Let Me Hear That Again

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(The Boys making a big noise in the 1928 silent "You're Darn Tootin'".)


    Here in America, at any rate, Stan and Ollie's films aren't shown nearly enough for those of us who love them.  So, here are an assortment of spoken words that are sure to send us from our frequently troublesome times back into the delightful company of the Boys - at least for a few moments. 


Let me hear that again.                                                    0:23   Well, here's another nice mess...                                      0:03
I'm afraid we've made a little faux pas.                            0:03 And don't call me 'Ollie'.                                                  0:09
Boy, oh, boy...                                                                0:05 We just left.  Ten minutes ago.                                         0:15
I'll catch my death of cold.                                               0:10 It's Stan here, Stan there...                                               0:06
Don't you call me a lunk!                                                0:19 What are you doing with that cushion?                            0:27
United we stand.                                                             0:09 If you had a face like mine...                                            0:09
Oh, Gabriel, blow your horn.                                          0:05 He who filters your good name...                                     0:12
When a Hardy makes his mind up...                                 0:05 I've never known it to fail.                                                0:10
Why don't you do something to help me?                        0:03 Fin's 'Doh!'                                                                      0:01
Isn't that funny?                                                              0:05 No, no, no, no, no.                                                          0:03
Stan's cry.                                                                       0:04 Ollie's laugh.                                                                    0:01


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