Rhonda Williams -  "It was really good to see you and so many other old friends. Had a great time, and as always, your band was awesome."

Nancy Sawyer -  "Great job Jeff Gregg and the Deep!! I dare anyone with music in their bones to sit still at one of your gigs. Music to get up and shake a tail feather to!!"

Lori Yanell -  "What a great night!!! It was nice seeing you out Friday night! Jeff's band ROCKS!!  Steve and I had the BEST time last night!!! You guys are the BEST!!!"

Kim Keehan -  "Jeff, everyone had the best time!!! I even dreamed you made your first album Danger "DEEP" Water...???"

Joy Peck -  "Really really good night!! Great company good time had by all. Jeff Gregg, Deep the band sounded incredible, one thing that comes with age is the incredible talent of many years of practice!"

Randy Christophersen - "Great music , see ya at the Duck next week!"

Heather Williams -  "Lori, it was so much fun last time. We could go together if you want next time!!"

Paul G Fredricks - "Sounded great last night. Not an easy room to get the sound right, but you nailed it right from the start. Sorry I couldn't stay later, but I have a gig tonight. Happy New Year!"

Heather Williams - "Thank YOU, it was really fun. Happy New Year Jeff!"

Jay Willie - "The Band is real good!"

Suzanne Ford - "The band sounded great and there was such a fun bunch of old and new friends. Deep gigs are the best! The band sounded great and it was so much fun seeing so many long-time friends (not old!)"

Chris Owen - "Great job Jeff. You had punch while not being too loud. Not easy to do."

Karen  Gilbertie Roche - "So much fun! You guys sound great !!"

Eckel Leiser - "Looking good Jeff!!"

Patty Mottern Wahl - "It was great fun, we closed the duck! Loved the band and had a great time visiting with everyone."

Vincent Labozzetta - "Last night brought back old memories. Jeff Great to see you again The band was tight and creative."

Calla Bassett - "Excellent vibes and tunes. Happy to have the opportunity to hear and see them, Chris! Great setting"

"Hey Jeff, It's Rebecca-loved your show last night! You guys are groovy! Very melodic and spot on songs. Would love to jam with you some time. It was so good to see everyone again!"

Craig Atherton - "The only band I've played with that did Allman Brothers and did it well!!! Keep it going guys!"

Paul G Fredricks - "Tight boys. Very nice. Sorry we couldn't stay longer."

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