"another person in my skin
        crawl and scratch me from within
   i hear a voice inside the din, i know

                 And you tell me"

version 1.1
wow, i forgot about this place for awhile...

Welcome to my nightmare....er... website. This started as a way to learn HTML in 1995 and has grown ever since. In 1996 I moved to Javanet.com which got bought out by RCN. In 2001 I finally got digital cable and everything has moved and is being revised for its new home at Charter.net. No I don't see any point in linking to service providers. They already make enough off me, they don't need the extra referals! I also finally moved the band sites off to their own accounts.

Disclaimer/Warning: Its not all supposed to make sense to anyone but me. Its not supposed to scare you or enlighten you or make you better in bed. Its just entertainment that may or may not be informative depending on your level of personal knowledge of me. ah...., I love the smell of HTML in the morning......

For those of you who don't know... I am a 1996 WPI alumni with a BS in Civil/Environmental Engineering. No I didn't BS my way through it. That would have been high school (Cathedral HS for you trivia buffs/stalkers). I work with a group of very nice people at ATI Research as a Workstation QA Engineer. I test 3D and CAD software on video cards all day. Pretty nice gig. I don't help society, but I work for a better product. Ah well. Ok, I wish, most of what I do lately is playing mindnumbingsoulretarding video games. And I don't even like video games.

"In my delusions I devise
         A different face with different eyes
    The revolutions start inside, I know

                     And you tell me."

I bought, yes bought as in mortgage and stuff, a house on College Hill (South Side!) in Worcester, MA. Here's a hint, click (you know, do that mouse thing!) on the "studio" link on the left frame there... At any rate, I've been here over a year and I finally feel at home for the first time in my life. Haven't fallen off a ladder, run over my foot with the lawnmower, blown the place up with a gas heater, etc. I have developed a strange fascination with Home Depot that I'm told is perfectly normal by other homeowners but I'm not so sure.... All kidding aside, homeownership so far has been more rewarding in terms of peace of mind than any relationship I've ever been in. As Trace once painted on a picture and gave to me "requires stabilization" -well trace, I found it, finally. Current occupants are Jennever and Megan Pinch aka "the professor".

                  "I might be crazy over you / and you tell me
         No excuse to lose it over you / and you tell me
  So impatient wait to light the fuse / and you tell me"

Guess what? after 7 years I finally told my mom I have tattoos (6 now). Know what that means? Yep. More pages of useless stuff here, eventually, once I get around to it. I finally have the scanner all hooked up in the house (gee only took a year...) and maybe someday I'll get a digital camera and take pictures of them. At any rate, ink is legal in Massachusetts now -FINALLY- and there's a great little studio in Worcester called "Port of Worcester" - its off Southbridge St. right next to Easy Pieces on Quinsigamond Ave. Ask for Tyler or Sean.

           "Laying on the sanitarium floor / and you tell me
    Living with a cellmate I ignore / and you tell me
 With fingers clamped so tightly round my head / and you tell me"

So i redesigned this site pretty heavily. kept some content and the frame layout but everything else is redesigned. let me know what you think. i was going for a cleaner, somewhat old-school, kind of low-fi approach so if you're like "ewww.." that might be why.

"I set the house on fire explode
Into the driveway as you go
And you don't answer anymore, I know

                           And you tell me"

This is something I copied from theregister.co.uk's website. Another installment of my rant that mp3's are fine with me (tho they sound like crap, worse than radio quality) and that the labels/RIAA are the true axis of evil:

From: Gene Mosher 
To: ashlee.vance@theregister.co.uk 
Subject: RIAA 

My great grandfather was born in 1870. He learned to build
crystal radio sets to listen to the earliest radio broadcasts
in the 1920's. He would invite the whole town of about 500
over to listen to them. 
My grandfather was born in 1899. He purchased one of the
earliest tape recorders to make copies of radio broadcasts
for his friends in the late 1950s. 
My dad was born in 1924. He had a collection of 78's that he
passed around for many years until he died last year.
And now I am using the Internet to assemble an MP3 collection
of all the tunes on all those LPs, cassette tapes and CD's
that I've been buying since 1959. 
I'll be damned in hell before I accept the notion that I and
my ancestors who love to listen to the audio arts are in any
sense guilty of anything that is illegal, wrong, evil, immoral
or improper. 

To pull it out and put it in
      Another person in my skin
                I wish I could go again, I know

                                                      And you tell me"

What's a tintern? well, Tintern Abbey is an old church in England. its fame descends from the William Wordsworth poem "Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey". the poem provided my first band's name "Tintern Abbey" which then served to provide my net login "tintern" some people i know keep muttering something about it being related to this insane something or other but we don't listen to them do we...

"And as I feed upon myself
  I know it's me and no one else
You know, you know

           And you tell me"

"Across a bridge of frozen ice
Is there a lake of bad advice?
You know, you know

                     And you tell me"

song lyrics from Sugar's "And You Tell Me" 
off the album "Besides" - written by Bob Mould

everything you've not seen before copyright 1997-2003

tintern@charter.net ...everything else is obviously stolen.