Jaques Frost

Birth date: 2/8/02,  CERF
Bernergarde #36797

We lost our sweet boy Jack on December 23, 2008 and our hearts ache with the huge hole this boy left.
He was a wonderful companion and we are forever thankful for the lessons he taught us.  He was truly a gentle giant.

 We have so many wonderful memories thanks to Jaques.

Jack was our big boy at 68 cm, weighing 125# and Dutch lines. He came to us from Canada and had us laughing ever since.
He was very mischievous, animated and playful. He also was an incredibly gentle dog despite his size. His life's mission was to be around
the family and to greet every visitor with a BIG hello. Despite his size he was the gentlest dog and the easiest to
work with. Jack continued
to go through life with his impish mannerism, seeming to forget his size, and was often seen with the younger pups forgetting his age!