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The Convergence of two internationalizing forces: More and more people are learning a second or third language. Some are beginning to understand their general neuro-congnitive benefits. Foreign Languages are now a "core subject" in the public school curriculum. They play an increasingly more active role in government careers (Department of Defense , to cite just one example). They are a vital tool in rapidly internationalizing business scenarios. This is inevitable in our global information age, where less than 35% of those using the internet are English speakers. With nearly 50 million Americans speaking a language other than English at home, our society itself is taking on the multilingual character of the world around it. This is why there are literally tens of thousands of good jobs for people with language skills. Personal computers are being used everywhere, Over two thirds of American homes have one, and nearly 60% of American homes have internet access. In education, computers serve the needs of those who would be home-schooled, those whose fast-paced careers can not afford the luxury of a standard classroom, and students who need an appropriate and efficient supplement to their standard classroom experience. The links here lead to reviews of foreign-language education electronic resources. If you are interested in computer assisted language learning issues in general, its theory, issues, bibliographies, journals, news, or a comprehensive view of foreign-language podcasting, try

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Virtual Learning Environments, Learning Management Systems, Course [or Content] Management Systems, such as Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, Class Central, Desire2Learn, eCollege, Intralearn, and LON-CAPA, are becoming common, because they are generally user friendly, help organize the learning environment, facilitate distance learning and autodidactic functions and can launch other learning software applications. How do these compare with each other, and what can they do specifically for foreign language learners and learning communities? The following links give us some insights:

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