Images of Australia
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This panorama is the Twelve Apostles, part of the Great Ocean Road of Eastern Victoria.  To give you an idea of the scale, the olive green plants at the top of the cliffs are trees the size of houses, and cannot even see the parking lot of the national park lookout on the cliff edge above the Apostle on the far right of the photo. The Twelve Apostles, Eastern Victoria
Ayers Rock, also known to the Aborigines as Ululru, is the largest single visible rock in the world! (The largest rock is in Western Australia, but most of that one is underground)  For miles in every direction is just red sand, and much smaller rocks.  It is climbable to the adventurous, but again to give you an idea of scale, there is a two storey visitors centre in the picture at the base of the rock, but from where the picture was taken, it is so small you cannot see it.  One thing that suprised be the most was to learn that no photo can do it justice, because the top is flat, and goes further back behind the picture than the picture is wide.  The aborigines called it the heart of Australia, and it is in the middle of the continent, but what I find amazing is that it looks like a heart from the air - but the aborigines had no method of flying! 
(and I don't mean a shape like this © either, I mean a REAL human heart).
Ayers Rock, Nothern Territories
And now to show you a panorama of the wonderful city I live in, Sydney Australia.  The spire on the left is Centrepoint Tower, the highest "structure" in Australia (The tallest "building" is the Rialto Tower in Melbourne, but Centrepoint is higher).  The viewing from there is tremendous! Moving right from there is the CBD (Central Business District) and then the bay between the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge is called Circular Quay (Pronounced "key" to all you Yanks out there :). On the far side of the bridge is Gleebe and the western suburbs, and the blue line on the horizon is the Blue Mountains. To the right of the bridge is North Sydney. Just above the Opera House (next to the crease in the photo) you might see a tall masted sailing vessel; that is the replica of the Bounty (as in "Mutiny on the"), which you can ride in and cruise the Harbour.  The big park in the left foreground is the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens. 
I believe that the photo was taken in 1994 during the annual Ferry Boat races (the big green and yellow ships passing under the bridge). 
Sydney Harbour at Sunset, taken from on the Harbour on a Sydney Ferry. 
Sydney at Sunset from the Harbour
Another Panorama of Sydney at Sunset. 
I love this city, it has the most Beautiful Harbour that I have ever seen in the World.
Sydney Harbour at Sunset