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General Information and Fees

All movies and cartoon shows come on quality high-grade tapes or dvds.(Maxell/TDK/Sony/Fuji)
Rental fee is a one-time charge of $12.00 for each two-hour VHS tape or dvd.
Tapes or DVDs can be rented for an unlimited amount of time (1 day or 100 years), but the rental fee remains the same.

It is up to you what episodes you want on your tape or tapes. I will record the tape/dvd at SP speed, which will give you two hours of cartoons. Most shows still have commercials in them. If you would like the commercials edited out it will cost an extra $5.00 per tape/dvd. The reason for this charge is because it takes forever to edit these commercials out. I have to make it worth my time to do this. I hope that you all understand. Let me know if this is a problem.

As far as I know I am the only person on the world wide web who is offering you the choice of which episodes of cartoons you want. I find it very frustrating that you have to buy a whole volume of tape/dvd to get only one episode that you may be missing from your collection. I hope that this service will help many of you cartoon lovers out.

Most episodes are first generation copies made from television when they originally aired. I am using a Go.Video DDV9500 4-Head to 4-Head Dual Cassette VCR/VCR with Hi-Fi Stereo sound and a Funai SV2000 Hi-Fi DVD Recorder/VCR Combo .

All titles are believed to be in the public domain, with no rights given or implied. I believe these programs to be unavailable in the United States, and I am making them available solely for collector enjoyment.

If you rent four tapes/dvds, I will send a fifth tape/dvd of two hours worth of superhero cartoon episodes for free.

Shipping and Handling
I will mail all tapes U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.
Cost of shipping:
1-2 tapes/dvds is $5.00
3-4 tapes/dvds is $7.00
5-7 tapes/dvds is $9.00
8-10 tapes/dvds is $12.00
After the tapes/dvds are mailed they should arrive within 2-3 days.

International Orders
Email me your location and I will check with the to find out how much postage will be to your country.

Email your requests to

Send a note stating:
A list of shows/episodes you want.
Let me know if you want commercials edited out.
Your name.
Your mailing address.
Your email address.

Rental Fee is accepted in the form of Paypal, Money Orders, or Checks.
(Shipping delayed until check has cleared/usually 14 days).
Paypal orders can be sent to:

The process of receiving the fee and delivery of videos is anywhere from 3 weeks to 5 weeks depending on the quantity of orders.

If you don't see what you are looking for please ask. I have almost every superhero cartoon series and live actions shows that were ever produced. Some are not listed.

Trading Policy

I would rather trade than rent these videos/dvds. My intent is not to make profit, but to cover the cost of my time, wear and tear on my VCR/DVD, and maintaining this web site. I am willing to trade minute for minute, hour for hour for any of the shows that I am looking for. If you trade with me, I expect you to use the same High Quality tape/dvd that I am using. I am looking for very fine to excellent 1st run episodes. Very few times would I be interested in low quality recordings unless it is something I am really looking for.

New Listings (05/31/2009)

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (1977) (12-24 Minutes)
Tarzan and the Future King/Tarzan And The Vikings/Tarzan And The Forbidden City/Tarzan And The Graveyard Of The Elephants/Tarzan's Return To The City Of Gold/Tarzan's Rival/Tarzan And The City Of Sorcery/Tarzan And The Olympiads/Tarzan And The Beast In The Iron Mask/Tarzan And The Lost World/Tarzan And Jane/Tarzan And The Land Beneath The Earth/Tarzan And The Drought/Tarzan And The Soul Stealer/Tarzan And The White Elephant

Manta And Moray (1979) (18 Minutes)
The Waters Of Doom/The Whale Killers/The Warmakers/The Souvenir Hunters/The Freedom Fighters/The Sunken World/Sea Of Madness

Superstretch and Microwoman (1979) (18 Minutes)
Phantom of the Sewers/The Toymaker/Superstarch and Magnawoman/Bad Things Come In Small Package/The Ringmaster/Future Tense/Shadow Of The Swamp/The Great Candy Bar Caper/The Superstretch Bowl/Sugar Spice/Gnome Man's Land

Web Woman (1979) (12 Minutes)
The Perfect Crime/The Rain Maker/The Eye Of The Fly/The World Within/Madame Macabre's Calamity Circus/Red Sails In The Sunset/Send In The Clones/The Sun Thief/Dr. Despair And The Mood Machine/The Lady In The Lamp

Kong: The Animated Series (30 Minutes)
The Return, Part 1/The Return, Part 2/The Return, Part 3/Dragon Fire/Billy/Cobra God/The Giant Claw Robberies/Top Of The World/Reborn/Indian Summer/Dangerous Melody/Primal Power/Mistress of the Game/Howling Jack/The Sleeping City/The Aquanauts/Windigo/Green Fear/Twilight of the Gods/Framed/The Invisible Threat/Sir James Alex’s Legacy/Lies/The Infinity Stone/Return to Redwoods/Sacred Songs/Apocalypse/Quetzalcoatl/The Thirteenth Stone/Night of the Talons/Interview with a Monkey/Dark Force Rising/Hidden Fears/Master of Souls/Enlil’s Wrath/Welcome to Ramone’s

X-Men Evolution (2000) (30 Minutes)
Impact/No Good Deed/Target X/Sins of the Sun/Uprising/Cajun Spice/Ghost of a Change/Ascension, Part 1/Ascension, Part 2

Land of the Lost (1974) (30 Minutes)
Cha-Ka/Dopey/The Search/The Paku Who Came to Dinner/Hurricane/The Stranger/Circle/Skylons/The Sleestak God/Follow that Dinosaur/Album/Fair Trade/Stone Soup/Elsewhen/One of Our Plylons is Missing/Downstream/Gravity Storm/Tarpit/Babysitter/Test/Blackout/The Zarn/A Nice Day/Musician/The Possesion/Tag Team/Split Personality/Pylon Express/Aftershock/The Repairman/Survival Kit/Medusa/Fleas/Abominable Snowman/Flying Dutchman/Hot Art Artist/The orb/Ancient Guardian/Medicine Man/Corned/The Scarab/Time Stop


Marvel Superheroes

X-Men (1982) (24 minutes)
Pryde of the X-Men

X-Men (1992) (30 Minutes)
Night of the Sentinels, Part 1 and 2/Enter Magneto/Deadly Reunions/Captive Hearts/Cold Vengeance/Slave Island/The Unstoppable Juggernaut/The Cure/Come the Apocalypse/Days of Future Past, Part 1 and 2/The Final Decision/Til Death Do Us Part, Part 1 and 2/Whatever It Takes/Red Dawn/Repo Man/X-Ternally Yours/Time Fugitives, Part 1 and 2/A Rogue's Tale/Beauty and the Beast/Mojovision/Reunion, Part 1 and 2/Out of the Past, Part 1 and 2/Sacrifice/The Phoenix Saga, Part 1: Sacrifice/The Phoenix Saga, Part 2: Dark Shroud/The Phoenix Saga, Part 3: Cry of the Banshee/The Phoenix Saga, Part 4: Starjammers/The Phoenix Saga, Part 5: Child of Light/Obsession/Cold Comfort/Savage Land, Savage Heart, Part 1 and 2/The Dark Phoenix, Part 1: Dazzled/The Dark Phoenix, Part 2: Inner Circle/The Dark Phoenix, Part 3: Dark Phoenix/The Dark Phoenix, Part 4: The Fate of Phoenix/Orphan's End/Juggernaut Returns/Nightcrawler/Weapon X, Lies, & Videotape/Proteus, Part 1 and 2/Sanctuary, Part 1 and 2/Beyond Good and Evil, Part 1: The End of Time/Beyond Good and Evil, Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse/Beyond Good and Evil, Part 3: The Lazarus Chamber/Beyond Good and Evil, Part 4: End and Beginning/One Man's Worth, Part 1 and 2/Courage/Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas/The Lotus and the Steel/Love in Vain/Secrets No Longer Buried/Xavier Remembers/Family Ties/The Phalanx Covenant, Part 1 and 2/A Deal with the Devil/No Mutant Is An Island/Longshot/Bloodlines/Storm Front, Part 1 and 2/Jubilee's Fairy Tale/Old Soldiers/Fifth Horseman/Descent/Hidden Agendas/Graduation Day

X-Men Evolution (2000) (30 Minutes)
Strategy X/The X Impulse/Rogue Recruit/Mutant Crush/Speed and Spyke/Middleverse/Turn of the Rogue/Spykecam/Survival of the Fittest/Shadowed Past/Grim Reminder/The Cauldron, Part 1/The Cauldron, Part Two/Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom/Power Surge/Growing Pains/Fun and Games/The Beast of Bayville/Adrift/African Storm/Joy Ride/On Angels Wings/Mindbender/Retreat/Shadow Dance/Walk on the Wild Side/Operation: Rebirth/The HeX Factor/Day of Reckoning, Part One/Day of Reckoning, Part Two/Day Of Recovery/The Stuff Of Villains/The Toad, The Witch, And The Wardrobe/Under Lock And Key/Mainstream/Blind Alley/X-Treme Measure/Self-Possessed/The Stuff Of Heroes/X23/Dark Horizon, Part 1/Dark Horizon, Part 2/Impact/No Good Deed/Target X/Sins of the Sun/Uprising/Cajun Spice/Ghost of a Change/Ascension, Part 1/Ascension, Part 2

The Fantastic Four (1967) (30 Minutes)
Klaws/Menace Of The Mole Man/Diablo/The Red Ghost/Invasion Of The Super-Skrull/Three Predictions Of Dr. Doom/The Way It All Began/Behold A Distant Star/Prisoners Of Planet X/The Mysterious Molecule Man/Danger In The Depths/Demon Of The Deep/Return Of The Mole Man/It Started On Yancy Street/Galactus/The Micro World Of Dr. Doom/Blastarr, The Living Bomb-Burst/The Terrible Tribunal/Rama-Tut/The Deadly Director

The Fantastic Four (1978) (30 Minutes)
The Phantom of Film City/The Fantastic Four vs. Magneto/The Mole Man/The Impossible Man/The Olympics of Space/Dr. Doom/The Frightful Four/Blastarr, the Living Bomburst/Calamity on Campus/Medusa and the Inhumans/The Diamond of Doom/The Final Victory of Dr. Doom/A Monster Among Us

The Fantastic Four (1994) (30 Minutes)
The Origin Of The Fantastic Four - Part 1 and 2/Now Comes The Sub-Mariner/ Incursion Of The Skrulls/The Silver Surfer & The Coming Of Galactus - Part 1 and 2/Superskrull/The Mask of Doom - Part 1, 2, 3/Mole Man/Behold The Negative Zone/The Silver Surfer & The Return Of Galactus/And A Blind Man Shall Lead Them/Inhumans Saga Part 1: And The Wind Cries Medusa/Inhumans Saga Part 2: The Inhumans Among Us/Inhumans Saga Part 3: Beware The Hidden Land/Worlds Within Worlds/To Battle The Living Planet/Prey Of The Black Panther/When Calls Galactus/Nightmare In Green/Behold, A Distant Star/Hopelessly Impossible/The Sentry Sinister/Doomsday

Iron Man (1966) (18 minutes)
The Death Of Tony Stark/Ultimo/Crimson Dynamo/If I Die, Let It Be With Honor/The Other Iron Man/Cliffs Of Doom/Enter Hawkeye/Double Disaster/The Mandarin's Revenge/Dream Master/The Mole Man Strikes/My Life for Yours/The Beauty and the Armor

Iron Man (1994) (30 Minutes)
And The Sea Shall Give Up It's Dead/Rejoice! I Am Ultimo Thy Deliverer/Data In - Chaos Out/Silence My Companion, My Death Destination/The Grim Reaper Wears A Teflon Coat/Enemy Within, Enemy Without/Origin Of The Mandarin/Defection Of Hawkeye/Iron Man To The Second Power, Part 1 and 2/Origin Of Iron Man, Part 1 and 2/The Wedding Of Iron Man/The Beast Within/Fire & Rain/Cell Of Iron/Not Far From The Tree/Beauty Knows No Pain/Ironman, On The Inside/Distant Boundaries/The Armor Wars - Part 1 and 2/Empowered/Hulk Buster/Hands Of The Mandarin - Part 1 and 2

Spider-Man (1967) (12 minutes)
The Power Of Dr. Octopus/Sub-Zero For Spidey/Where Crawls The Lizard/Electro the Human Lightning Bolt/The Sky Is Falling/Captured By J. Jonah Jameson/Never Step On A Scorpion/Sands Of Crime/Diet Of Destruction/The Witching Hour/The Peril Of Parafino/The One-Eyed Idol/Fifth Avenue Phantom/The Revenge Of Dr. Magneto/The Sinister Prime Minister/Spider-Man Meets Dr. Noah Boddy/The Fantastic Fakir/Return Of The Flying Dutchman/Farewell Performance/The Golden Rhino/Blueprint For Crime/The Spider And The Fly/The Slippery Dr. Von Schlick/The Vulture's Prey/The Dark Terrors/The Terrible Triumph Of Dr. Octopus/Magic Malice/Fountain Of Terror/Fiddler On The Loose/Trick Or Treachery/To Catch A Spider/Double Identity/To Cage A Spider/The Winged Thing/Conner's Reptiles/The Vanishing Doctor Vespasian/Scourge Of The Scarf/The Phantom From The Depths Of Time/Trouble with Snow/Spider-Man vs. Desperado/Sky Harbor/Super Swami/Birth of Microman/Knight must Fall/The Devious Dr. Dumpty/The Madness of Mysterio/The Kilowatt Kaper/The Night Of The Villains/Here Comes Trubble/Sting Of The Scorpion/Rhino/Cloud City Of Gold/Blotto/The Big Brainwasher/Knight Must Fall/Specialists And Slaves

Spider-Man (1967) (22 minutes)
Criminals In The Clouds/Neptune's Nose Cone/Spider-Man Meets Skyboy/Menace From The Bottom Of The World/Swing City/The Menace Of Mysterio/Spider-Man Battles The Molemen/Kingpinned/Horn Of The Rhino/Diamond Dust/Cold Storage/Up from Nowhere/Rollerama/Vine/The Origin of Spider-Man/Pardo Presents/Home/Thunder Rumble/Trip To Tomorrow/The Evil Sorcerer/Revolt In The Fifth Dimension/Down To Earth

Spider-Man (1980) (30 Minutes)
Bubble, Bubble, Oil And Trouble/Dr. Doom, Master of the World/Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere/Curiosity Killed The Spider-Man/The Sandman is Coming/When Magneto Speaks . . . People Listen/The Pied Piper Of New York Town/The Doctor Prescribes Doom/Carnival Of Crime/Revenge of the Green Goblin/Triangle Of Evil/The Hunter And The Hunted/The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man/The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo/Canon Of Doom/The Capture of Captain America/Arsenic and Aunt May/The Vulture has Landed/Wrath Of The Sub-Mariner/The A-B-C's Of D-O-O-M/The Sidewinder Strikes/Web of Nephilia/Countdown to Doom/Under The Wizard's Spell

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981) (30 Minutes)
Knights and Demons/The X-Men Adventure/The Origin of the Spider-Friends/The Origin of the Iceman/7 Little Superheroes/Sunfire/Pawns of the Kingpin/Video-Man/A Firestar is Born/The Education of a Superhero/The Bride Of Dracula/Along Came Spidey/Mission: Save the Guardstar/Spiderman Unmasked!/Spidey Meets the Girl From Tomorrow/Spidey Goes Hollywood/The Quest of the Red Skull/Attack of the Arachnid/Swarm/Vengeance of Loki/The Triumph of the Green Goblin/The Crime of all Centuries/The Fantastic Mr. Frump/The Prison Plot

Spider-Man on the Move: The Making of the Spider Friends (1981) (30 Minutes)
Stan Lee takes the audience through all of the production of this classic Marvel animation series. This includes interviews with writers, directors, etc.

Spider-Man (1995) (30 Minutes)
Day of the Chameleon/Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous/Kraven The Hunter/ Night of the Lizard/The Spider Slayer/The Sting of the Scorpion/The Alien Costume - Part 1, 2, 3/The Hobgoblin - Part 1 and 2/The Menace of Mysterio/The Return of the Spider Slayers/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 1: The Insidious Six/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 2: Battle of the Insidious 6/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 3: Hydro-man/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 4: The Mutant Agenda/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 5: Mutants Revenge/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 6: Morbius/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 7: Enter the Punisher/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 8: Duel of the Hunters/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 9: Blade the Vampire Hunter/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 10: The Immortal Vampire/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 11: Tablet of Time/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 12: Ravages of Time/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 13: Shriek of the Vulture/Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 14: The Final Nightmare/Sins Of The Father Chapter 1: Doctor Strange/Sins Of The Father Chapter 2 : Make a Wish/Sins Of The Father Chapter 3: Make A Wish, Part 2 - Attack Of The Octo-Bot"/Sins Of The Father Chapter 4 : Enter the Green Goblin/Sins Of The Father Chapter 5 : Rocket Racer/Sins Of The Father, Chapter 6: Framed/Sins Of The Father, Chapter 7: The Man Without Fear/Sins Of The Father, Chapter 8: The Ultimate Slayer/Sins Of The Father, Chapter 9:Tombstone/Sins Of The Father, Chapter 10: Venom Returns-Part 1/Sins Of The Father, Chapter 11: Carnage-Part 2/Sins Of The Father, Chapter 12: The Spot/ Sins Of The Father, Chapter 13: Goblin War/Sins Of The Father, Chapter 14: Turning Point/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 1: Guilty/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 2: The Cat/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 3: The Black Cat/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 4: The Return of Kraven/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 5: Partners/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 6: The Awakening/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 7: The Vampire Queen/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 8: The Return Of The Green Goblin/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 9: The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 10: The Lizard King/Partners in Dangers, Chapter 11: The Prowler/The Wedding/Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter 1: Six Forgotten Warriors/Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter 2: Unclaimed Legacy/Sic Forgotten Warrior, Chapter 3: Secrets of the Six/Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again/Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter 5: The Price of Heroism/The Return of Hydro Man, Part 1 and 2/Secret Wars, Chapter 1: Arrival/ Secret Wars, Chapter 2: The Gauntlet of the Red Skull/Secret Wars, Chapter 3: Doom/Spider Wars, Chapter 1: I Really, Really Hate Clones/Spider Wars, Chapter 2: Farewell, Spider-Man

Spider-Man Unlimited (1999) (30 minutes)
Worlds Apart, Part 1/Worlds Apart, Part 2/Where Evil Nests/Deadly Choices/Steel Cold Heart/Enter the Hunter/Cry Vulture/Ill Met by the Moonlight/Sustenance/Matters of the Heart/One Is the Loneliest Number/Sins of the Fathers/Destiny Unleashed, Part One

Spider-Man MTV (2003) (30 Minutes)
The Party/Sword of Shikata/Law of the Jungle/Keeping Secrets/Tight Squeeze/Head Over Heels/When Sparks Fly/Spider-Man Dis-Sabled/Royal Scam/Heroes and Villains/Flash Memory/Mind Games, Part One/Mind Games, Part Two

Captain America (1966) (18 minutes)
The Origin of Captain America/The Sentinel and the Spy/Midnight at Greymoor Castle/The Revenge of Captain America/The Return of Captain America/Zemo and the Masters of Evil/Doorway to Doom/The Sleeper Shall Awaken/The Red Skull Lives/ Let the Past be Gone/Coming of the Swordsman/Bitter Taste of Defeat/The Girl from Cap's Past

Sub-Mariner (1966) (18 minutes)
The Start of the Quest/Atlantis Under Attack/The Planet of Doom/Dr. Dooms Day/To Conquer a Crown/Peril in the Surface World/Not All My Power Can Save Me/To Walk Amongst Men/The Thing from Space/Let the Stranger Die/Atlantis Is Doomed/Beware The Siren's Song/Ship Of Doom

The Mighty Thor (1966) (18 minutes)
The Absorbing Man/The Tomorrow Man/Enter Hercules/ Trapped By Loki/Chained Evil/Enchantress And Executioner/At the Mercy of Loki/To Kill A Thunder God/The Grey Gargoyle/Mysterious Mister Hyde/Every Hand Against Him/Victory Of Pluto/Molto The Lava Man

The Incredible Hulk (1966) (18 minutes)
The Origin Of The Hulk/Power of Dr. Banner/Micro Monsters/Terror Of The Toadmen/Brawn Against Brain/ The Space Phantom/Enter Tyranus/A Titan Rides The Train/Hulk Vs. Metal Master/The Ringmaster/Terror Of The T-Gun/The Man Called Boomerang/Within This Monster Dwells A Man

The Incredible Hulk (1983) (30 Minutes)
Tomb Of The Unknown Hulk/Prisoner Of The Monster/The Origin Of The Hulk/When Monsters Meet/The Cyclops Project/Bruce Banner, Unmasked!/It Lives! It Grows! It Destroys!/The Incredible Shrinking Hulk/Enter: The She-Hulk/Punks on Wheels/The Boy who saw Tomorrow/The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner/Creature and the Cavegirl

The Incredible Hulk (1996) (30 Minutes)
The Return Of The Beast, Part 1 and 2/Raw Power/Helping Hand, Iron Fist/Innocent Blood/Man To Man, Beast To Beast/Doomed/Fantastic Fortitude/Mortal Bounds/And The Wind Cries...Wendigo!/Darkness And Light, Part 1, 2, 3

The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk (1997) (30 Minutes)
A Hulk Of A Different Color/Down Memory Lane/Mind Over Anti-Matter/They Call Me Mr. Fixit/Fashion Warriors/Hollywood Rocks/The Lost Village/Mission: Incredible

Spider-Woman (1981) (30 Minutes)
Pyramids of Terror/Realm of Darkness/The Ghost Vikings/The Amazon Adventure/Dracula's Revenge/The Kongo Spider/The Spider-Woman and the Fly/Games of Doom/The Great Magini/Invasion of the Black Hole/Return of the Spider-Queen/A Crime in Time/A Deadly Dream/Shuttle to Disaster/The Kingpin Strikes Again/The Lost Continent

The Silver Surfer (1998) (30 Minutes)
The Origin of the Silver Surfer Parts 1, 2, 3/Planet of Dr. Moreau/Learning Curve, Part 1 and 2/Innervisions/Antibody/Second Foundation/Radical Justice/The Forever War/Return to Zenn-La/The End of Eternity

Avengers: United They Stand (1999) (30 Minutes)
Avengers Assemble, Part 1 and 2/Kang/Comes A Swordsman/Remnants/Command Decision/To Rule Atlantis/Shooting Stars/What a Vision Has to Do/Egg-Streme Vengeance/The Sorcerer's Apprentice/Earth and Fire, Part 1 and 2

Miscellaneous Superheroes

Space Ace (1981) (10 Minutes)
Infanto Fury/The Phantom Shuttle/Spoiled Sports/Three Ring Rampage/Cute Groots/Wanted: Dexter!/Frozen in Fear/Perilous Partners/Age Ray Riot/Dangerous Decoy/Calamity Kimmie/Cosmic Camp Catastrophe/Moon Missile Madness

Dragon's Lair (1981) (30 Minutes)
The Pool of Youth/The Tournament of the Phantom Knight/The Story of Old Alf/The Song of the Wind Chimes/The Girl from Crow's Wood/Mirror, Mirror/The Tale of Dirk's Sword/The Legend of the Giant's Name/The Snow Witch/The Mist of Wishes/The Tale of the Enchanted Gift/Sir Timothy's Quest/The Smithee's Haunted Armor

The Teen Force (1981) (12 Minutes)
Ultimate Battle/Space Slime/Pandora’s Warp/Nebulon/Deathray/Prison Planet/Trojan Teen Force/Decoy of Doom/Elektra’s Twin/Uglor’s Power Play/Word Star

Goldie Gold and Action Jack (1981) (30 Minutes)
Night of the Crystal Skull/Red Dust of Doom/Island of Terror/Revenge of the Ancient Astronaut/Pirate of the Airways/Race Against Time/Night of the Walking Doom/Curse of the Snake People/Pursuit into Peril/The Goddess of the Black Pearl/The Return of the Man Beast

The Phantom 2040 (1994) (30 Minutes)
Generation Unto Generation - Part 1 and 2/The Sum Of The Parts/Fire And I.C.E./Reflections of Glory/Shadows From The Past/The Good Mark/Ghost In The Machine/Dark Orbit - Part 1 and 2/The Biot In Red/The Gauntlet/Three Into One/Life Lessons/The Magician/Swifter, Higher, Faster/Lasers In The Jungle/Down The Line/Control Group/A Boy And His Cat/Rite Of Passage/The World Is My Jungle/Sanctuary/The Ties That Bind/The Woman In The Moon/Matter Over Mind/The Sins Of The Father, Part 1 and 2/The Sacrifice, Part 1 and 2/Rogue/The Second Time Around/The Furies/Moments Of Truth/The Whole Truth

Blackstar (1981) (30 Minutes)
Search for the Starsword/The Lord of Time/The Mermaid of Serpent Sea/The Quest/Lightning City of the Clouds/Kingdom of Neptul/The Air Whales of Anchor/Tree of Evil/Crown of the Sorceress/The Zombie Masters/The City of the Ancient Ones/Spacewrecked/The Overlord's Big Spell

Defenders of the Earth (1986) (30 Minutes)
Escape from Mongo/The Creation of Monitor/The Mind Warriors/A House Divided/Bits N Chips/Hall of Wisdom/The Mind Warriors II/The Time Freezer/The Prince Dethroned/Lothar's Homecoming/Suspended Sabotage/The Return of Dr. Dark/The Deadliest Battle/The Necklace of Oros/Flesh and Blood/The Adoption of Kshin/A Demon In His Pocket/The Root Of Evil/Cold War/The Sleeper Awakens/The Revenge Of Astra/The Lost Jewels Of Tibet/Diamonds are a Ming's Best Friend/Battleground/Like Father Like Daughter/The Evil Of Doctor Dark/The Men Of Frost/The Panther Peril/Fury Of The Deep/Family Reunion/The Defense Never Rests/The Would Be Defender/Doorways Into Darkness/The God's Awake/The Gravity of Ming/The Book Of Mysteries/The Future Comes But Once/Kshin And The Ghost Ship/The Carnival Of Dr. Kalihari/The Mystery Of The Book/Flash Times Four/The Frozen Heart/Rick Gordon, One Man Army/The Rites Of Zesnan/Audie The Tweak/Return Of The Sky Band/ Dracula's Potion/One Of The Guys/Call of the Eternals/Torn Space/Ming Winter/The Drowning World/Street Smarts/The Thunder Lizards of Ming

Flash Gordon (1980) (30 Minutes)
Chapter 1: A Planet in Peril/Chapter 2: The Monsters of Mongo/Chapter 3: Vultan: King of the Hawkman/ Chapter 4: To Save Earth/Chapter 5: The Beast Men's Prey/Chapter 6: Into the Water World/Chapter 7: Adventures in Arboria/ Chapter 8: The Frozen World/Chapter 9: Monster of the Glacier/Chapter 10: Blue Magic/Chapter 11: King Flash/ Chapter 12: Tournament of Death/Chapter 13: Castaways in Tropica/Chapter 14: The Desert Hawk/Chapter 15: Revolt of the Power Men/ Chapter 16: Ming's Last Battle

The Lone Ranger (1966) (7 Minutes)
The Paddlewheeling Pirates/The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist/Mister Midas

The Lone Ranger (1981) (30 Minutes)
The Great Train Treachery/The Memory Trap/Runaway/The Renegade/Hanga the Night Monster/Tall Timber/Blow Out/The Ghost Wagons/The Escape/The Valley of Gold/The Yellowstone Conspiracy/The Wildest Wild West Show

Zorro (1981) (30 Minutes)
Three is a Crowd/Flash Flood/The Blockade/The Frame/The Tyrant/Terremoto/The Trap/The Takeover/The Conspiracy

Ultraman (1967) (Live Action) (30 Minutes)
The First Ultra Strategy/Attack the Invaders/Let's Go Science Patrol/5 Seconds to Detonation/The Coast Guard Directive/The Stone of Baranga/The Lawless Monster Zone/Lightning-Quick Strategy/The Mystery of Dinosaur Base/The Wild One From Space/Cry of the Mummy/Oil SOS/The Pearl Oyster Defense Directive/The Space Beam of Terror/Don't Shoot Arashi/The Little Hero/The Spaceship Rescue Directive/Farewell, Ultraman

Ultra 7 (1968) (Live Action) (30 Minutes)
The Eyes Have Had It/Cave-In/The Bells are Ringing/Smokers on the Rampage/The Apprentice Alien/Ultra-7 Exposed/The 8,000 Megaton Mistake/Sharpshooter Showdown/Trial By War/The Boy on the Beach

Ultraman Powered (1995) (Live Action) (30 Minutes)
On a Mission from M78/Catch a Kemura by the Tail/A Quartet of Creatures/The Dark Past/ Monstrous Meltdown/A Father's Love/The Dada Effect/Tails from the Crypts/Fires Below/Deadly Starfish/ Dino Might/Falling Stars Spell Trouble/The Final Showdown, Part One/The Final Showdown, Part Two

Zone Fighter (1968) (Live Action) (30 Minutes) (In Japanese)
Godzilla Episodes # 4, 11, 15, 21, 25
Invasion of the Garoga Army-Enter Godzilla/The Roar of Godzilla/Godzilla You Must Save Tokyo/Godzilla Enraged/Zone Fighter and Godzilla vs. the Horrible Allies
King Ghidorah Episodes # 5, 6
King Ghidorah Attacks/The Counter Attack of King Ghidorah
I also have episodes # 7, 8 but I don't know the titles to these.

Ultraman (1981) (90 Minutes)
Ultraman II/The Adventures of Ultraman

Ultraman (1982) (75 Minutes)
Ultraman: The Adventure Begins

Ultraman (1990) (Live Action) (30 Minutes)
Signs of Life/The Hibernator/The Child's Dream/The Storm Hunter/The Forest Guardian/Bitter Harvest/The Biospherians/Tourists from the Stars/The Survivalists/The Age of Plagues/Nemesis

Ultraman Tiga (1998) (Live Action) (30 Minutes)
Munakatas Monster/All Hallows Eve/Attack of the Crow-Men/Revenge of Gazoto/Dark vs. Light/The Power of Light, Part One

King Kong (1967) (6 Minutes)
The Treasure Trap/The Hunter/The Space Men/Electric Circle/The Horror of Mondo Island/Dr. Who/The Jinx of the Sphinx/The Green Eyed Monster/The Top of the World/The Golden Temple/Rocket Island/The African Bees/Under the Volcano/Mirror of Destruction/Tiger Tiger/The Vise of Dr. Who/King Kong’s House/Mechanikong

Kong: The Animated Series (2001) (30 Minutes)
The Return, Part 1/The Return, Part 2/The Return, Part 3/Dragon Fire/Billy/Cobra God/The Giant Claw Robberies/Top Of The World/Reborn/Indian Summer/Dangerous Melody/Primal Power/Mistress of the Game/Howling Jack/The Sleeping City/The Aquanauts/Windigo/Green Fear/Twilight of the Gods/Framed/The Invisible Threat/Sir James Alex’s Legacy/Lies/The Infinity Stone/Return to Redwoods/Sacred Songs/Apocalypse/Quetzalcoatl/The Thirteenth Stone/Night of the Talons/Interview with a Monkey/Dark Force Rising/Hidden Fears/Master of Souls/Enlil’s Wrath/Welcome to Ramone’s

Tom of Thumb (1967) (6 Minutes)
Mechanical Granma/The Day We Almost Had It/Tom Makes History

Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973) (30 Minutes)
Yesteryear/One Of Our Planets Is Missing/The Lorelei Signal/More Tribbles, More Trouble/The Survivor/Mudd's Passion/Time Trap/The Ambergris Element/Slaver Weapon/Beyond The Farthest Star/Jihad/Practical Joker/How Sharper Than A Serpents Tooth/The Counter-Clock Incident/The Infinite Vulcan/B.E.M./Albatross/Magicks of Megas-Tu/The Pirates of Orion

Fantastic Voyage (1967) (30 Minutes)
The Great Busby/The Most Dangerous Game/The Spy Satellite/The Gathering of the Team/Revenge of the Spy/The Perfect Crime/The Master Spy/The Hobby House/The Worlds Fair Affair/The Mind of the Master/The Menace from Space/The Magic Crystal of Kabala/The Barnacle Bombs/The Atomic Invaders/The Day the Food Disappeared

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1967) (30 Minutes)
Trail of Gold/Cavemen Captives/Return of Gulliver/Frozen Furies/The Living Totems/Sleeping Slaves of Zeerah/Land of the Dead/Living City/Ocean of Destruction/Peril of Volcanic Island/The Creative World/Arena of Fear/The Labyrinth Builders/Moths of Doom/Revenge of the Fossils/The Doomed Island

The Freedom Force (1979) (12 Minutes)
The Dragon Riders/The Scarlet Samurai/The Planet Soldiers/Pegasus' Odyssey/The Robot

Superstretch and Microwoman (1979) (18 Minutes)
Phantom of the Sewers/The Toymaker/Superstarch and Magnawoman/Bad Things Come In Small Package/The Ringmaster/Future Tense/Shadow Of The Swamp/The Great Candy Bar Caper/The Superstretch Bowl/Sugar Spice/Gnome Man's Land

Web Woman (1979) (12 Minutes)
The Perfect Crime/The Rain Maker/The Eye Of The Fly/The World Within/Madame Macabre's Calamity Circus/Red Sails In The Sunset/Send In The Clones/The Sun Thief/Dr. Despair And The Mood Machine/The Lady In The Lamp

Manta And Moray (1979) (18 Minutes)
The Waters Of Doom/The Whale Killers/The Warmakers/The Souvenir Hunters/The Freedom Fighters/The Sunken World/Sea Of Madness

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (1977) (12-24 Minutes)
Tarzan and the Spider People/Tarzan and the Ice Creature/Tarzan and the Knights of Nimnr/Tarzan and the Amazon Princess/Tarzan and the Haunted Forest/Tarzan and the Space God/Tarzan and the Colossus of Zome/Tarzan the Hated/Tarzan and the Huntress/Tarzan And The Golden Lion/Tarzan And The Land Of The Giants/Tarzan's Trial/Tarzan And The Sunken City Of Atlantis/Tarzan And The Bird People/Tarzan And The Island Of Dr. Morphos/Tarzan And The Strange Visitors/Tarzan At The Earth's Core/Tarzan And The Conquistadors/Tarzan And The Sifu/Tarzan and the Future King/Tarzan And The Vikings/Tarzan And The Forbidden City/Tarzan And The Graveyard Of The Elephants/Tarzan's Return To The City Of Gold/Tarzan's Rival/Tarzan And The City Of Sorcery/Tarzan And The Olympiads/Tarzan And The Beast In The Iron Mask/Tarzan And The Lost World/Tarzan And Jane/Tarzan And The Land Beneath The Earth/Tarzan And The Drought/Tarzan And The Soul Stealer/Tarzan And The White Elephant

WILDCATS (1996) (30 Minutes)
Cry of the Coda/The Evil Within/Dark Blade Falling/Heart of Steel/Endgame, Part 1 and 2

Return to the Planet of the Apes (1975) (30 Minutes)
Flames of Doom/Escape From Ape City/Tunnel of Fear/Lagoon of Peril/Terror on Ice Mountain/River of Flames/Screaming Wings/Trail to the Unknown/Attack From the Clouds/Mission of Mercy/Invasion of the Underdwellers/Battle of the Titans

Battle of the Planets (1978) (30 Minutes)
Attack of the Space Terrapin/Mad New Ruler of Spectra/Peril of the Preying Mantis/Giant from the Planet Zyr/The Jupiter Moon Menace/The Space Mummy/Rescue of the Astronauts/The Space Serpent/Ghost Ship of Planet Mir/Big Robot Gold Grab/Ace from Outer Space/Fearful Sea Anemone/The Jupiter Moon Menace/A Swarm of Robot Ants/Perilous Pleasure Cruise/The Thing With 1000 Eyes/Microfilm Mystery/The Alien Beetles/A Whale Joins G-Force

The Adventures of Huck Finn (1968) (30 Minutes)
The Curse of Thut/The Terrible Tempered Khaleef/Hunting the Hunter/The Strange Experiment/The Ancient Valley/The Magic Shillelagh/The Jungle Adventure/The Gorgons Head/Prophecy of Peril/The Curse of the Conquistador/Son of the Sun/All Whirlpools Lead to Atlantis/Eye of Doorgah/Castle of Evil/Pirate Island/Menace in the Ice/The Little People/The Last Labor of Hercules/The Mission of Captain Mordecai/Huck of La Mancha

The Adventures of Gulliver (1964) (30 Minutes)
Dangerous Journey/The Forbidden Pool/Exit Leech/Mysterious Forest/The Peril of the Lilliputs/The Capture/Gulliver’s Challenge/The Hero/The Dark Sleep/Hurricane Island/Little Man Of The Year/The Masquerade/The Missing Crown

The Three Musketeers (1968) (10 Minutes)
The Littlest Musketeer/The Jewel of India/A Letter of Peril/The Ring/The Plot of the Puppetmaster/The Moorish Gallery/The True King/The Pirate Adventure/The Evil Falconer/The Mysterious Message/The Challenge of the Crown/The Red Duke/The Outlaw Archer/Tooly’s Dream/The Haunted Castle/Tooly’s Surprise/A Fair Day for Tooly/Tooly’s Treasure Hunt

The Arabian Knights (1968) (10 Minutes)
The Joining of the Knights/The Ransom/A Trap for Turhan/The Great Gold Robbery/The Wizard Ramnizar/Sky Raiders of the Desert/The Challenge/Isle of Treachery/The Sultan’s Plot/The Reluctant Empress/The Coronation of Bakaar/The Great Brass Beast/The Fabulous Fair/The Desert Pirates/The Jewels of Joowar/The Royal Visitor/The Spy/The Prisoner

Gigantor, the Space Age Robot (1968) (30 Minutes)(Black and White)
The Monster Magnet/Will the Real Gigantor Stand Up/Struggle at the South Pole/Battle at the Bottom of the World

Tobor the 8th Man (1968) (30 Minutes) (Black and White)
Dr. Spectra/Evil Jaw and the Devil Germs/Baron Sornig-Weather/Attack of the Horrible Honeybees/The Robot Tiger/Dr. Genius Inventor

Land of the Lost (1974) (30 Minutes)
Cha-Ka/Dopey/The Search/The Paku Who Came to Dinner/Hurricane/The Stranger/Circle/Skylons/The Sleestak God/Follow that Dinosaur/Album/Fair Trade/Stone Soup/Elsewhen/One of Our Plylons is Missing/Downstream/Gravity Storm/Tarpit/Babysitter/Test/Blackout/The Zarn/A Nice Day/Musician/The Possesion/Tag Team/Split Personality/Pylon Express/Aftershock/The Repairman/Survival Kit/Medusa/Fleas/Abominable Snowman/Flying Dutchman/Hot Art Artist/The orb/Ancient Guardian/Medicine Man/Corned/The Scarab/Time Stop

Live Action Superhero Movies and Episodes

Marvel Superhero Movies

The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (2 Hours)
The Incredible Hulk teams up with another comic book counterpart-Daredevil. The two heroes paths cross by chance and David Banner, the Hulks alter ego, discovers blind lawyer Matt Murdocks secret identity. Banner and Murdock team up and the Hulk and Daredevil set out to stop the ruthless mobster, the Kingpin, who intends to control the crime underworld. Starring Bill Bixby as David Banner, Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk, Rex Smith as Daredevil, and John Rhys Davies as the Kingpin.

The Incredible Hulk Returns (2 Hours)
It's been two years since the Hulk has surfaced, and Dr David Bruce Banner is on the verge of curing himself of the Hulk. A device he helped create, the Gamma Transponder, will rid him of his own Gamma radiation, among other uses. Enter Don Blake, a former colleague of Banner's, who is now in possession of a mystic hammer which can summon Thor, an ancient Viking warrior. When the Gamma Transponder is nearly stolen and Banner's girlfriend is kidnapped, Banner must abandon the hope of being cured and rely on the Hulk and Thor to save the day. Starring Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk.

Death of the Incredible Hulk (2 Hours)
Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno star in this movie where the Incredible Hulk takes on an international spy ring attempting to steal secret computer files. With nothing to lose, Dr. David Banner dodges machine gun wielding terrorists to rescue the only two people that can put an end to his terrifying transformations.

Captain America Movie Serial (1941) (4.5 hours)
Dick Purcell stars in this 15-episode movie serial. The Star Spangled Avenger fights Nazis behind enemy lines and battles the Axis with his sidekick, Bucky Barnes. Together they battle the evil Scarab.

Captain America (1979) (2 Hours)
Reb Brown stars as the legendary crime fighter and ex-marine son of the original World War II hero whose life is saved by a super steroid endowing him with extra strength, vision, hearing, and agility. Determined to carry on the duties of his late father, he dons the famed red, white, and blue costume and climbs aboard a high tech motorcycle to thwart a power mad industrialist, Steve Forrest, who threatens to destroy the city of Phoenix with a homemade neutron bomb.

Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) (2 Hours)
Reb Brown stars as Captain America. A ruthless terrorist holds the entire US population hostage and only star-spangled hero Captain America can save the country from this horrible fate. Christopher Lee is the villain who threatens to unleash a drug that accelerates the aging process unless his impossible demands are met.

Captain America (1992) (2 Hours)
During World War II, a brave, patriotic American Soldier undergoes experiments to become a new supersoldier, "Captain America." Racing to Germany to sabotage the rockets of Nazi baddie "Red Skull", Captain America winds up frozen until the 1990s. He reawakens to find that the Red Skull has changed identities and is now planning to kidnap the President of the United States. Matt Salinger stars as Captain America.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1977) (1 Hour Each)
The Origin of Spider-Man/Night of the Clones/Escort to Danger/The Con Caper/The Curse of Rava/Chinese Web, Part 1 and 2/The Deadly Dust/Photo Finish/A Matter of State/The Captive Tower/Wolfpack/The Kirkwood Haunting

The Fantastic Four (1994) (2 Hours)
Roger Corman produced this movie in 1994. This film pits Dr. Doom (played by Joseph Culp) against Mr. Fantastic (Alex Hyde-White), the Invisible Woman (Rebecca Staab), the Human Torch (Jay Underwood), and the Thing (Carl Ciarfalio). The movie tells the origin of the Fantastic Four and their conflict with Dr. Doom.

The Punisher (1989) (2 Hours)
Based on the Marvel Comic, Dolph Lundgren is Frank Castle an ex-cop who lives in the sewers and acts as judge, jury, and executioner to the city's criminals in retaliation for the unpunished murders of his wife and kids. Frank's ex-partner Jake (Louis Gossett Jr.) finally catches up with the vigilante as he tries to stop the Japanese mob, which is trying to take over the city's mafia operation.

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD (1998) (2 Hours)
Marvel's hard-boiled hero is brought to TV. He is brought back to fight the menace of Hydra after exiling himself in the Yukon since the end of the Cold War. The children of the former Hydra head, Baron Von Stucker, have taken charge of the terrorist organization. Under the lead of his vicious daughter, Viper, Hydra has seized a deadly virus and threatens the destruction of America. The covert agency SHIELD brings Fury out of retirement to fight the terrorists. Starring David Hasselhoff as Colonel Nicholas 'Nick' Joseph Fury, Lisa Rinna as Contessa Valentina 'Val' de Allegro Fontaine, and Sandra Hess as Andrea Von Strucker/Viper.

Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters, and Marvels (2002) (2 Hours)
Part 1: Creating Spider-Man
The inspiration behind creating Spider-Man. Stan discusses Spider-Man's original artist. The web slinger's closest friends and arch enemies. TV Incarnations and Sony Pictures Spider-Man. Spdiey in the hands of a new generation of comic creators.
Part 2: Here Comes the Heroes
Stan's first writing assingment on Captain America. The birth of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men phenomenon. Stan discusses the fan controversy over creator credit. The Mighty Marvel Bullpen - fan interaction. Stan's thoughts on the movies based on Marvel characters including the X-Men, the Hulk, Daredevil, the Silver Surfer, and the Fantastic Four.

Miscellaneous Superhero Movies

The Mark of Zorro (1940) (2 Hours) (Black and White)
Around 1820 the son of a California nobleman comes home from Spain to find his native land under a villainous dictatorship. On the one hand he plays the useless fop, while on the other he is the masked avenger Zorro. Tyrone Power stars as the masked avenger Zorro.

Three Swords of Zorro (1963) (2 Hours)
Guy Stockwell stars as the masked avenger Zorro. In 1830, the year of Mexicos independence, several governors decide to ignore central authority and impose their own tyranny. Many men of good will rise up to fight this abusive power. Zorro, the most popular of these patriots, leads the fight for a new nation based on respect for liberty and justice. Unfortunately, Zorros wife and child becomes the target of brutal vengeance. Thus begins a period of strife and conflict. Mikaela Wood also stars in this legendary tale of Zorro and his fight for justice.

The Sign of Zorro (1965) (90 Minutes) (Black and White)
Guy Williams stars as the masked avenger Zorro. A blazing sword cuts the night with the indelible sign of Zorro. The renowned hero is championing the cause of the oppressed as the swashbuckling masked rider.

The Secret of El Zorro (1965) (2 Hours) (Black and White)
Guy Williams stars as the masked avenger Zorro. Don Diego fins himself trapped in an ironic turn of events when a visiting friend, challenges the famed swordsman Zorro to a duel for the hand of a lovely visitor, Anna Maria. Don Diego manages to outwit the love-struck braggart-but only temporarily. A new challenge from the determined Ricardo dramatically sets the stage for a public unmasking of the legendary hero and under circumstances that Zorro cannot afford to ignore!

Zorro and the Mountain Man (1966) (90 Minutes) (Black and White)
Guy Williams stars as the masked avenger Zorro. A genial mountain man, Joe Crane, finds himself in a mountain of trouble after a barroom brawl with an arrogant aristocrat, Don Carlos Fernandez. Infuriated at being bested, Don Carlos vows to kill the hapless victor. When bystander Don Diego cannot prevent the scheming Don Carlos from carrying out his deadly plans, it looks as if only the skill and strength of Zorro can save Joe from the murderous clutches of the vengeful aristocrat and his henchmen!

Zorro and the Mystery of Don Cabrillo (1966) (90 Minutes) (Black and White)
Guy Williams stars as the masked avenger Zorro. Mystery surrounds pretty Anita Cabrillo, who arrives from Spain for a reunion with her father at his lavish hacienda-only to discover that neither the ranch nor her beloved father seem to exist. Several subsequent death threats culminate in a terrifying brush with death as Don Diego, disguised as the masked hero Zorro, attempts to unravel the puzzling secret behind Anitas missing father.

Zorro-Invitation to Death (1967) (2 Hours) (Black and White)
Guy Williams stars as the masked avenger Zorro. The Governor of Alta California, traveling toward Los Angeles, is attacked and nearly murdered by a band of thugs known as the Rebatos. Don Diego, disguised as the masked hero Zorro, eventually uncovers some disquieting information: the mastermind behind the murderous attack may be the Governors own aide! Can Zorro expose the real criminals before they succeed with their deadly plans?

Zorro-The Gay Caballero (1967) (2 Hours) (Black and White)
Guy Williams stars as the masked avenger Zorro. Shady shenanigans abound when a suave, sophisticated charmer, Estevan de la Cruz, pays a surprise visit to the village…and launches a program of underhanded schemes on the unsuspecting citizenry. However, when Estevan sets his sights on a wealthy senorita, Zorro decides to intervenes and subsequently faces the wrath of the irate, sly con artist.

Zorro-The Man from Spain (1968) (2 Hours) (Black and White)
Guy Williams stars as the masked avenger Zorro. The stern and imposing Andres Bassillio, the kings emissary from Spain, announces the reason for his visit: an elaborate money-raising program utilizing so-called Royal Bonds. And a tough-looking enforcer is present to ensure that the dons and businessmen comply with Basillios demands. Don Diego, sensing an alternate destination for the money, decides that Zorro is desperately needed to investigate the legitimacy of the financial program.

Zorro (1975) (2 Hours)
Alain DeLon stars as the masked avenger Zorro. Back when men in black rode horses, that masked man Zorro took it upon himself to defend the oppressed against tyranny. The governor of Nuova Aragona has been viciously murdered. As a result, the entire province is overwhelmed with corruption and violence. Zorro must pose as an ignorant governor in order to bring a power-hungry colonel to his knees. Dashing and daring, and with a touch of romance in his soul, our favorite Spanish swordsman always leaves his mark on audiences everywhere. This is the Zorro movie with the great theme song, Heres to being free, heres to you and me, heres to being free, la la la la la El Zorros back.

Zorro (1979) (2 Hours)
The swishing fop Don Diego de la Vega becomes the swashbuckling masked hero Zorro when tyranny threatens his people in nineteenth-century California. Starring Frank Langella as Zorro and Ricardo Montalban as Captain Esteban.

Zorro the Gay Blade (1981) (2 Hours)
When the new Spanish Governor begins to grind the peasants under his heel, Don Diego Vega becomes Zorro, the masked man in black with a sword who rights wrongs. Vega sprains his ankle and cannot figure out how to continue his campaign when his long lost twin brother (sent off to the British Navy to make a man of him, flamboyantly gay, and now known as Bunny Wigglesworth) appears. He agrees to take his brother's place but wishes to make some changes. His new suits are lemmon, plum, and scarlet, and Bunny insists on using a whip. George Hamilton stars in this comic take on Zorro and his brother Bunny.

The Mask of Zorro (1998) (2 Hours)
In early 19th century California the masked swordsman hero Zorro was a champion of the people against the tyranny of Spanish rule, represented by the ruthless Governor Montero. Unfortunately, on the eve of his greatest triumph, the liberation of California, Montero learns of Zorro's secret identity as Don Diego de la Vega and attacks the rebel in his home leaving him imprisoned, his wife dead and his daughter abducted to be claimed as the child of Montero. Twenty years pass, and Montero returns to California intent on a foul plan to bring it under his total control. Upon learning of his return, Don Diego escapes from his long imprisonment and prepares for his revenge. Part of it involves the training of an orphan who helped him as a boy to become his successor. Together, the two must prepare to do battle with Montero and his American henchman to save California and reunite with Diego's lost daughter. So once again, the enemies of freedom and justice in California must fear of the man who leaves the mark of the Z. Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, and Catherine Zeta Jones star in this new version of Zorro.

Son of Sinbad (1955) (2 Hours)
The Son of Sinbad (Dale Robertson) and his buddy Omar (Vincent Price)are thrown in prison for visiting the harem of the Kalif once too often. Meanwhile the Kalif learns that Tammerlane the Cruel is planning to destroy his city if he doesn't surrender it. But with the aid of some early-day gunpowder, Sinbad and Omar save the day, aided by their 40-girl brigade that are all daughters of the original Forty Thieves...and all girl with a capital G. Also starring Sally Forrest, Lili St. Cyr.

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974) (2 Hours)
The Fabled sailor embarks on a danger-filled quest in this dazzling fantasy-adventure, populated by living statues, ferocious Griffins and Centaurs, and other Ray Harryhausen-created menaces. Starring Jon Phillip Law as Sinbad and Caroline Mungro as the damsel in distress.

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977) (2 Hours)
Sinbad and his crew arrive on shore after a years journey. A wicked Sorceress has transformed the Emperor Kassim into a baboon, and his sister, Princess Farah asks Sinbad to help break the evil spell on his friend. Starring Patrick Wayne, Jane Seymour, and Taryn Power.

Sinbad: Battle of the Dark Knights (1998) (2 Hours)
The wizard Bophisto is in search of a legendary key that will restore his dying body. He sends his two henchmen, Murkhi Khan and Nimbus to capture the city of Araby, location of the key. Rushing to Araby's rescue is Sinbad and Emperor Song's mighty warriors from China. Starring Richard Grieco as Sinbad. Also starring Ryan Slater and Dean Stockwell.

The Phantom Movie Serial (1943) (4.5 Hours)
Professor Davidson and his lovely daughter Diana search Africa for the lost city of Zoloz. Legend pegs it to be the source of a vast hidden treasure. A local crook, Singapore Smith, who wants the treasure for himself, hinders their search. It is further complicated when Dr. Bremmer, an international criminal, plans to destroy the peace with local native tribes and build a secret air base at Zoloz. Fortunately the Phantom is more than a match for the two villains. With his superhuman strength, the Phantom, manages to outwit each enemy move. Tom Tyler and Ace the Wonder Dog star as the Phantom and his trusty wolf, Devil.

The Phantom (1996) (2 Hours)
Billy Zane stars as the Phantom in this thrill-a-minute actioner based on one of the most successful comic series of all time! The story begins as an expedition lands on the island of Bengalla, seeking the legendary skulls of Touganda. Believed to harness an energy force of incalculable power, the skulls could spell disaster for mankind. And thats exactly what ruthless tycoon, Xander Drax (Treat Williams), has in mind;unless one man can save it. Now evil has met its match and great movie adventure has a new name-The Phantom.

The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981) (2 Hours)
The Film vividly traces the life of the masked man-from his faithful friendship with Tonto, to the duos dynamic rescue of President Grant, being held hostage by the ruthless Cavendish and his outlaw gang. Follow the adventures of the Lone Ranger and his Indian companion as they try to restore law and order in a gradually changing west. Starring Klinton Spilsbury as the Lone Ranger, Michael Horse as Tonto, Christopher Lloyd as Butch Cavendish, and Jason Robards as President Ulysses S. Grant.

King Kong (1933) (2 Hours) (Black and White)
This is the classic story of Beauty and the Beast. A movie producer lands on Skull Island looking for the legendary giant ape, King Kong. There is tons of action and great special effects for this classic movie.

The Son of Kong (1933) (2 Hours)(Black and White)
A group travels back to Skull Island and finds the albino son of the Mighty King Kong who saves the group from many dangers.

King Kong Escapes (1967) (2 Hours)
The plot involves an evil Dr. Who acting on behalf of a Madame Piranha. He is mining a radioactive substance with the help of a specially designed robot-Kong, Mechni-Kong. However, the robot goes on the blink necessitating the abduction of the real Kong to proceed with the mining operation. Kong breaks out of his mine and defeats his mechanical replica in a fight on top of Tokyo Tower.

The Mighty Kong (1998) (1 Hour 30 Minutes) (Animated)
When the flashy film producer, C.B. Denham, and his cast and crew travel from the jungle of Manhattan to the jungles of a remote mysterious island to film and epic movei, they are surprised to find an island full of hidden dangers. Things take a turn for the worse, when the beautiful star, Ann Darrow, is kidnapped by the islanders and offered aas a gift to the Mighty Kong. Stuneed by her beauty and kindness, Kong is unable to defend himself and is captured. The greedy producer decides to bring Kong back to New York-but, not even chains can contain the Mighty Kong. Finally, it's up to Ann to subdue the savage beast and save New York City.

Mighty Joe Young (1949) (2 Hours)(Black and White)
Jill Young has brought up her pet gorilla since she was a child. When the gorilla is full grown, Hollywood promoter Max O'Hara travels to Africa and convinces Jill to bring the the gorilla, Joe, back to America. When in Hollywood, Joe is used in a stage production and is exploited to no end. It doesn't take long until Joe is sick of being mistreated and he escapes to run loose in civilization.

Monsters in the Movies: Godzillamania (1988) (1 Hour)
This documentary shows Godzilla, King Kong, and Mighty Joe Young.

The Story of Superman (1989) (1 Hour) (Color/Black and White)
This is the complete story of the origin of Superman, his career in comics, cartoons, and film. Every question that you may have ever asked is addressed in this documented story of Superman-his impact on our comic book generation-his success in films and television. Rare scenes and interesting insights populate this fascinating exploration of our favorite super hero.

Batman and Robin vs. The Super Villains (1989) (1 Hour) (Color/Black and White)
Batman and Robin, the heroic protectors of Gotham City will need every weapon in thei Bat arsenal if they hope to triumph over these dastardly villains!! Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman. Meglomaniacs of murder and mayhem, the will do anything in their power to destroy our way of life and if the total destruction of Gotham and the demise of Batman and Robin occur, so much the better. This video lets you get to know these masters of disasters up close and peronal, and not only Batman's arch enemies, but some of the worst villains ever to appear on film. Watch them as they seek tooverpower our champions with their most unscupulous ways. So be prepared defenders of good, these vile viallins are formidable foes and they will stop at nothing to carry out their insidious plans. Beware, the fight continues.

Holy Batmania: The Origin of Batman (1989) (1 Hour)
Everything you've always wanted to know about Batman. See the bes of Batman in this exciting and informative show, packed with film clips, memoribilia, and bat trivia. Enjoy edge of your seat action film clips as Adam West and Burt Ward share their memories from one of TV's most successful series of all time-Batman! Enjoy once agains the thrill of Batman facing his sinster archenemies-The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin, and Catwoman. Includes never before seen footage, coming attractions, promos, and home videos of all the original cast members. Also includes the inside story of the Batman feature film and a special segment on the Batman Convention.

The Bat (1926) (2 Hours) (Black and White/Silent/Color/Sound)
Before there was Batman, there was "The Bat". Created in 1926, this recently discovered silent film is an incredible find. The main character, "The Bat", who wears a bat shaped cape, a hood with bat ears, sends messages to the chief of police on a bat shaped card, climbs the side of builidings, stalks rooftops, and vaults walls. Sound Familiar? Even the fabled bat signal appears! It has been suggested, but not confirmed, that this film inspired Bob Kane to create Batman. Could "The Bat" really have been the original Batman? To make this discovery even more exciting, the movie was filmed in the dark comic book style of the current Batman movies. Also includes thirty minutes of Bat-Fun! Classic scenes from the TV series starring Adam West, including exclusive interviews that are Bat-Tastic!

Inframan (1975) (2 Hours)
After creating a series of disasters, ten-million-year-old Princess Dragon Mom (Terry Liu) emerges from the center of the Earth, where she has been hibernating with her mutant creatures since before the Ice Age. When she offers the human race a choice of slavery or death, Professor Chang (Wang Hsieh) transforms a courageous volunteer into an indestructible, nuclear-powered bionic superhero, Inframan (Li Hsiu-Hsien). You will gasp in amazement as Inframan, armed with his Thunderball Fists, battles Princess Dragon Moms army of skeletal warriors and eight monsters: Giant Flying Lizard, The Driller Beast, The Octopus Mutant, The Laser Horn Monster, Emperor of Doom, The Iron-Fists Robots, and the Giant Beetle Monster.

Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (1959) (2 Hours)
Four British villains raid a settlement to obtain explosives for use in a diamond mine. In doing so they nearly destroy the settlement, so and Tarzan pursues them to their mine. Gordon Scott stars as the Legendary Jungle Hero.

Tarzan and the Trappers (1958) (2 Hours)
Tarzan deals with the villainous Schroeder, who is illegally collecting animals for zoos, only to be menaced by Schroeder's hunter brother Sikes, out for revenge, who teams up with greedy trader Lapin in a hunt for human game...Tarzan himself. Gordon Scott stars as the Legendary Jungle Hero.

Tarzan the Ape Man (1981) (2 Hours)
The Tarzan story from Jane's point of view. Jane Parker visits her father in Africa where she joins him on an expedition. A couple of brief encounters with Tarzan establish a bond between her and Tarzan. When the expedition is captured by savages, Tarzan comes to the rescue. Miles O'Keefe and Bo Derek star in this classic remake as Tarzan and Jane. Also starring Richard Harris as Jane's Father, James Parker

Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan (1984) (2 Hours)
An infant boy raised to manhood among savage apes, living by his wits and the law of the jungle returns to society and tries to claim his inheritance of humanity and privilege. Tarzan is Greystoke: John Clayton, seventh Earl of Greystoke, heir to one of Scotlands grand estates. Greystoke not only presents the boys savage upbringing, but also depicts the casual barbarities of the civilization he must master-and you wonder which is really the crueler world. Christopher Lambert stars as the legendary Tarzan the Ape Man.

Witchblade (2000) (2 Hours)
NYPD Detective Sara Pezzini's main goal in life was to bring down Tommy Gallo, the hitman who killed her father, her best friend, and eventually her partner. While chasing down one of Gallo's thugs, she acquires the Witchblade, an enchanted armored glove once used by Joan of Arc that deflects bullets, extends into bladed weapons, produces visions, and neatly compacts itself into a bracelet. She uses it to help her take down Gallo with the aid of businessman Kenneth Irons and his enigmatic and lethal compatriot Ian Nottingham.

Action Heroes of Movies and Television (1988) (1 Hour)
This documentary takes a look at the following heroes: Batman and Robin, The Green Hornet and Kato, The Lone Ranger, Superman, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Tarzan.

Gamera the Invincible (1965) (2 Hours)
Gamera is a giant turtle awakened by an atomic blast. Gamera heads for Tokyo, eating everything along the way. Finally the creature is captured and bundled into a rocket and fired into space.

Jason and the Argonauts (1963) (2 Hours)
Starring Todd Armstrong as Jason. Also starring Nancy Kovack. Special effects for this movie were done by the legendary, Ray Harryhausen. This is a letterbox version. Jason and the Argonauts go in the search of the legendary Golden Fleece.

Doc Savage: Man of Bronze (1975) (2 Hours)
Ron Ely stars as Doc Savage the Man of Bronze. Mr. Wexler has killed Doc Savages father and taken over the secret goldmine deep in the South American jungle. Doc Savage goes on a quest to avenge his fathers death and to defeat Mr. Wexler.

At The Earth's Core (1973) (2 Hours)
Dr. Abner Perry and his student, David Innes, have created the ultimate geological machine: "The Iron Mole"-a high calibration digging machine designed to explore the very depths of the earth! When a routine testing in the Welsh Hills goes terribly wrong, David and Dr. Perry find themselves shipwrecked at the center of our planet in a Jurassic jungle cave filed with savage prehistoric monsters, rivers of molten fire, and a very beautiful and mysterious princess Dia. Soon, Doc and David are captured by the vicious Sagaths-soldiers of the terrifying Majars-and their adventure becomes a battle of brain against brawn in a nonstop, electrifying trip based on Edgar Rice Burroughs breakthrough, sensational, sci-fi novel. Starring Doug McClure as David Innes and Peter Cushing as Dr. Abner Perry.

The Land that Time Forgot (1975) (2 Hours)
During World War I, a German U-boat sinks a British ship and takes the survivors on board. After it takes a wrong turn, the submarine takes them to the unknown land of Caprona, where they find dinosaurs and neanderthals. Doug McClure stars in this movie.

Godzilla Movies

Godzilla, King of the Monsters (1954)
When American reporter Steve Martin (Raymond Burr) investigates a series of mysterious disasters off the coast of Japan, he comes face to face with an ancient creature so powerful and so terrifying, it can reduce Tokyo to a smoldering graveyard. Nuclear weapon testing resurrected this relic from the Jurassic age, and now it's rampaging across Japan. At night, Godzilla wades through Tokyo leaving death and destruction in his wake, disappearing into Tokyo Bay when his rage subsides. Coventional weapons are useless against him; but renowned scientist Dr. Serizawa has discovered a weapon that could destroy all life in the bay -- including Godzilla. But which disaster is worse, Godzilla's fury, or the death of Tokyo Bay?

Godzilla Raids Again (1955)
Koji Kobayashi, a spotter for a Japanese fishing fleet crash lands his plane on a barren island. His best friend, Shoichi Tsukioka, manages to find him and lands his plane next to his so he can be rescued. The two pilots are shocked when they see two giant monsters waging war before falling into the ocean. The two pilots race back to Japan to inform the government what they saw. Soon the world comes to the realization, that a monster closely related to the original Godzilla is on the loose as well as a new monster named Angilas. Soon, the two monsters arrive in Osaka where they resume their battle. Angilas is killed and Godzilla destroys the city. A few weeks later, Godzilla is found on an frozen island north of Japan by Koji. He then informs the air force and they begin to bomb the creature. Koji tries to distract the monter but his plane is hit with Godzilla's radioctive breath and crashes into a mountainside causing a landslide, partially burying the monster. This gives the military the idea to bury the monster in ice, seemingly forever.

Godzilla vs. King Kong (1962)
Mr. Tako, the producer of a low rated television show called "Mysteries of the World", decides his show needs some spicing up. So he sends two of his staff, Osamu Sakurai and Kinsaburo Furue, to Pharoh Island to bring back some berries, called soma, noted for their non-addictive narcotic effect. He also wants the two to bring back proof of a giant ape named King Kong. Before the pair leave, Osamu stops by his sister Fumiko's apartment for dinner with her and her boyfriend, Kazuo Fujita. During his visit, Kazuo shows the two his new invention, a wire that is stronger than steel. In the meantime, a submarine collides with an iceberg releasing Godzilla, who was trapped there seven years earlier. When Osamu and Kinsaburo arrive at Pharoh, they not only find the berries but the giant ape. After a battle with a giant octopus, Kong drinks the juice that is made from the berries and falls asleep. While he is sleeping, the pair tie him to a raft and take him back to Japan. In the meantime, Godzilla is rampaging throughout the Japanese countryside. While in route to Japan, Kong breaks free and swims toward Japan and inevitably on a collision course with Godzilla.

Godzilla vs. The Thing (Mothra) (1964)
A hurricane blows Mothra's egg off Infant Island and causes it to drift to Japan. Banzo Torhata sees an opportunity to make money off the egg but Mothra's twin priestesses show up and plead with him to return the egg or else the larva will hatch and cause great damage in search of food. Torahata refuses and tries to kidnap the fairies. They then go to reporters Ichiro Sakai and Junko Nakanishi to try to persuade Torahata to return the egg. Torahata still refuses and the girls leave with the adult Mothra. In the meantime Godzilla reawakens and begins another rampage. Japan's only hope is for Mothra to return and not only save Japan, but her egg as well.

Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster (1964)
A princess from a small Himalayan country becomes possessed by the spirit of a Venusian (a Martian in the American version) and escapes a plane just as it explodes. As this happens a meteorite falls from the sky containing Ghidorah, the monster responsible for her planet's destruction. At the same time, Godzilla and Rodan emerge from hibernation and not only attack Japan, but each other as well. Mothra, along with its twin priestesses, attempt to convince Godzilla and Rodan to stop their fighting each other and to team up to fight the new monster. At the same time, the princess is being hunted by a group of assassins who want to kill her so that her enemies can take over her homeland.

Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (1965)
Astronauts Glen and Fuji travel to Planet X, a planet just on the other side of Jupiter, which for some reason has been transmitting radio waves to Earth. While there the two astronauts are then ordered to go down to the the caverns where the people of the planet are forced to go, allegedly because they are now being attacked on a regular basis by Ghidorah, who moved there after being defeated by Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra several months earlier. The aliens then request that they be allowed to "borrow" Godzilla and Rodan (sans Mothra) as a means of repelling Ghidorah and that in exchange they would be given a formula for a "miracle drug" to combat all forms of disease. In the meantime, Fuji's sister Haruno is dating inventor Tetsuo Terry, who has just invented a high frequency transmitter to ward off muggers. A few weeks later the aliens take Godzilla and Rodan back to their planet and they seemingly defeat Ghidorah. The astronauts then get a tape recording supposedly containing the formula. The tape actually contains an ultimatum for the people of Earth to surrender or else face destruction from the combined strengths of Godzilla, Rodan and Ghidorah. Will the nations of the world give in to the demands of the aliens or will they be destroyed? And what role does Tetsuo's invention play in the upcoming battle?

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (1966)
Some teenagers want to obtain a boat to find a brother. When they look around a boat without permission, they find a thief who takes them on his escape. They are caught in a storm and arrive at Letchi Island where natives of Infant Island have been enslaved by the terrorist organisation Red Bamboo. Red Bamboo runs a heavy water factory to process a juice which holds off the monster, Ebirah, which otherwise traps them on the island. The young men meet beautiful but tough Daiyo and wake up Godzilla to put an end to the Red Bamboo.

Son of Godzilla (1967)

Destroy All Monsters (1968)
In 1999, the United Nations has established bases on the moon and on Ogasawara Island off the coast of Japan. Ogasawara is also where all the world's monsters, including Godzilla and Rodan, have gathered for study and to keep them from wreaking havoc on the world. However, a group of alien women known as Kilaaks take over the island and put the monsters as well as the humans under mental control in order to conquer the rest of the Earth. It is up to astronaut Katsuo Yemabe and his crew to stop the Kilaaks as well as release the monsters and the humans from their control before it is too late.

Godzilla's Revenge (1969)
Ichiro is a highly imaginitive, but lonely, boy growing up in urban Tokyo. Every day he comes home to the empty apartment he shares with his railroad worker father and his restaurant hostess mother. His only friends are a toy maker name Shinpei Inami and a little girl named Sachicko. The only other kids that are around is a gang of kids led by a bully named Gabara. To escape his lonlieness, Ichiro imagines that he is on Monster Island where he befriends Minya, the son of Godzilla. It is through his daydreams that he watches Godzilla and Minya fight other monsters, including one also named Gabara who is just as bad a bully as the one that is tormenting Ichiro. It is through these daydreams that he learns that it is okay to fight back and face his fears. These lessons also help him to outwit a couple of bumbling bank robbers as well as finally have the guts to stand up to Gabara and his gang.

Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster (1971)
From Earth's pollution a new monster is spawned. Hedorah, the smog monster, destroys Japan and fights Godzilla while spewing his poisonous gas to further the damage.

Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)
Aliens from space plan to conquer the world using space monsters Gigan and King Ghidrah, which they control from their secret headquarters inside the head of the Godzilla-replica building at a theme park. The only thing that can stop them is the combined efforts of Godzilla and Anguirus.

Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973)
The underground kingdom of Seatopia sends out Megalon, a giant cockroach, and Gigan to destroy the above ground dwellers. In an attempt to stop them, an independently thinking robot brings Godzilla into the fight.

Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster (1974)
Aliens intend to take over the planet and, just in case Godzilla tries to interfere, have built a mechanical version of him to put an end to his interference. The Earth humans summon the legendary King Seesar to assist Godzilla in the battle.

Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)
Aliens from a dying galaxy plan to destroy our cities and build their new home on Earth. Their weapon is Mechagodzilla, a 400-foot-tall robot, armed with powerful lasers and guided missiles. Only Godzilla is mighty enough to stop the colossal machine. But when Professor Mafuni joins the aliens, not even Godzilla will be able to defeat them. Mafuni controls Titanosaurus, a gigantic amphibious dinosaur, through a biochemical connection with his cyborg daughter, Katsura. Godzilla is no match for Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla together; but Interpol agents have discovered Titanosaurus' weakness, and may give Godzilla the fighting chance he needs to save the world!

Godzilla (1985)
A reporter named Steve Martin (Raymond Burr) investigates the disappearance of a ship. He finds the ship and discovers that all the hands have been killed by a giant sea louse except for one. He then tells the reporter that the ship was destroyed by Godzilla (Gojira). Fearing a panic, the Japanese government then takes the survivor into custody to keep him from revealing that Godzilla has returned. However, a Soviet nuclear submarine is destroyed and the situation puts them and the United States on the brink of nuclear war, until the Japanese decide to come clean and admit that it was Godzilla. Soon the Japan and the rest of the world are on red alert as they wait for Godzilla to begin his rampage anew.

Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989)
Following the events of Godzilla 1985, scientists collect genetic material from the mutated dinosaur Godzilla's scales. A Middle Eastern country wants the samples for their own purposes, but meanwhile, a lonely scientist combines Godzilla's genetic code with those of a rose and his own deceased daughter. The result is Biollante, an eerie plant of titanic proportions. To make matters worse, a psychic woman detects Godzilla stirring from his volcanic prison. The military sends the flying Super-X2 to stop the beast from thrashing Japan, but eventually Godzilla engages the rapidly mutating Biollante in a fight to the death.

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)
Time travellers from the 23rd century return to 1992 to warn Japan that Godzilla will cause a catastrophic nuclear incident in the 21st century and suggest a way to rid the world of him forever. They intend to go back to 1944, to Ragos Island, where a dinosaur was exposed to radiation from the Bikini H-Bomb test and became Godzilla. Upon completion of this task, King Ghidrah appears in 1992 and the visitors' true plan is discovered. They wish to destroy Japan so it will not become the dominant economic force. Luckily for the Japanese, Godzilla was still created and will now fight Ghidrah.

Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992)
The Earth is headed for disaster and when an archeological research team visits Infant Island to find out why, they discover two tiny women who reveal that the Earth is fighting back for all the harm humans have done here and sends out the evil Battra to destroy us. The Cosmos, as the girls are called, offer their help by calling Mothra to battle the creature. Unfortunately, Godzilla also appears and a three way battle begins that threatens to destroy Japan.

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1993)
In response to Japan's request for a countermeasure against Godzilla, UN engineers construct Mechagodzilla, a giant robotic version of Godzilla. Nonetheless, Godzilla proves himself a force to be reckoned with against this monstrosity and battle ensues.

Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla (1994)
When Mothra went into outer space to stop a meteor from reaching Earth, she accidentally took with cells from Godzilla and remaining cells from Biollante that inhabited our atmosphere. The combined cells went through a black hole and created a new creature, Space Godzilla. Space Godzilla heads to Earth to confront Godzilla, Junior Godzilla, and the new G-Force robot, MOGERA.

Godzilla vs. Destroyer (1995)
Something has destroyed Birth Island, home of Godzilla and Little Godzilla and soon, it is discovered that Godzilla has developed a bright flaming glow, indicating that his nuclear energy is growing out of control. Fearing that Godzilla will soon explode, the G-Force tries to freeze him, thus cooling his temperature. But another problem arises as a horde of human sized creatures, formed from a combination of Godzilla cells, and the weapon that destroyed the original one, The Oxygen Destroyer. Now the military must try to stop these creatures and stop Godzilla from going through a nuclear meltdown that could destroy the world.

Godzilla (2000)
This movie ignores all the other Godzilla movies except the original. Godzilla has attacked Japan twice more in the 60's-80's after his first appearance. Now it's 1999, and the Godzilla Prediction Network (GPN) is studying and tracking Godzilla when he appears on the coast of Nemuro. He completely destroys the city. Earlier that week, a 60 million year old rock was discovered. Without warning it begins to float and heads for a meeting with Godzilla in Tokai Mura. Godzilla uses his ultra-powerful fire breath (incredibly stronger than in the first movies) and breaks the rocks to reveal a UFO!!! The UFO blows Godzilla back into the sea with a hyperblaster but lands and ceases all activities due to the damage caused by Godzilla. Later, the UFO takes off for Shinjuku where the final battle between the UFO and Godzilla takes place. The UFO transforms into a monster dubbed Orga and resumes attacks on Godzilla. Can Godzilla defeat the strange alien creature? What other tricks do these titans have up their sleeves?

Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah (2001)
Strange incidents occur when an American submarine has been destroyed by a mysterious force at sea off the shores of Guam. Only Admiral Tachibana was certain that behind the disaster was none other than the destructive King of the Monsters, Godzilla! 50 years after his attack on Tokyo in 1954, Godzilla has mysteriously returned to life to destroy Japan, and General Tachibana, whose parents died in the monster's destructive wake, was prepared for his return to protect Japan from yet another tragic disaster, but is dismissed by the overly confident Japanese government, who underestimate Godzilla's power. But to further prove Tachibana's claim, his daughter Yuri, who works for the TV news program "Digital Q," investigates strange phenomena in three separate areas in Japan (two of which involve the deaths of immoral youths), and meets a mysterious old man named Isayama, who proclaims that aside from his infamous nuclear origins, Godzilla is an accumulation of vengeful souls (of both Japanese and non-Japanese) abandoned to die in the Pacific War, and thus, mere weapons cannot kill him. While Tachibana has now been vindicated by the government, Isayama awakens the Three Sacred Guardian Beasts of Yamato, which protected Japan in its ancient past, and were then put into hibernation in the aforementioned three areas of Japan. The three monsters, King Ghidorah (sky), Mothra (water) and Baragon (earth), fight the ravaging Godzilla, while Tachibana also prepares to go into battle against his old radioactive nemesis . . .

Superhero Cartoon Episodes I need

Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes

Sealab 2020 (1972) (30 Minutes)
Deep Throat

Space Stars Finale (1981) (10 Minutes)
Dimension Of Doom/Worlds In Collision/Polaris/Endangered Spacies/The Olympians/Magnus/The Crystal Menace/The Outworlder/Mindwitch/Uglor Conquers The Universe/The Cosmic Mousetrap

Astro and the Space Mutts (1981) (10 Minutes)
The Night of the Crab/Will the Real Mr. Galaxy Please Stand Up/The Education of Puglor/Wonder Dog

Godzilla (1978) (30 Minutes)
The Mega-Volt Monster

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder (1976) (30 Minutes)
The Day and Night Crawler/The Harbor Robber/Don't Bug Superthug

Space Kidettes (1968) (10 Minutes)
Space Indians/Cosmic Condors/The Space Mermaid

The Adventures of Gulliver (1968) (30 Minutes)
The Valley of Time/The Tiny Island/The Rescue/The Runaway

The Adventures of Huck Finn (1968) (30 Minutes) (I only need fine to excellent copies)
The Curse of Thut/The Terrible Tempered Khaleef/Hunting the Hunter/The Strange Experiment/The Ancient Valley/The Magic Shillelagh/The Jungle Adventure/The Gorgons Head/Prophecy of Peril/The Curse of the Conquistador/Son of the Sun/All Whirlpools Lead to Atlantis

DC Superheroes

Plastic Man (1979) (30 Minutes)

Plastic Family (1979) (30 Minutes)
Introducing Baby Plas/Ali Baba Baby/Who Undo the Zoo

Baby Plas (1979) (12 Minutes)
Tiger Trouble/Babysitter Blues

Shazam (1978) (30 Minutes)
A Little Something Extra/Girl of His Dreams/The Airport Caper!/Mr. Atom, the Smasher/The Circus Plot/Flight 601 Has Vanished/Black Adams Return/Starmaster and the Solar Mirror

Marvel Superheroes

Iron Man (1966) (18 Minutes) (I only need fine to excellent copies)
Dream Master/My Life for Yours

Spider-Woman (1979) (30 Minutes) (I only need fine to excellent copies)
The Kingpin Strikes Again/The Lost Continent/Shuttle To Disaster/Invasion Of The Black Hole/A Crime In Time/Return Of The Spider-Queen/A Deadly Dream

Miscellaneous Superheroes

New Adventures of Zorro (1981) (30 Minutes)
Turnabout/Fort Ramon/Double Trouble/The Mysterious Traveler

Zorro (1997) (30 Minutes)
Tar Pit Terror/The Revenge Of The Panther/The Iron Man/The Samurai And The Sorcerer/The Poison Pen/Vision Of Darkness/The Case Of The Masked Marauder/Return Of The Conquistadors/The Raiding Party/The Four Horsemen/Nightmare Express/The Secret Of El Zorro/The Nordic Quest

Lone Ranger (1981) (30 Minutes)
The President Plot/The Great Balloon Race/Abduction Of Tom Sawyer/The Black Mare/The Silver Mine/The Great Land Rush/High And Dry/Photo Finish/Front Page Cover-Up/Walk A Tight Rope/Unnatural Disaster/Showdown On The Midnight Queen/Blast Out/The Long Drive/Renegade Round-Up/Banning's Raiders

Fantastic Voyage (1967) (30 Minutes)
Gone Today, Here Tomorrow/First Men on the Moon

Tom of Thumb (1967) (6 Minutes)
Hey That Was a Close One World/I Was a Starling for the USA/Cool Nerves and Steady Hands/All Guys from Outer Space are Creeps

WILDCATS (1996) (30 Minutes)
The Big Takedown/Lives in the Balance/Soul of a Giant/Betrayed/Black Razor’s Edge/And Then There Were None/M.V.P.

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