Snowbound Bernese Mountain Dog

Eleven week old pup enjoying raw marrow bone

I am careful about what I feed my dogs by avoiding preservatives, additives and food coloring. 
I am also careful to feed foods that I am comfortable feeding, and not what others tell me to feed or what the latest fad is. I feed a combination of raw food and bones. and premium, grain-free kibble.

My dogs are fed a diet that contains human grade meats,  fruits and vegetables.  For information on what kibble I feed please contact me. They get raw meat bones, meat and a small amount of veggies.  In the wild dogs lived on raw meat and bones along with the contents of their prey's stomach.  The chewing action keeps their teeth and gums healthy.  The action of chewing, or gnawing, is very calming to dogs as well.  Bones eliminate the need to have your vet clean your dogs teeth every year, which can be quite expensive and stressful to your dog.

My dogs enjoy carrots, potatoes, beans, apples and more.  Grind small amounts of these in a food processor or blender and mix sparingly with raw hamburger or ground turkey.  My dogs love their special meatballs!   They also enjoy beef and chicken including the UNCOOKED bones.  I give them small amounts of ground garlic occasionally,  plain yogurt and eggs including the shells . For supplements I give alfalfa, kelp, salmon oil, vitamin E and C, and probiotics to make their stools less appealing (helps with the poo eaters).

By selecting dog food  free of Ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, by-products, grains, artificial colors and flavors, you will be giving your companion a healthier and longer life.  If you feed your dog good quality dog food, they require less food per serving because their nutritional needs are being met more completely.  This transfers to less stool to clean up.  Now isn't that great news!

When you feed your dog good quality foods you reduce the incidents of dry skin, hot spots, allergic reactions, dental disease, obesity and poor health.  This will mean less visits to the vet office, hence lower medical bills.

There are literally thousands of prepared dog foods out there so become an informed consumer. For kibble, my dogs eat an ultra premium, grain free dog food that can be consumed by puppies, pregnant or lactating bitches, as well as seniors. I feel it is especially good for the larger breeds and is easier for travel than raw food.  I have been very satisfied with this food. My dogs are all healthy, with beautiful coats and clean, bright eyes and teeth.  Need I say more!

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