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Unit C - Adding Graphics and Multimedia

Here is a sample of the use of an image tag with an alt attribute pop-up window. Notice the image can be sized. In this case the image is sized to 146 by 56 pixels

This is popup text generated by an alt attribute

Here is a sample of an image that has hotspot links. It is generated with various image map tags, attributes and xy coordinates. You can view a full working sample of this image map by clicking on the wisconsin hotspot. Notice the target="_blank" attribute causes the link to open in a new browser window.

Map of the USA with links to American Family operating states Link to Wisconsin Locations

Here is a sample of a link to a video file... "The fastest barbeque lighter in the world - George Gobel

Click on this image to listen to some music.

Timmy being eaten by a Tasmanian Tiger

For further information regarding HTML images, check out

For further information regarding HTML links, check out

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