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Welcome to Tim McCloud's Personal Web Page!
Link to the Death Marshall Magno Ether Frozen Chicken Rail Gun
Bringing you next Wednesday's technology the day after tommorow.

Lots of fun links:
Me and the TTline Tasmanian Tiger!
Me  :)

You have to see the Video of this!
George Goble - The fastest Barbque lighter in the world.

AltaVista - The best search engine on the net. 

Australian Cricket - I need my fix...  ;)
BrainBench Login - The source of internet skills certification.
Curent Weather (MyWeather.Com) - In Deerfield, Wisconsin
CIAC Bulletins - REAL listed sources of internet threats.
CIAC Hoaxes - FAKE sources of internet threats.
MathieuM's Home Page - Home of the Win95 Forgotit Utility - A must! 
NPD Group Welcome Page - Online Surveys
Oracle Service Humor Archives - Funniest stuff on the net. 
Pet-Expo - St. Jon Petrodex Breath Spray for Pets - A REQUIRED item for dogs...
SARC - Symantec Anti-virus Research Center - REAL virus threats.
Spam Tools - Help stop the blight on our Internet - get the spammers!! 
Terraserver - Satellite photos of the world - find your own home! 
TechRepublic Login - Welcome to the republic
Who Where - An Email address search engine (you should register!) 

Science Fiction Websites

World Science Fiction Society - for all Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans 
1998: BucConeer, the 56th World Science Fiction Convention Lillie's First Con!
2000: Chicon 2000, the 58th World Science Fiction Convention 31 August - 4 September 2000
2001: The Millennium Philcon, the 59th World Science Fiction Convention August 30, 2001 - September 3, 2001
2002: Con Jose, the 60th World Science Fiction Convention Thursday, August 29 through Monday, September 2, 2002
2003: Torcon 3, the 61st World Science Fiction Convention August 28-September 1, 2003
2004: Noreascon 4, the 62st World Science Fiction Convention September 2-6, 2004
2005: Cascadia Con, the 8th North American Science Fiction Convention September 1-5, 2005
2006: LA Con IV, the 64th World Science Fiction Convention 23-27 August 2006
Starfleet Headquarters - Star Trek Fandom 
Unimoosydyne Con Technologies Group

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intellegince (SETI)
Seti@Home - Be part of the search of a lifetime!
Buddah - Tim McCloud & Lillie Canavans Personal Seti@Home statistics
Seti Webcam - Watch the computers at Arecibo search for Life amongst the starts

Aeronautics and Space Websites:

KSC - Kennedy Space Center
KSC - live video feeds
Latvia's Little Star - Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center
Marlin Space Science Systems - Mars Global Surveyor Photos 
NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Gallery - Far out research aircraft 
NASA Human Spaceflight - Human Spaceflight Home Page
NASA International Space Station - Freedom HomePage 
NASA International Space Station
NASA International Space Station Tour - Freedom Virtual Tour
NASA J-Track 3D - Track Satellites in Real Time!
NASA J-Track - Flat Version
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Satellites - Information about what's in orbit
NASA's Warp Drive When? - Futuristic propulsion methods solicited
NASA's Break Through Propulsion Physics Program - The serious version of the "Warp Drive When" page for Physicists. 
NEAR Shoemaker - Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous misson
STSCI Latest Hubble Space Telescope Pictures

Link to Marsnews Website
Martian Dust Storm
Nasa MarsNews Website

Link to Marsnews Website
Cartwheel Galaxy Interactions - Hubble Space Telescope

Savage Garden Music Links

My savage garden webpage
Savage Garden
The Cure - Lyrics
The Synchronicity Archive
Dark Side of the Rainbow - Pink Floyd & The Wizard of Oz

Gamers Links
Game Revolution - Free Downloads & Demos
Game Revolution PC Codes - Secret PC Codes, Hints, Cheats, FAQ's and Walkthroughs
Sierra On-Line, Inc. - home of Myst and lots of other awesome games!
Gamers Links

Anybody out there play Windows Minesweeper? Click on the Minefield to find out more...

I've completed the first 1000 sequential Freecell games! I've only found two games so far that I can't complete, and that's game 617 and 798. I challenge anybody to solve either of these games and send me a picture of the solved game! I've tried game 617 recently, and I must have attempted it 50-70 times without success...

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