Artist Title Album
27 The Cause 27
A Graham & The Moment Band Blurred Back This Tyrant Is Free 2004
A Northern Chorus Take Your Canvas Everywhere Spirit Flags
A Place To Bury Strangers Don't Thing Lover s/t
A Place To Bury Strangers I've Lived My Life To Stand... s/t
A Place To Bury Strangers Missing You s/t
Ambulance Stay Where You Are unreleased
An Albatross The Revolutionary Politics of Dance We Are The Lazer Viking
An April March Somewhere Up Above Triggers
Andrea Maxand Bedroom Window Where the Words Go
Andrea Maxand Half a Joke Where the Words Go
Angela McCluskey It's Been Done The Things We Do
Angie Heaton Let It Ride s/t
Annette Farrington Viva Azure Wonder & Lust
Anti-Love Project One Wish People Fall Apart E.P.
Anti-Love Project People Fall Apart People Fall Apart E.P.
Apocalypse Pow! Diamonds of War Smash the Superstition EP
Appliance Aquaplane Manual
Appogee Ep[i]phany Unconscious Ruckus
Arab Strap Cherubs Elephant Shoe
Arab Strap Direction of Strong Man Elephant Shoe
Arcade Butchwax Into The Light
Asobi Seksu I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me Asobi Seksu
Asobi Seksu Sooner Asobi Seksu
Astral Turn Me Around Turn Me Around
Astralwerks Gemma Hayes: Back of My Hand 2003 New Music
Astralwerks Placebo: The Bitter End 2003 New Music
Atrina Memento Searching For A Better Way EP
Atrina Spy Synthesized To Enhance Your..
Band of Susans Dirge Here Comes Success
Band of Susans Nor in This Life Veil
Band of Susans The Last Temptation of Susan Veil
Band of Susans Tourniquet Love Agenda
belle & sebastian The Boy With The Arab Strap The Boy with the Arab Strap
Ben Neill Bouquet Automotive
Beth Orton Stolen Car Central Reservation
Bettie Serveert Attagirl Attagirl
Beulah My Side of the City Yoko
Big Black Kerosene The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape
Biirdie You've Got Darkness Morning Kills The Dark
Bikini Kill Blood One Pussywhipped
Black Helicopter Mousemeat _That Specific Function
Black Mountain Druganaut S/T
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Rifles B.R.M.C.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Rise or Fall Take Them On, On Your Own
Blackalicious Paragraph President Blazing Arrow
Blanche Superstition Demo EP
Blessed Light Suzzane Sunshine Love Lights The Way
Bloc Party Pioneers Silent Alarm
Bloc Party Positive Tension Silent Alarm
Bob Mould Hanging Tree Black Sheets of Rain
Bob Mould JC Auto Beaster
Bob Mould Judas Cradle Beaster
Bob Mould Paralyzed Body of Song
Bobbie Gentry Casket Vignette Chickasaw County Child - The A
Boss Hog Winn Coma Boss Hog
Brassy Hit 'Em Hard Getting Wise
Bright Eyes Lover I Don't Have To Love bright eyes
British Sea Power Carrion Holiday Hangover
Broadcast Pendulum Haha Sound
Broken Social Scene almost crimes (radio kills remix) You Forgot It In People
Bruces The Electric Halo The Electric Halo
Burd Early Fertilizer S/T
Call Response Trapped Under Ice Trapped Under Ice
Calla It Dawned On Me It Dawned On Me
Calla Televised Celebrate Independents
Candy Skins so easy space i'm in
Carlsonics Ice People Arenarock Recordings
Cat Power Cross Bones Style Moon Pix
cathari popeholder Cathari
Cathari The Drinking Milk Part Cathari
Catherine Wheel Shallow Ferment
Charlene Shoot Yr. Life Charlene
Citizens Here And Abroad Appearances Ghosts Of Tables And Chairs
Clann Zu Five Thousand More Rua
Clearlake Almost the Same Cedars
Clown Down Where the Temperature is Colder Living Alone
Colorblind still Euphoria
Concrete Blonde Jenny I Read Mexican Moon
Concrete Blonde Rain Mexican Moon
Consonant Details of Attraction Consonant
Constantines Nighttime/Anytime (It's All Right) Nighttime/Anytime (It's All Right)
Cookie Galore Secret Kiss N/A
CORK. slighted cork
Courtney Love Mono (Explicit) America's Sweetheart
Cowboy Junkies Crescent Moon Pale Sun, Crescent Moon
Cowboy Junkies Just Want to See Lay It Down
Cranes Come This Far Loved
Cranes Driving in the Sun Future Songs
Cursive the Recluse Celebrate Independents
Curve Coast Is Clear Frozen
Curve Missing Link Cuckoo
Curve Perish Gift
Curve Recovery Perish
Curve Want More Need Less Perish
Dealership Pure Of Heart Action/Adventure (Demo)
Dear Leader Raging Red All I ever wanted was Tonight
Deerhoof This Magnificent Bird Will Ris This Magnificent Bird Will Ris
Despistado Burning House The People Of And Their Verses
Diner History Of Looking Out For Me Eight Pound Guitar
Dinosaur Jr. Pond Song Bug
Dinosaur Jr. Puke + Cry Green Mind
Dinosaur Jr. Start Choppin' Where You Been
Dinosaur Jr. The Wagon Green Mind
Dirty on Purpose Mind Blindness Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow
Dressy Bessy Just Once More Just Once More
Dub Pistols Cyclone Point Blank
Earlimart We Drink On The Job Celebrate Independents
Echo and the Bunnymen My White Devil Porcupine (Reissue)
Edwyn Collins A Girl Like You Gorgeous George
Einstürzende Neubauten Kalte Sterne Strategies Against Architecture '80-'83
Einstürzende Neubauten Tanz Debil Strategies Against Architecture '80-'83
Einstürzende Neubauten Zum Tier Machen Strategies Against Architecture '80-'83
Elastica Stutter Elastica
Elefant Misfit (remix) Misfit (remix)
Emperor X Florencia Tropicana Florencia Tropicana
Evening Vivixc Other Victorians
Evergreen Plastic Bag Evergreen
Eve's Plum Die Like Someone Envy
Explosions In The Sky Memorial The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
faint agenda suicide Danse Macabre
Faith No More We Care a Lot [Original Version] Who Cares a Lot: Greatest Hits (1 of 2)
February Hit Me Tomorrow Is Today
Fiel Garvie I Didn't Say Leave Me Out of This
Fiel Garvie Tail Lights Vuka Vuka
Fiery Furnaces Crystal Clear The Fiery Furnaces
FischerSpooner Emerge  -
FischerSpooner The 15th 1
Fischerspooner Turn on Fischerspooner
Fiver They Hardly Know Let It All Fall Down
For Against Coalesced Coalesced
Frank Black Los Angeles Frank Black
frankenixon Impasse Amorphous
Frausdots Dead Wrong Couture, Couture, Couture
Frente! Accidently Kelly street Marvin the Album
Front 242 Headhunter Headhunter
frost running boy melodica
Fugazi Bed for the Scraping Red Medicine
Fugazi Repeater Repeater + 3 Songs
Fugazi Waiting Room Waiting Room
future bible heroes good thing i don't have any feelings i'm lonely
Gatsby moderator five songs
Girls Against Boys BFF You Can't Fight What You Can't See
Girls Against Boys Super-Fire House of GVSB
Girls In A Coma Race Car Driver demo
Glori5 Fat Glori5
Grails Burden Of Hope The Burden Of Hope
Green Magnet School Windshield Blood Music
greenwell one could be dead Untitled - 06-14-04
Handsome Boy Modeling School Rock & Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) So...How's Your Girl?
Handsome Boy Modeling School / J-Live / Roisin The Truth So...How's Your Girl?
Happy Mondays Step On Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches
Happy The Clown Wayout Collections
Heart Throbs Dreamtime Cleopatra Grip
Heather Nova Sugar Live From The Milky Way
HelloAttack D SharkAttack!Music 3.5eps
Hole Gold dust woman soundtrack
Holy Sons Trivialized I Want to Live a Peaceful Life
Hot Hot Heat Goodnight Goodnight Goodnight Goodnight
Howard Hello Giving Up Don't Drink His Blood
Hum Puppets Puppets
Hum Stars You'd Prefer an Astronaut
Human Television Track 05 My Music
Hüsker Dü Bed of Nails Warehouse: Songs and Stories
Hüsker Dü Ice Cold Ice Warehouse: Songs and Stories
Hüsker Dü New Day Rising New Day Rising
Hüsker Dü No Reservations Warehouse: Songs and Stories
Hüsker Dü Too Much Spice Warehouse: Songs and Stories
Idlewild Century After Century The Remote Part
Iggy & the Stooges Gimme Danger Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop Candy Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop Nightclubbing Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop
Ill Lit Preston Rules ill lit
Ima Robot Alive Ima Robot
Ima Robot Dynomite Ima Robot
Interpol Evil Antics
Interpol PDA Turn on the Bright Lights
Interpol Slow Hands Antics
IRIS - Chapel Hill Wired In all of us
J Mascis + The Fog Free So Free Free So Free
Jale Back on Track So Wound
Jale Mosquito So Wound
Jawbox Channel 3 Novelty
Jawbox Chump Novelty
Jawbox Savory Savory
Jens Lekman Black Cab Blackcab
Jentri Lovejoy Until Then Electric St. Studios Sampler Vol. 1
Jesu We All Faulter Jesu
Johnny Cash I Walk the Line Original: Best Of
Joy Division Atmosphere Atmosphere 12"
Joy Division Day of the Lords Unknown Pleasures
Joy Division Dead Souls Heart and Soul (2 of 4)
Joy Division Digital A Factory Sample
Joy Division Disorder Heart and Soul (1 of 4)
Joy Division Ice Age Heart and Soul (1 of 4)
Joy Division Insight Unknown Pleasures
Joy Division Interzone Heart and Soul (1 of 4)
Joy Division Isolation Closer
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart Substance
Joy Division Means to an End Closer
Joy Division New Dawn Fades Heart and Soul (1 of 4)
Joy Division Passover Heart and Soul (2 of 4)
Joy Division Shadowplay Unknown Pleasures
Joy Division Transmission Substance
Juliana Hatfield Choose Drugs Beautiful Creature/Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure (1 of 2)
June Carter Cash Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? Wildwood Flower
Junkie XL A Little Less Conversation (Feat Elvis Presley) Radio JXL: a broadcast from the computer hell cabin
Junkie XL Crusher (Feat. Saffron) Radio JXL: a broadcast from the computer hell cabin
Junkie XL Perfect Blue Sky (Feat. Robert Smith) Radio JXL: a broadcast from the computer hell cabin
Kaito Should I? Band Red
Kalpana Track01 Hors de Combat
Kasabian Club Foot Kasabian
Kasabian LSF Kasabian
Kasabian Processed Beats Kasabian
Katastrophy Wife Widdershins Amusia
Katy Rose Vacation Holiday Hangover
Kelis VS Dizzy Bull Welk Shake Milkshake
Killing Joke Blood on Your Hands Killing Joke [2003]
Killing Joke You'll Never Get to Me Killing Joke [2003]
King Missile Let's Have Sex King Missile
King Missile Pigs Will Fly King Missile
kinski daydream Be gentle with the warm turtle
Kinski Newport  -
L7 Pretend We're Dead Bricks Are Heavy
ladyofspain lietome mastered-demo
Laika Black Cat Bone Good Looking Blues
Le Tigre Nanny Nanny Boo Boo This Island
Le Tigre On the Verge This Island
Legends There And Back Again Up Against The Legends
Linda Thompson / Richard Thompson Shoot Out the Lights Shoot Out the Lights
LL Cool J Doin IIt Walking WIth A Panther
LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out Mama Said Knock You Out
LL Cool J Phenomenon Phenomenon
Lo Fidelity Allstars / Pigeonhed Battle Flag How to Operate with a Blown Mind
Local H Half-life Here Comes the Zoo
Lockgroove Nullify SharkAttack!Music 3.5eps
Longwave Everywhere You Turn Day Sleeper
Longwave River (Depot Song) River (Depot Song)
Lovckgroove Something To Give Somethign To Give
Luscious Jackson Ladyfingers Electric Honey
Lush Hey Hey Helen Gala
Madder Rose Swim Bring It Down
Madonna Die Another Day {From Die Another Day} American Life [Clean]
Maganapop Open the Door Rubbing Doesn't Help
Manic Street Preachers Dead Martyrs Know Your Enemy
Manic Street Preachers Found That Soul Know Your Enemy
Manic Street Preachers If you tolerate this... This is our truth...
Manic Street Preachers Motorcycle Emptiness Greatest Hits
Manic Street Preachers P.C.P. The Holy Bible
Maritime Adios Adios
Massive Attack What Your Soul Sings 100th Window
Meat Beat Manifesto Acid Again Actual Sounds + Voices
Meat Beat Manifesto Asbestos Lead Asbestos Subliminal Sandwich (1 of 2)
Meat Beat Manifesto Cancer Subliminal Sandwich (1 of 2)
Meat Beat Manifesto Prime Audio Soup Actual Sounds + Voices
Medea Connection Through the Fields The Bell Ringer
Medea Connection Together We Explode The Bell Ringer
Medicine I Smile to My Eyes The Mechanical Forces of Love
Medicine Time Baby III Sounds of Medicine Forgot About Monday - Dr. Dre vs Eminem (Dj Mei-Lwun)
MeWithoutYou Jan-79 Jan-79
Migala Track 03 EL Tigre Que Hay En Ti
Milla Gentleman Whoe Fell The Divine Comedy
Miltown Unraveling Demos1
Ministry Impossible Animositisomina
Ministry Just One Fix Just One Fix
Ministry Stigmata The Land of Rape and Honey
Ministry The Light Pours Out of Me Animositisomina
Mink Lungs Catch Me Catch Me
Mission of Burma Academy Fight Song [1980 7" Single] Signals, Calls and Marches
Modern English 16 Days modern english
Modest Mouse Float On Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Modest Mouse Never Ending Math Equation Building Nothing Out of Something
Modest Mouse Ocean Breathes Salty Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Mogwai Hunted by a freak Happy songs for happy people
Mommy and Daddy Confection Fighting Style Killer Panda
Monster Movie Crash Landing Monster Movie
Moonbabies Fieldtrip USA The Orange Billboard
Morrissey America Is Not the World You Are the Quarry [CD & DVD] (1 of 2)
Moving Units Between Us and Them Between Us and Them
Ms. Led And Now We Know These Things We Say
Mud Tiger Feet Tiger Feet
Muse Apocalypse Please Absolution
My Bloody Valentine Blown a Wish Loveless
My Bloody Valentine Drive It All Over Me You Made Me Realise [Creation}
My Bloody Valentine Only Shallow Loveless
My Bloody Valentine When You Sleep Loveless
Nanook Of The North The Explorer The Täby Tapes
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Grey Cell Green God Fodder
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Kill Your Television God Fodder
Nellie McKay Inner Peace First Album
Neurosis - Jarboe His Last Words s/t
New Order Crystal Get Ready
New Order Dreams Never End Movement
New Order Krafty Waiting for the Sirens' Call
New Order Turn Waiting for the Sirens' Call
Nic Armstrong If We Can't Escape, My Pretty Online Exclusive
Nice Cave and the Bad Seeds Bring It On From Across The Sea Volume 5
Nickel Creek Spit On A Stranger This Side
Nine Inch Nails Physical (You're So) Broken
Nipple Erectors Nobody To Love Nipple Erectors
Old 97's Jagged Fight Songs
Old 97's Murder (Or a Heart Attack) Fight Songs
Old 97's Oppenheimer Fight Songs
On!Air!Library! Faultered Ego S/T
On!Air!Library! Feb. S/T
Oneida All Arounder All Arounder
Oneside Conversation Pretty Sober EP
Orchards & Vines Tomorrow's Yesterday Tomorrow's Yesterday
Outkast Dracula's Wedding Love below
P.I.L. / Public Image Ltd. Disappointed The Greatest Hits, So Far
P.I.L. / Public Image Ltd. Public Image The Greatest Hits, So Far
P.I.L. / Public Image Ltd. Rise The Greatest Hits, So Far
P.I.L. / Public Image Ltd. This Is Not a Love Song The Greatest Hits, So Far
Paper Thin Stages The Boy Who Cried Wizard Hox Bot
Parliaments Testify Parliaments
Patsy Cline Walkin' After Midnight The Heart of a Legend
Paula Kelley The Girlfriend TTWS
Pere Ubu Final Solution Terminal Tower
Pixies Broken Face Surfer Rosa
Pixies Gigantic Surfer Rosa
PJ Harvey A Perfect Day Elise Is This Desire?
PJ Harvey Dress Dry
PJ Harvey Sheela-Na-Gig Dry
PJ Harvey The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
Placebo 36 Degrees Placebo
Placebo Days Before You Came Black Market Music [Bonus Tracks]
Placebo Pure Morning (M B V Remix) Bsides
Pleasant Grove Elaborate Son s/t
Plumerai Intangible Demo
Prefuse 73 Plastic Plastic
Presley Vodka and Orange juice Presley
Pretty Girls Make Graves Blue Lights The New Romance
Pretty Girls Make Graves Something Bigger, Something Brighter The New Romance
Pretty Girls Make Graves Speakers Push the Air Good Health
Pretty Girls Make Graves The Get a Way Good Health
Pretty Girls Make Graves The New Romance The New Romance
Primal Scream Miss Lucifer Evil Heat
Primal Scream Shoot Speed/Kill Light XTRMNTR
Primal Scream Swastika Eyes XTRMNTR
Primal Scream/ Kevin Shields City Evil Heat
Prodigy Girls Always Outnumbered, Never Outg
Prodigy Hor Ride Always Outnumbered, Never Outg
Prodigy Memphis Bells Always Outnumbered, Never Outg
Prosaics Teeth MP3 Aghast Agape
ps pylons double standards
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet Fear of a Black Planet
Public Enemy Fight the Power Fear of a Black Planet
Queen Adreena Are The Songs My Disease Queen Adreena
Queen Adreena Kitty Collar Queen Adreena
Queen Adreena X-ing Off The Days Taxidermy
R.E.M. Exhuming McCarthy Document
R.E.M. Pretty Persuasion Reckoning
R.E.M. Radio Free Europe Murmur
Radio America Art Rock Electric St. Studios Sampler Vol. 1
Radio America I Want To Be Your Elvis Costello Electric St. Studios Sampler Vol. 1
Rainer Maria Breakfast of Champions Look Now Look Again
Rainer Maria Ears Ring Long Knives Drawn
Rainer Maria Planetary Look Now Look Again
Rainer Maria The Imperatives Long Knives Drawn
Ratatat Crips Ratatat
Ratatat Seventeen Years Ratatat
Read Yellow Fashion Fatale Celebrate Independents
Regina Spektor Your Honor Soviet Kitsch
Retgina Spektor Us Soviet Kitsch
Ride Close My Eyes Smile
Ride Drive Blind Smile
Rocket Science Sex Call Eternal Holiday
Rocketship Never Gonna Let You Go Trace  Rocketship split EP
Rogue Wave Endless Shovel Out Of The Shadow
Rooftop Suicide Club Arizona Demo
Rooftop Suicide Club Plea For My Life none
Rosie Huntress Silver Chain Rosie Huntress
Sahara Hotnights Push on Some Some C'mon Let's Pretend
Sahara Hotnights Quite a Feeling C'mon Let's Pretend
Saint Eve Heartblack Amnesiac
Sarah Rabdau summerkiller Benevolent Apollo
Say Hi To Your Mom Blizzard Discosadness
Scissor Sisters Comfortably Numb single
Sea Ray Lalaland Stars At Noon
Sea Ray Quiver Stars At Noon
Sea Ray Revelry Stars At Noon
Seachange Anglokana Lay of the Land
Seafood Splinter When Do We Start Fighting
Secret Machines Nowhere Again Now Here Is Nowhere
Seekonk Tiny Lustre Seekonk
Sheila Divine The Swan Secret Society
Sheila Divine We All Have Problems Secret Society
Shonben Lessons Lessons
Sigur Ros Hun Jord Von
Siouxsie & the Banshees Peekaboo Peep Show
Siouxsie & the Banshees Scarecrow Peep Show
Skinny Puppy Assimilate [R23 Remix] 12" Anthology
Skinny Puppy Scrapyard Last Rights
Sleater-Kinney Off With Your Head One Beat [Bonus Disc] (2 of 2)
Sleater-Kinney The Professional All Hands on the Bad One
Slipstream Healing Hands Transcendental
Sloan I Am the Cancer Smeared
Sloan Median Strip Smeared
Slowdive Alison Souvlaki
Slowdive Beach Song Various Slowdive
Slowdive Take Me Down  -
Snake vs. Wizard It Will Kill You Snake vs. Wizard EP
Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground [Nellee Hooper Edit] Becoming X
Sneaker Pimps Tesko Suicide Becoming X
Snowpony Easy Way Down Slow Motion World of Snowpony
Snowpony Snow White Slow Motion World of Snowpony
Social Distortion Indulgence Prison Bound
Social Distortion Prison Bound Prison Bound
Soltero Nella Madeleine The Tongues You Have Tied
Son Volt Drown Trace
Sonic Youth Bubblegum EVOL
Sonic Youth Hey Joni Daydream Nation
Sonic Youth Schizophrenia Sister
Sonic Youth Star Power EVOL
Sonic Youth Teen Age Riot Daydream Nation
Soul Coughing Monster Man El Oso
Soul Coughing St. Louise Is Listening El Oso
South Paint the Silence From Here On In
Soviet Marbleyezed we are eyes, we are builders
Speaking Canaries Coffin Jitters Get Out Alive The Last Type St
Speaking Canaries Menopause Diaries Get Out Alive The Last Type St
SPRCSS Spring Garden Drive-by SPRCSS
SSION Who's Your Favorite, Baby? Opportunity Bless My Soul
Starflyer 59 Wake Up Early Wake Up Early
Statistics A Number, Not A Nme Leave your name
Stellastarr In The Walls On Fire CD Sampler
Stereo MC's We Belong in This World Together Deep Down & Dirty
Stereolab ...Sudden Stars Instant 0 in the Universe EP
Stereophonics Jealousy You Gotta Go There To Come Back
Steve Earle Amerika v. 6.0 (The Best We Ca Jerusalem
Steve Earle Copperhead Road Just an American Boy
Steve Earle Guitar Town Just an American Boy
Steve Earle / Supersuckers N.Y.C. El Corazon
Suede The Drowners Suede
Sugar And You Tell Me Besides
Sugar Gift File Under: Easy Listening
Sugar Going Home Besides
Sugar Hoover Dam Copper Blue
Sugar JC Auto Beaster
Sugar Judas Cradle Beaster
Sugar Needle Hits E Besides
Sugar The Act We Act Copper Blue
Sugar Your Favorite Thing File Under: Easy Listening
Summer At Shatter Creek Worlds Away Worlds Away
Sunform Circled Direction
Sunform In Her Way Direction
Sunform Revenge Direction
Superchunk Slack Motherfucker Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91)
Swervedriver Blowin' Cool Mezcal Head
Swervedriver Girl on a Motorbike Mezcal Head
Swervedriver Rave Down Raise
Swervedriver Sci-Flyer Raise
Swervedriver Son of Mustang Ford Raise
Swervedriver Sunset Live in Stockholm 1996
Swiss Dot Thought I Saw Watched You Misbehave
Systems Officer Signature Red Systems Officer
tangelo patuscia tangelo
Tangelo Sugarloaf Tangelo
Tangiers Anxiety Hot New Spirits
Tanya Donelly Pretty Deep Lovesongs for Underdogs
Taxpayer Sterile Agendas taxpayer
Tha Paperbacks An Episode of Sparrows An Episode of Sparrows
The Aeffect Burning In The Bed on Fire Untitled Album
The Afghan Whigs Conjure Me Congregation
The Afghan Whigs Crime Scene, Pt. 1 Black Love
The Afghan Whigs Debonair Debonair #1
The Afghan Whigs I'm Her Slave Congregation
The Afghan Whigs Summer's Kiss Black Love
the autumn rhythm still there self-titled
The Beautiful South You Keep It All In Welcome to the Beautiful South
The Broke Revue All Those Letters The Broke Revue
The Buck Pets Pearls Mercurotones
The Cancer Conspiracy The Summer of Andy The Cancer Conspiracy
The Cansecos This Small Disaster The Cansecos
The Cardigans My Favourite Game Gran Turismo
The Chameleons UK Mad Jack Strange Times
The Chameleons UK Swamp Thing Strange Times
The Chemical Brothers Leave Home Exit Planet Dust
The Church Sealine Forget Yourself
The Church Song in Space Forget Yourself
The Clash Death or Glory London Calling
The Clash Lost in the Supermarket London Calling
The Clash Spanish Bombs London Calling
The Clash The Guns of Brixton London Calling
The Colour Mirror Ball The Colour is Out & About
The Comas Hologram Conductor
The Comas Invisible Drugs Conductor
The Comas The Science Of Your Mind Conductor
The Connells '74-'75 Ring
The Connells Slackjawed Ring
The Corleones On the Wait Soundtrack to Suicide
The Creatures Another Planet Anima Animus
The Creatures Fury Eyes Boomerang
The Creatures Mad Eyed Screamer A Bestiary Of...The Creatures
The Creatures Miss the Girl A Bestiary Of...The Creatures
The Creatures Say Anima Animus
The Creatures Slipping Away U.S. Retrace
The Creatures Thank You U.S. Retrace
The Crystal Method The American Way Legion of Boom
The Cure Before Three The Cure
The Cure Boys Don't Cry Boys Don't Cry
The Cure Burn The Crow Soundtrack
The Cure Just Like Heaven Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
The Cure Taking Off The Cure
The Curtain Society All Over You (The Blue Mix) Inertia
The Curtain Society Two Wonderful Stars Where Are You?
The Dandy Warhols Bohemian Like You Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
The Darling Buds Isolation Erotica
The Darling Buds It Makes No Difference Crawdaddy
The Decemberists The Soldiering Life Her Majesty The Decemberists
The Desert Fathers A Practical Joke The Spirituality
The Desert Fathers Life After Everlasting Life The Spirituality
The Dresden Dolls Girl Anachronism Dresden Dolls
The Envy Corps Prisoners Of War Soviet Reunion
the faint sex is personal blank wave arcade
The Faint Worked Up So Sexual Blank Wave Arcade
The Fall C.R.E.E.P. The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall
The Fall Cab It Up! I Am Kurious Oranj
The Fall Kurious Oranj I Am Kurious Oranj
The Fall Paranoid Man in Cheap Shit Room The Infotainment Scan
The Fallout Ask Me The Fallout
The Furies No More smoke...drink...cry
The Gasolines The Jonny Mod s/t
The God Machine In Bad Dreams The God Machine
The God Machine Painless One Last Laugh In A Place Of D
The Good North define worth waiting An Explanation
The Good North Not Feeling It Stuff
The Heads No Talking Just Head No Talking Just Head
The Heads-Johnette Napolitano Damage I've Done No Talking Just Head
The Heads-Maria McKee No Big Bang No Talking Just Head
The Hidden Before the Wave The Hidden EP
The Information I Lose Control Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
The Information I Love Trouble Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
The Innocence Mission Tomorrow on the Runway Befriended
The Jesus & Mary Chain Head On Automatic
The Jesus & Mary Chain Just Like Honey Psychocandy
The Jesus & Mary Chain Reverence Honey's Dead
The Jesus & Mary Chain Teenage Lust Honey's Dead
The Jesus and Mary Chain Everything's Alright When You're Down Barbed Wire Kisses
The Jesus and Mary Chain On the Wall Barbed Wire Kisses
The Jesus and Mary Chain Sidewalking Barbed Wire Kisses
The Jesus and Mary Chain Some Candy Talking Psychocandy
The Jesus and Mary Chain Something's Wrong Psychocandy
The Kite-Eating Tree sighs of the curator s/t
The Lemonheads Alison's Starting to Happen It's a Shame About Ray
The Like Young Snobs and Slobs Art Contest
The Lovelies Constellation White Leather
The Lovethugs A Little Bit of Something A Little Bit of Something
The Magnetic Fields All the Umbrellas in London 69 Lovesongs
The Meeting Places See Through You Find Yourself Along the Way
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Someday I Suppose Ska-Core, The Devil & More
The Only Children Change of Living Change of Living
The Primitives Crash Lovely
The Promise Ring A Picture Postcard 30° Everywhere
The Promise Ring Red Paint 30° Everywhere
The Psychedelic Furs Love My Way Forever Now
The Psychedelic Furs Pretty in Pink All of This and Nothing
The Rapture Echoes Echoes
The Rapture House of Jealous Lovers Echoes
The Raveonettes Attack of the Ghost Riders Whip It On
The Raveonettes Do You Believe Her Whip It On
THE RAVEONETTES Heartbreak Stroll Chain Gang Of Love
THE RAVEONETTES That Great Love Sound Chain Gang Of Love
The Replacements Alex Chilton Pleased to Meet Me
The Replacements Bastards of Young Tim
The Replacements Dose of Thunder Tim
The Replacements Here Comes a Regular Tim
The Replacements The Ledge Pleased to Meet Me
The Roots The Seed (2.0) Phrenology
The Rosemont Family Reunion Leaving Here Tomorro Forever Ruth
The Russian Futurists Let's Get Ready to Crumble The Russian Futurists
The Russian Futurists Precious Metals Russian Futurists
The Shins Mine's Not a High Horse the shins
The Shore Hard Road The Shore
The Sisters of Mercy Adrenochrome Some Girls Wander By Mistake
The Smashing Pumpkins Bury Me Gish
The Smashing Pumpkins Daydream Gish
The Smiths Ask The Best of the Smiths, Vol. 2
The Smiths How Soon Is Now? The Best of the Smiths, Vol. 1
The Smiths Shoplifters of the World Unite The Best of the Smiths, Vol. 1
The Smiths Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others The Best of the Smiths, Vol. 1
The Sounds Living In America From Across The Sea Volume 5
The Stills Allison Krausse Logic Will Break Your Heart
The Stills Lola Stars and Stripes Logic Will Break Your Heart
The Stills Still In Love Song Celebrate Independents
The Stone Roses Elephant Stone The Stone Roses [US]
The Stone Roses I Wanna Be Adored The Stone Roses [US]
The Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop
The Swans In The Swans
The Swirlies Tall Ships The Swirlies
The Swords Project Immigracion The Swords Project
The Timelords Doctorin' the Tardis Doctorin' the Tardis [CD #2]
The Twilight Singers Twilite Kid Twilight as Played By the Twilight Singers
The Twin Atlas Beautiful Suprise Twin Atlas
The Twin Atlas Signals and Plays Signals and Plays
The Unbusted Clearly Blue Eyes The Unbusted
The Unicorns Les Os Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone
The Unicorns Tuff Ghost Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone
The Wedding Present Interstate 5 (Radio Edit) Interstate 5 (Single)
The White Stripes In The Cold, Cold Night Elephant
Thes Jessica Fletchers Bloody 70s Love What Happened To The?
Three 4 Ten Philly Blues Taking Northern Liberties
Throwing Muses Counting Backwards The Real Ramona
Throwing Muses Flying Throwing Muses [2003]
Throwing Muses Half Blast Throwing Muses [2003]
Throwing Muses Red Shoes The Real Ramona
Thurston Moore Cindy (Rotten Tanx) Psychic Hearts
Thurston Moore Psychic Hearts Psychic Hearts
Tori Amos Take to the Sky Winter [#1]
Tree Wave May Banners Cabana EP+
trespassers william i know left of center - maxi single
trespassers william Lie_in_the_Sound.mp3 untitled
Tricky Antimatter Vulnerable
Tricky Hollow Vulnerable
Tunnel Motor Cresson Cresson/Altoona
Uncle Tupelo Effigy 89/93: An Anthology
Uncle Tupelo Gun 89/93: An Anthology
Uncle Tupelo I Got Drunk 89/93: An Anthology
Uncle Tupelo Still Be Around 89/93: An Anthology
Uncle Tupelo Whiskey Bottle 89/93: An Anthology
United States of Revery Orgonon Anon United States of Revery
Utah Saints B777 Two
Utah Saints Lost vagueness Two
Utah Saints something good Something Good
Various Artists Donny Parton - Jolene The Best Country Ballads In The World... Ever! - Disc 2