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Everything's a label. People call things post-punk or post-rock when the labels themselves seem meaningless and impossible. Oddly enough, that's just what FM radio has become: meaningless and impossible. The same major label funded pop/rockstars or whatever flavor of the week/trend. Enter PostFM, based loosely around louder, somewhat dissonant or challenging music from the 80's until now. PostFM also serves as spingboard for unsigned/unknown bands to earn a wider audience. This is for all the bands that rise above their local scenes and develop something far wider sounding than any local bar patron ever cares to hear or consider.

The format of PostFM is intentionally freeform. The playlist is always set to random with the exception of a noontime 1 hour program featuring new songs by new, unsigned and established artists.

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To listen to PostFM you will need to sign up, which is free, and install a small audio player on your computer. None of this is very complicated or threatening to your computer system.

Please feel free to email with any requests, comments, suggestions, etc.. Enjoy the show.