Miracle of Damascus Series

The very generous Rick Salbato of Unity Publishing has granted me permission to re-produce and re-cut this documentary series originally produced in 1990 about a church-approved Marian apparition and a Syrian mystic named Myrna Nazzour.

The theme of the messages is this: Heaven is displeased with the division amongst Christians, especially Catholic and Orthodox. God desires us to be one in belief, and unified under one visible head. In short, God desires one flock under one shepherd.

How this will be accomplished I do not presume to know. It will take understanding, patience and most of all LOVE to resolve this issue.

It is my great hope that unity will happen in my lifetime, for I dearly love all who love My Beloved, Jesus Christ.

I implore the Bishops and Patriachs: MAKE THIS HAPPEN, because God desires this, and because the members of your flock desire this. Your flocks dearly love one another. It is a man's natural desire to be with those whom he loves. All else is suffering.

I truly believe that the power of prayer possessed by a married Catholic and Orthodox Church would defeat the works of the devil in our time.

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Part 10

Coming Soon ... The Miracle of Damascus Part 11

A viewer from the Philippines has informed me that an image of the face of Christ appears in Part 10 on frame 5:06 to 5:07. The image of Christ's face is to the right of the Virgin, superimposing the image of the Christ Child. His face is tilted 45 degrees clockwise. Half of His Face is illuminated with the light source approaching from the right. Here are some images I captured. The image is not a reflection off the glass, but is composed of the miraculous oil flowing out between the icon and the glass frame above. Pretty cool, eh?

Part 10, 5:06 Original Christ Image Isolated & Enhanced Part 10, 5:06 Photoshop Enhanced