prices.

    The Shazzan FAQ V. 1.3

    May 27, 1999

  • Added a link to my new Superhero Cartoon Videos Webpage.

  • Added links to an Alex Toth Tribute webpage and a picture of Alex Toth.

  • Added a link to a picture of Wiiliam Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

    The Shazzan FAQ V. 1.2

    April 24, 1999

  • Minor reconstruction on webpage.

  • Added links to Yesterdayland Cartoons, Hanna Barbera Show Index, and The Toonarriffic Cartoon Page.

  • Added links to Alex Toth.

  • Added links to William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

  • Added synopsis for Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 5.

  • Added a Shazzan Statue to Merchandise.

    The Shazzan FAQ V. 1.1

    April 4, 1999

  • Added information about Chuck's magic bag.

  • Changed some of the villains names in the Rogue's Gallery.

  • Added a Shazzan Magic Slate to the merchandise section.

  • Added links to the voices of the characters.

  • Added a link to Shazzan Frame Tray Puzzles and Coloring Books.

    The Shazzan FAQ 1.0

    Updated January 30, 1999.

  • Added picture of Shazzan Video, Volume 1.

  • Added more pictures to the Rogue's Gallery.

  • Added story titles to Cartoon Network Presents # 13.

  • Corrected links to Wingnuts and Kywal Graphics.

  • Added creative teams.

  • Added synopsis for Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes # 5.