Yes, but why two? Timber!!! Sinking Feeling The 12 Footer TV for Nothin'

So there's this choke cherry tree that withstands the highest winds that we get here in Michigan (usually not much more than 60 mph). But the next day a light breeze brings branches down. It had done this a few times. The second to the last time is shown below. Man, I almost cried that day. As you can see, we're not talking "yard clutter" branches. On the positive side, this did justify the purchase of a chain saw :-)

And then one day, it happened. I kept telling myself that this was eventually going to happen. We were watching the storm approaching on The Weather Channel and all of a sudden we were watching snow. One of the boys saw it fall. As you can see, the view of the birds due West was spectacular. Nothing larger than my pinky touched the dish. Problem was, a couple hundred things the size of my pinky, that had just fallen about 60 feet, and hit the dish. Miraculously, most of the dish was unharmed. The bad news was that the 1/4" steel polar mount on my Winegard 10 footer was bent to the point of be unusable. Today this dish sits in reserve. Lonely, by the shed, watching the other two dishes have fun. Someday it may go back up as a fixed dish.

As for the tree, well, that was the last time the wind blew down a branch. I just decided that it wasn't a terribly safe tree anymore. It wasn't a matter of dish safety (I hadn't used that pole until very recently). It was a matter of revenge! No, wait. Safety for the children. Yes, that's what it was. And the insurance company paying for most of it :-)