Racing Driving Simulator

Having trained on our driving simulator, here's the 9-year-old whoopin' the teenagers that thought that he'd be "in the way". A perfect line around the track almost every time I might add. Pedal to the medal. Go Buddy Go! When I raced him, he lapped me twice. Of course, those go cart engines aren't really meant to withstand the punishment of my delicate figure.

If big brother can do it, then so can I!! He already does very well in the simulator. And if the boys can do it, well, darn it us girls can too! Here are the girls showing their gritty duet racing style. A fun day at the go-cart races in Prudenville, MI. 

Later that summer we went to our first race: NASCAR Trucks and Indy Lights with CART qualifying in the morning. We went to MIS for those who follow racing. I can't explain in words the look on his face, as we sat in the front row for a few minutes during qualifying, and that first 230 MPH rocket screamed past. I'm sure you can envision the face though. We only stayed for the first half of the truck race because it was just too loud - even with earplugs. It was really cool at first when they were all bunched together, but once they were all spread out it was just constant noise and neither of us liked it much (and I have Zeppelin cranked right now!). It's a good place to take a date that you don't want to talk to though.