The Catholics vs. Chick Tracts: "Last Rites"

Catholic Apologist, Vic Scaravilli, was inspired make this video after reviewing the Chick Tract called "Last Rites." Vic is considering doing an entire series debunking Chick Tracts. This is the first of that potential series.

Jack Chick is an anti-Catholic who publishes pamphlets in the form of comic strips. He attacks all forms of formalized religion, most especially Roman Catholicism. Chick's organization has literally passed out hundreds of thousands of these pamphlets, even to young Catholics in Rome for World Youth Day. Based upon poor-research and conspiracy theories, Chick distorts Catholic teachings, and history itself, to make it appear as if Catholicism is some ancient Egyptian religion. (This is the most ridiculous and far-fetched thing I've ever heard in my entire life, by the way).

Some of Chick's tracts are nothing more than Hate Literature

Chick is leading a great number of innocent souls away from the fullness of God's Truth. Vic aims to set the record straight.

The Catholic faith is beautiful, just as God is beautiful, for Christ and His Church are One. If you want to learn what the Catholic church teaches, go to Catholics, and not Jack Chick!

Enjoy and learn!

Catholics vs Chick Tracts: "Last Rites"