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I have some duplicate books that I no longer need. Here is a list of what I have and the price.


       The Speakers Bible: Psalms vol. II edited by James Hastings. Published by Speakers Bible
       Office, Hardback, 396 pages, 1925, good condition, $6.50       

       The Speakers Bible: St. Luke vol. II edited by James Hastings. Published by Baker Book
       House, Hardback, 480 pages, 1961, good condition, $6.50

       Commentary on the Whole Bible by Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset & David Brown.
       Published by Zondervan, Hardback, 605 pages, n.d., good to very good condition with
       some minor fading of cover and pages, $9.00

       Tyndale Old Testament Commentary: The Song of Solomon by G. Lloyd Carr,
       Published by Inter-Varsity Press, Paperback, 175 pages, 1984, good to very good
       condition, $4.00

       Daily Study Bible: Gospel of Matthew, Vol. 2, Revised Edition by William Barclay
     . Published by Westminster Press, Paperback, 379 pages, 1975, excellent condition, $4.00

       Daily Study Bible: Gospel of Luke, Revised Edition by William Barclay. Published by
       Westminster Press, Paperback, 301 pages, 1975, excellent condition, $4.00 (Two copies

       Harper's Bible Commentary, by William Neil. Published by Harper & Row, Paperback
       544 pages, 1975, very good condition except for minor creases on cover, $4.00

       Understanding the Books of the New Testament edited by Patrick H. Carmichael.
       Published by John Knox Press, Paperback, 224 pages, 1952, good condition, $3.00 

       Old Testament Synonyms, by Girdlestone, Published by Associated Publishers and
       Authors, This is a reprint of a classic work of the past, Hardback, 346 pages, n.d.,
       excellent condition, $9.00 

       A Short History of the Interpretation of the Bible, by Robert M. Grant. Published by
       Macmillan Paperbacks, paperback, 224 pages, 1963, very good condition, $2.50


       On Being a Christian by Hans Kung, translated by Edward Quinn. Published by
       Doubleday, hardback, 720 pages, 1976, good condition, $5.00

       Christian Ethics for Today: An Evangelical Approach by Milton L. Rudnick. Published
       by Baker Book House, hardback, 150 pages, 1979, very good condition, $4.00

       Understanding the Christian Faith by Georgia Harkness. Published by Abingdon,
       hardback, 187 pages, 1947, good condition, worn dustjacket, $2.00

       The idea of Revelation in Recent Thought by John Baillie. Published by Columbia
       University Press, paperback, 151 pages, 1956, good condition, $2.00



       New English Bible: New Testament. Published by Oxford University Press, hardback,
       447 pages, 1961, good condition, dustjacket worn, $3.00

       Holy Bible, Contempary English Version. Published by American Bible Society,
       Paperback, 1354 pages, 1995, excellent condition, $4.00 

       All the Women of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer. Published by Zondervan, Paperback,
       321 pages, n.d., near mint condition, $5.00

       All the Miracles of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer. Published by Zondervan, Hardback,
       316 pages, 1965, very good condition, $5.00

       Everyone in the Bible by William P. Barker. Published by Revell, Hardback, 370 pages,
       1966, very good condition except for wear on the dustjacket, $5.00

       A Harmony of the Gosepls by A. T. Robertson. Published by Harper & Row, Hardback,
       304 pages, 1950, very good condition except for some wear on the dustjacket, $5.00

       Christ in the Passover by Ceil and Moishe Rosen. Published by Moody Press, Paperback
       112 pages, 1978, very good condition, $2.00

       Treasures from the Family Bible by Theodore H. Epp. Published by Back to the Bible,
       Oversize Paperback, 48 pages, 1958, very good condition, $1.00

       Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Volume 1, by Josh Mcdowell. Published by Here's
       Life Publishing, paperback, 388 pages, 1989, good condition, $3.00 

       Evidence That Demands a Verdict, by Josh Mcdowell. Published by Campus Crusade
       for Christ Publishing, paperback, 392 pages, 1972, good condition, $3.00 

       Getting into God: Practical Guidelines to the Christian Life by D. Stuart Briscoe. Published
       by Zondervan, paperback, 156 pages, 1975, good condition, $2.00

       Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face by Bruce Ritter. Published by Covenant House,
       paperback, 121 pages, 1988, good condition, $1.00


   Shipping for all books is $2.00 for the first book and $1.00 for each
   additional book. If you buy multiple books, the prices will be lower.
   If you are interested in any of these books, contact me at


    Last updated on January 20, 2003. Check back again, there will be many more added in the future.