My 1967 Baja Bug

My 1967 Baja Bug

~The humble beginning~

Well after spending $400.00 of my hard earned cash this is what I bought. Ok I lied again, I only paid half the money, and I still owe $200. Once my down payment was made I hooked up the tow bar, kicked out the cat that was using it for a home, and towed my new toy home. I have worked on it for two weekends straight and while it doesn't look any nicer it runs now!!!! I guess if the cat that lived in it before comes back it will soon be a mobile home. Since I'm short on money I guess my next step is to rip out the interior and get the kitty litter off the floorboards. Stay tuned for more updates like you really care!!!!

~My first update~

It's been just over a month and I'm ready for an update. After lots of manual labor and hard work too.......I now have a stripped to the metal interior. Yes all the kitty liter is finally gone!!! During my treasure hunt while ripping out every piece of soiled, torn and rotted piece of carpet and material I found a few useful items. I found a new clutch cable and my missing windshield wiper. Some of the not so useful items found were old sparkplugs, old 7-11 coffee cup lids and miles of speaker wire that went nowhere, and last but not least.....a petrified lizard. My first addition to the interior are the aluminum bucket seats I installed on custom-made brackets. I also flushed out and painted the old fuel tank, added an electric fuel pump and replaced all the fuel lines. You can also see I have spent some time cleaning up the engine and added a few accessories.

~My second update~

It has been a while since I have updated my page. I have been working hard trying to make some progress on limited funds. There is a new aluminum dash with a tach, voltmeter and oil pressure gauge. I also started to paint the interior white, only around the dash and windshield for now. There is a custom made interior brace that will allow me to attach some racing type shoulder harnesses. It also has a mount for dual spare tires. You can't see it in the pictures but I added a fire extinguisher. I just drove it for the first time in my backyard........what a thrill!!!! (I don't have any brakes yet) Driving it for the first time was fun and it ran great!!! Brakes are next on my list but I won't bore you with pictures of them. After I get the brakes working I will beg, borrow, pimp myself out or steal money so I can buy a battery for it. I am getting so tired of pulling the battery out of my other car so I can work on the bug :( Stay tuned for more you don't have anything better to do than come look at my web page.

~My third update~

I've been a busy camper since my last update. Thanks to Wal-Mart and $45.00 I now have my own battery. As you can see from the new pic's the car is in the middle of my yard instead of being next to my garage. I can now put the car where I want to because it has brakes. Now that I can stop the car is a lot more fun to drive.....not to mention the two-barrel carb I installed with a new intake manifold.....It hauls ASS!!!!! Now I need a bigger back yard so I can get more speed up without worrying about ending up in the neighbor's yard :) It now has coil-over shocks on the rear and electronic ignition. Even though it doesn't look any prettier.....I have all the pieces on it. All of the electrical bugs have been worked out and all lights function as they should. I can't wait to take it out on the public streets and back roads. That's it for now...........(I'd add a counter to this page but I would be bummed out when I came here and the counter only read 3 visits......and they are all mine!!!!)

~My fourth update~

I haven't done much that's worth a picture so there has been no update for a while. I added new gas shocks on the front and made some limit straps to control the travel of the front end. The stuff I did do that's worth a picture........... I made some plastic wind deflectors in place of the wind wings. There are window nets with quick release buckles. I formed some aluminum plate to cover the gaps in the door where the original windows used to be. One of the better improvements was the addition of 3" competition four point harnesses. You can also see the off-road lights installed on the brush guard. Hopefully I will find some good bargains at the next VW swapmeet and get rid of some of the Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. That's it for now........ stay tuned for more!!!!!

~Over One Year Later~

I know it's been way to long since my last update....... Over a year in fact!!! Hey I've been busy!!! There are lots of new things on my Baja. Starting with the most dramatic, it's now all one color!!! The color is a white lacquer from the now defunct Standard Brands Paint. On the outside I added a roof rack since the interior is to full to carry anything. The oil cooler is now on the roof for improved airflow. I have custom-made aluminum door panels and sporty zebra seat covers with extra padding, those aluminum seats are tough on your ASS! Thanks to the Pomona Swapmeet I now have a four point roll bar and a quick release steering wheel. One of my better additions are EMPI big valve performance cylinder heads with 40mm intake, 35.5mm exhaust valves, double valve springs and chrome-moly retainers. The Baja runs pretty damn good now. My next project will be fresh brake shoes. I plan to stud the drums and add steel braided brake lines. I'm slowly trying to collect enough parts to build an engine. Right now all I have is an Engle 110 cam and straight cut gears. I know it's not much but it's a start. If you're patient keep coming back for more updates. That's it for now.............

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