While I was a student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wisconsin I often walked by the lakeshore of Lake Mendota near the UW Memorial Union. There were always lots of boats there. I had assumed, at the time, that those boats were only for use by the UW Athletic Department. Boy, was I wrong!

The University of Wisconsin Hoofers Sailing Club operates the second largest university sailing club in the nation. It is told that there is only one larger sailing club, at the United State Naval Academy, where all cadets are required to join.

If you live in or near Madison, check it out! You do not have to be a student, faculty or staff to join! All that is required to join is a membership in the Memorial Union, which is available, for a fee, to the general public. (There is, of course, also a membership fee for the sailing club, but given the benefits, it is extremely reasonable!)

I am a (now former) member of the Wisconsin Lake Schooner Education Association, based in Milwaukee. WLSEA constructed a (slightly modified for safety) replica of a Lake Schooner of the type once common on the Great Lakes. Check it out!

Finally, I am also a member of the Maritime Heritage Alliance, based in Traverse City, Michigan, where we like to vacation from time to time. MHA has already built (and sails) a replica Great Lakes Schooner, the "Madeline", and has restored other wooden vessels.

Also located in Traverse City is the Traverse Tall Ship Company . They offer day sailing daily and longer scheduled cruises from time to time on the marvelous topsail schooner, the "Manitou". Check it out!

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