What are your contracts and guarantees?

We only sell puppies on limited AKC registration (no showing, no breeding) and a mandatory spay/neuter contract.  We require OFA and CERF testing on all pet puppies, when they reach an appropriate age.  We provide a written guarantee against hip dysplasia or any hereditary eye defects.  Puppies are permanently identified via microchip before leaving for their new homes.

Tamarack Field Spaniels

We only breed when we want a puppy for ourselves.  Any Tamarack puppies come into the world after very careful planning, with the goal of producing a top performance (agility, obedience, tracking) dog that can win in the show ring and fit nicely into family life.  If we do not have a puppy available for you, we are happy to refer you to other reputable breeders.

Field Spaniel breeders have worked hard to improve the health of the breed.  It is essential that both parents have their hips certified clear of hip dysplasia (OFA) and their eyes examined by a board-certified canine ophthalmologist and cleared of genetic disorders (CERF).  Expect a tough interview process including references, written contracts, and lifetime support.

Field Spaniels can be messy (drip water), hairy (yes, they shed) and have a tendency to snore.  They are a high-energy breed that does best when they have a job to do.  They attach strongly to their owners (we call it “Spaniel Worship”), and desire to be part of the family.  Field Spaniels make poor kennel or suburban backyard dogs due to their strong social needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Field Spaniel is a medium-sized spaniel, with a dense liver or black coat.  They are a physical, athletic dog, built to hunt all day.  Typically, females are smaller than males, with an average female weighing 35-40 pounds and male weighing 40-50 pounds.

What are Field Spaniels like?

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Do you have puppies?

No.  Shipping places too much stress on a 8 - 10 week old puppy.

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