Some of you may know of me from the forums in which I participate. Hopefully, many of you have seen my signature that references The Rett Syndrome Association and have had a chance to visit. Thanks to everyone who has. I won't spend any time defining it for you here since that website contains more and better descriptions than I could ever supply. I just wanted to present a couple pictures of a happy, loving child who gives more in a day than she will ever take - despite the difficulties she must confront. She has literally taught us and helped us to learn more about ourselves, each other, and life then we ever could have without her. My wife likes to say that everyone should have a girl just like our daughter. I'd have to agree, but you can't have ours ;-)

To all those who have helped a child in need, or remembered them in their thoughts and prayers, we thank you. We are truly blessed.

Here's the rest of the family. The boys are on the left and I'm the one in the middle. I know that that's gonna cost me, but it is kinda funny :-)

We can't forget our kissin' kitties. This is actually as friendly as they ever get. Just after I took this shot, Boots evicted Whiskers from the chair. Not because he wanted to sit there... just because it's a jungle in here.