The Shopping for Jesus Series

"Shopping for Jesus" is a great Catholic Catechism course created by my teacher, Mr. Vic Scaravilli. It is based upon a short story, written by Vic, that chronicles the journey of a young couple new to Christianity.

After accepting Jesus Christ as The Lord God and Savior, the adventure begins when the couple opens the Yellow Pages of the Phone Book to look for a church to attend, finding a vast multitude of choices, each claiming to be Christ's True Church. Reasoning that they ALL cannot be the True Church, they ask themselves, which of these is Christ's true church? The only source of truth known to these new Christians is The Bible. So, Mr. Scaravilli using the Bible as the recipe to find Christ's True Church, shows that the Catholic Church is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church established by Jesus Christ. It is the Church the young couple seek.

Read Shopping for Jesus by Vic Scaravilli, online. It will aid you in following this course.

Vic is is pursuing a Master's degree in Theology from Franciscan University in Steubenville. Meanwhile, he is on the move! With dynamic zeal and unlimited energy he shares what he has learned with others. He teaches RCIA, a Bible Study, a Lenten Retreat, and this featured Catholic Apologetics course called Shopping for Jesus. Whew!

I truly hope you enjoy and grow as a result of this brand new Catholic Apologetics series.

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Coming Soon ... Shopping for Jesus Episode Seven