CHIC # 35043



Hips Good (FS-538G27F-PI)

Elbows Normal (FS-EL85F27-PI)

Patellas Normal (FS-PA36/27F-PI)

Thyroid (FS-TH79-F25-PI)


CERF:  #FS-448



Ruby's Major Show Wins:
3 Points - Badger KC, Madison, WI (May 2006) - Supported Entry
3 Points - Fox River Valley KC, Woodstock, IL (June 2006)
4 Points - Kishwaukee KC, Belvedere, IL (July 2006)
4 Points - Waukesha KC, Waukesha, WI (July 2006) - Supported Entry,
-------Best of Winners and NEW CHAMPION!!

Makin’ Tracks and Flyin’ High

Field Spaniels can excel in a wide variety of activities.  Their natural scenting abilities make them wonderful tracking dogs (trained to follow human scent).


Ruby is shown earning her tracking certification at Twin Cities Obedience Training Club’s certification match in April 2006.


Ruby went on to earn her Tracking Dog title in October 2006 in River Falls, WI.


Ruby continues training for her Variable Surface Tracking title.

We actively compete in AKC, CPE, and NADAC agility venues.  An emotionally “soft” breed, Field Spaniels respond well to clicker training and other positive methods.  Field Spaniels can be independent thinkers!


Ruby has completed her Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ) and Novice Agility (NA) titles in AKC.  After a break in 2007 for a litter of puppies, Ruby is currently showing in Open Standard and Jumpers.  Ruby also has legs/titles in both CPE and NADAC.

Tamarack Field Spaniels

Ch Wolftree’s Nevada Gem TD NAJ NA RN CGC


Ruby is our first Field Spaniel.  She came to us from Sheila Miller, Wolftree Acres, Nevada, and introduced us to all this great breed has to offer.  Our lives will never be the same!


Ruby is a do-it-all girl, who is willing to try any game we throw at her.  At just 4 years and 3 months of age, Ruby has qualified for the Field Spaniel Hall of Fame!  The Hall of Fame (HOF) is a designation given to Field Spaniels who have accomplishments in a wide variety of competitive venues.


Although we are very proud of Ruby’s accomplishments, her best achievement is still as a family member and wonderful friend.


Ruby made her Rally debut at the 2008 FSSA National Specialty, garnering a 4th place.  Ruby earned her Rally Novice (RN) title by qualifying in 3 straight attempts.