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"Life is not a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely
in one pretty and well preserved piece,
but to skid across the finish line sideways,
worn out, used up, leaking oil and shouting,

You always hear the saying, "You've tried the rest, now buy the best.  Well, I just did.

Over the years, we've owned almost every brand of motorcycle out there.  For a while that was Goldwings.  At some point I decided I wanted to try something different.  I never found whatever it was that I was looking for until May 2010 when I found this in McLean, Illinois.

Yup, another Goldwing.  a 1996 Aspencade.  We found it in southern Illinois May 17th, 2010 and brought it home.  The second day I had it, I fell back in to an old forgotten habit.  I rode it 9 miles to town and back and somehow managed to put 112 miles on it in the process.  I think I found what was missing.



And here is what it looks like Now!

 I'm updating things on August 13, 2017 and still riding this one.



Some of the other projects we've built

and bikes we've owned.

1999 Moto Guzzi EV11 with a Motorvation Formula II.

 This sidecar has everything we've never had before.  It has a convertible top, electric lean, and a separate disc brake.  At first Barb thought it sat too low, but once she rode in it she rode in it, it was fine.  Unfortunately, the bike is a bit too small to pull it and our camper. 


1998 Honda Valkyrie with a 1987 Ural sidecar.

I really regret selling this bike.  In fact this is the only motorcycle I've owned that I wish I had back. I should have kept it and put the Formula II on it.  At the time I didn't think they would look good together.  Today I wouldn't care.  The Valkyrie was a great bike.

1998 Honda Valkyrie with the Dnepr Sidecar.


  More power than you can imagine.  This thing pulls as well empty as it does with two adults on the bike and three kids in the sidecar. The sidecar was solid, but I didn't like the trunk access so I replaced it with a Ural car.




1980 Yamaha XS 850 and Dnepr sidecar. 


 I  bought this because it was  cheaper than the sidecar  alone.  Hated the bike, not big enough for the Interstate, but  the sidecar was great.

I moved the sidecar to an old XS1100, and then to the Valkyrie.


The Moto Guzzi EV11 with an original Milray Coupe Royale sidecar.

The wife didn't like the idea of riding in an enclosed cab, so this combination never made it to the road.  I sold it to a young lady who wanted to keep her Rottweiller away from curious fingers.


1986 Honda Goldwing Aspencade and a HitchHiker sidecar.

Great bike, but the sidecar was too small for the bike.  It was hard to keep this one on the ground and I eventually bent the frame on a hard left turn.


My grandchildren,  Brandon, Austin, and Caitlyn, shoehorned into the Dnepr.


1986 Honda Aspencade.

 I averaged 22,000 miles a year over 7 years with this bike.  That's the longest I ever kept one motorcycle.

1976 Gold Wing.

 I rode this one through a number of Wisconsin winters.  I'd put the fairing on in late fall and pull it off in spring.  Those are HD bags on the back.

1978 Honda Gold Wing

 with the Arthur Fulmer touring package and another home made trailer.  This was our first Gold Wing.  I used it as a down payment on a house in Kentucky.


1942 Harley Davidson.

 Mine looked nothing like this.  By the time I got her, she was tired and I was broke.  But a friend still rides her today!


1974 Honda CB 750 with the home made trailer.

 This was both my first Japanese bike, and my first truly dependable motorcycle.



My 1959 Triumph Bonneville.

  I got this picture off the web.  I lost track of my early photos after a divorce, but I still have the memories. 



Not bad with a sidecar!  It's not this fast going UP the hill



1952 Triumph Thunderbird.

 Always wanted a  sidecar for this one, but couldn't afford it. 



2007 Honda Helix

Bought this on a whim.  It only had 7,000 miles on it.  It was fun, but not quite my cup of tea.

1995 Honda Pacific Coast

I was thinking about giving up the Goldwing and getting something smaller.  Nope!  Nice ride, but I like my Wing.

2009 Kawasaki KLR

Justin brought this by for me to ride, but it's too tall for me as it sets.  He plans to mount a sidecar to it. 

Quite a few other bikes that were pretty much forgettable.

Assorted other H-Ds, some very old, some very new, all pretty much disappointments.  I'm not saying all Harley's are bad.  But the experiences I had with the bikes and with most of the dealers has been poor.


Dauntless Motors  Staying Warm in an Open Cockpit
or How to make your Own Electric Vests and Pants

Words of Motorcycle Wisdom

15 reasons you'll see a Goldwing on the side of the road.  By Bob Laford. Goggles For Bikers



 More Wisdom from Across the Sea


 I got the following in an email from Kurt Farris at

Harley Riders

Goldwing Drivers

"This beer is flat, let's trash the place." "This cappuccino is cold. Let's only tip 10%."  
"Live to ride. Ride to Live." "Eat to ride. Ride to Eat."  
"Loud pipes save lives" "Honey, will you turn down the radio?"  
Black leather jacket and chaps Red snowmobile suit  
Black leather vest with chain closure and skull and lightning bolt on the back Gray twill vest with trading pins and Gold Wing Road Riders Association chapter patch on the back  
Meets other riders at "The Dam Ice House" Meets other riders at Denny's  
Biker Mama on the back HER Mama on the back.  
Rolling thunder BarcoLounger with wheels  
Dew rags covering up steel plate in the head from riding without a helmet. But looking COOL. Helmet with headset and microphones, covered in reflective patches  
Riding in groups of two Riding in groups of twenty  
Ape hanger bars and splinter seats Big wide seats for big wide butts  
Cross city ride ends at topless bar Cross country ride ends at Dairy Queen.  
National rider's group meeting called "Hog Rally". International group affair called "Wing Ding".  

And some owned by Friends and other Enthusiasts!


My favorite photo.

A friend who lives down the road from me was out shoveling snow

 and flagged me down to run in the house and get her camera for this shot.