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What is Manapol®?
Some products containing Manapol Manapol® is a natural product-by-process, a stabilized powder that contains all the active characteristics of the complex carbohydrates or acetylated mannans found in fresh Aloe vera gel. Harvested from the inner leaf of the Aloe vera plant, Manapol® powder consists of the following compounds:
  • 25% acetylated mannans (primarily acemannan and other galactomannans)
  • 25% pectins
  • 25% methylcellulose (naturally occurring fiber)
  • 25% calcium malate

As such, this patented compound – only available from Carrington Laboratories – lends itself to a wide variety of neutraceutical applications that provide important consumer benefits including:

  • Enhancing the Immune System
  • Maintaining healthy Cholesterol Levels that are within a normal range
  • Aiding in Digestion
Manapol Immune Enhancing Formula


Because not all aloe is created equal!

Manapol® - produced by Carrington Laboratories - is highly superior to traditional aloe products for several important reasons:

  • Carrington’s Aloe vera is grown on a company-owned farm in Costa Rica. The climate furnishes an optimal environment for the plants, providing for a year-round growth cycle in mineral rich volcanic soil. We use no pesticides or herbicides.
  • Carrington’s Aloe vera is harvested once a day – every day – starting early in the morning and completed before noon. Studies have shown that the active beneficial properties of aloe are at their peak during the morning hours. Therefore, a morning harvest provides a higher yield of active ingredients.
  • Carrington harvests and processes all Aloe vera on site. Immediate processing and transport of the fresh leaves minimizes the exposure of the delicate leaves to harmful elements such as heat and air.
  • Carrington’s patented technology uses a "cold process" that immediately stabilizes the active properties of aloe. This process eliminates both bacteria and anthraquinones (laxatives) via a super chilled ethanol bath (ethanol is a natural alcohol like that found in a glass of wine). In this cold bath, the stabilized aloe solids separate from water and ethanol. Absolutely no enzymes, toxic solvents, or chemicals are ever used.
  • Carrington freeze-dries all active aloe solids. Doing so eliminates all remaining water and ethanol, while preserving the active aloe peak as demonstrated on HPLC.
  • Carrington produces Manapol® under bulk pharmaceutical standards – assuring the highest quality and active yield from batch-to-batch.


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