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 Harrison Township, Blackford County, Indiana, Biographies
Samuel B Brown, Father of David Brown

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David Brown Family ca. 1900

David Monroe Brown

Brown Family 1894 (Front)

Brown Family 1903 (Front)
(Standing L-R) 
Della Mae Steele (1873-1958)
Leota Arabelle McCloud (1858-1937)
Ida Mineroa Waters (1871-unknown)
Minnie Jane Safley (1862-unknown)
Mary Savina Wilkinson (1866-1918)
Hattie Eva Brown (1875-unknown)
(Seated L-R) 
David Monroe Brown (1831-1917)
Martha Hulett Brown (1838-1923)
Edward Grant Brown (1873-unknown)
David Monroe Brown (1831-1917)
Civil War Corporal
Company G
153 Regiment of Indiana Volunteers

1894 Back

1903 Back

Brown Grave site, Evergreen Cemetery
Lohrville, Calhoun County, Iowa

(Standing L-R)
Russell Noel McCloud (Living)
Vonna Giese McCloud (Living)

(Front row of Stones L-R)
Samuel B Brown (1794-1885)
Louisa Ayer Brown (1805-1896)
David Monroe Brown (1831-1917)
Martha Hulett Brown (1838-1923)

Ellsworth/Brown Picnic ca 1902

Ok, some of these are guesses...

(Left Side L-R), Unknown, Maude May  (Ellsworth) Sievert, Unknown, Della Mae Brown?, Viola J. "Josie" (Ellsworth) Middleton, Unknown (Scratched out on Original)
(Right Side L-R) William H. Sievert, Samuel Nathan Ellsworth, Blanche Odell (Moore) Ellsworth, Edward Grant Brown, Mary Savina (Brown) Wilkinson?, Hattie Eva Brown?

Possibly one of the unknown women could be Kittie B. (Alter) Brown, Edward's wife?

Also, the best guess for the sign is that it says "Do Not Destroy this Birdnest" 

Photo taken at Jack McCloud's place south of Lohrville Iowa.
(Back Row L-R) Orin Newell Brown?, Edward Grant Brown, Melvia McCloud, William Lineas Brown, Edward Waters, Ida Mineroa (Brown) Waters, Martha (Hulett) Brown, Jennie E.McCloud, Clarence Benson McCloud, Ella Lucinda (Brown) Robeson, James "Jim" S McCloud, William "Will" Robeson, Leota Arabelle (Brown) McCloud, Harry Victor Wilkinson holding Gretta Wilkinson, Mary Savina (Brown) Wilkinson, Salathiel Amaziah "Uncle Chink" McCloud, holding Doris McCloud by the arm
(Front Row L-R) --- Della Mae Brown, Hattie Eva Brown, Doris Brown (Orin Newell Brown's wife), Doris' father "Uncle Robbie" (white beard), David Monroe Brown, Carl M McCloud (dragged by horse and killed age 14), Orin W McCloud, Arnie Robeson, Ida Robeson, unknown, Lena P McCloud, unknown.
Photo taken before the Harry Victor Wilkinson home in Lohrville, Iowa.
(Front Row L-R) Gretta Wilkinson, Merle McCalister, Arnie Robeson, George Safley, Ida Robeson, Martha Safley, Jenni E McCloud, Martha Wilkinson, Melva M McCloud
(Second Row L-R) Daniel Perry Ellsworth,  Alvira Victory (Brown) Ellsworth, Martha (Hulett) Brown holding Roy Steele, Grandpa Brown holding Carl Steele, Alvera Parker, 2 children, Leota Arabelle (Brown) McCloud, Minnie Jane (Brown) Safely, George Safely holding twins Herbert & Robert, and Archie Safley. 
(Back Row L-R) Ida?? Robeson, Mort McCalister + Wife, Della Steele, Roxanne Ferrin, Harry Victor Wilkinson, unknown, Mary Savina (Brown) Wilkinson, Della Safely.


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Leota Arabelle (Brown) McCloud
Salathiel Amaziah McCloud
Salathiel Amaziah McCloud
Salathiel's Honorable Discharge
from the American Civil War.
Orin Noel McCloud
(Left to Right) 
Joseph "Joe" McCloud (1921-1990)
Jesse "Jack" McCloud (1884-1969)
Richard "Dick" McCloud (Living)
Samuel "Sam" McCloud (1911-1993)
Salathiel "Dutch" McCloud Jr.
Veteran of the American Civil War
Located at McCloud Grave site
Evergreen Cemetery, Lohrville, Iowa
McCloud Family Grave site
Evergreen Cemetery, Lohrville, Iowa
(Thanks again Vonna and Russell!)
McCloud Family Grave site
Evergreen Cemetery, Lohrville, Iowa


(Not my branch, but part of the family nonetheless.  Thanks Alma!)

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William H Sievert & 
Maude May Ellsworth,
Wedding Photo April 29, 1896
Samuel Nathan Ellsworth &
Blanch Odell Moore, 
Photo taken for 10th Wedding Anniversary in 1902
Daniel Perry Ellsworth & Alvira Victory (Brown) Ellsworth
Photo in front of their home in Lohrville, Iowa ca 1915


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