Wine School & Tastings

In addition to tasting lots of great wine, we discuss wine making methods, terminology, pairing wine with food, selecting wine at stores and restaurants, reading wine labels, proper storage, aging, serving temperatures, and much more!


Swirl Wine Tastings

Our tastings are fun and educational. Whether your guests are long-time wine lovers or just starting to explore wine, they’ll have a great time learning about wine and discovering new wines to add to their list of favorites.


Imagine, no more glassy-eyed stares at the wine shelves or the restaurant wine list wondering what to select; no more intimidation over what wine to bring to a dinner party.


With our help, you will learn what to expect from different types of wine and you’ll be better able to predict what you will like and dislike. You’ll enter the wine store and open the wine list with greater confidence and assurance that your selection will not disappoint.


Swirl Wine School

While our wine school classes are more formal learning experiences than our tasting parties, their focus is always on fun! Classes are a combination of instruction and wine tasting. Attendees learn:


· how to use various openers

· proper serving temperatures

· how to store wine

· the best glasses to use

· how to taste wine

· types of wine

· The purpose for decanting

· pairing wine with food

· shopping for wine

· reading wine labels

· navigating restaurant wine lists

· wine terminology and pronunciation

· the importance of vintages

· wine scores

· how to start a tasting club

· wines with screw caps.

· plus lots more

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About Swirl

Swirl is your source for wine education in Minnesota. Through fun, informative and entertaining wine classes and wine tastings, Swirl helps beginners, as well as long-time wine enthusiasts, increase their knowledge and enjoyment of wine.