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The image to the right is a win at custom level, 173 mines in a maximum sized playing field (8 April 1998). Completed in less than 6 minutes too! I'm working on the goal of 175 mines now (since I reached my goal of 170), increasing the difficulty by one mine a time. 
(I've altered the image to show "173" since a winning game only shows "OOO")
Count the 6's The clip to the left shows an area surrounded by 6 and 7 mines. This was from a game I played at 164 mines, maximum playing field. Games with 6 mines are rare, games with 7 mines are VERY rare (and very tough to solve I might add). I did win this game, but to save time loading this web page, I've cut out only the interesting bits... (September 7 1997)
I've finally seen the colour of an 8, and it's black!  I was just starting a game, and the third spot I clicked came up an 8.  I saved a copy of the image before I played any more. I said 7's were VERY rare?  Well this makes 8's  EXTREMELY  rare.  This is the first 8 I've ever seen, and I've been playing minesweeper since Windows started including it (10 years?).  Of course, after I saved the image, I lost the game on my next click (sigh...).
8 Mines!
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