Beverly hills


The Arabesques, here are designed based on a fragment. The history behind it apparently is that in the 1520’s, Venice pattern books of Moresque designs began to appear by an unknown master who just signed his work with an ‘F’, and he produced these patterns. A book publisher by the name of Giovanni Tagliente referred to these innovative patterns as being “Groppi moreschi et arabeschi” (Moresque and arabesque knots). An adaptation of that is what we used in the columns and added a rosette to both connect and anchor them at eye level. The diapered patterns were influenced by Fortuny repeats. We wanted to use a connecting repeat that would create strength and structure. The scrolled pomegranate is Florentine in nature as is found on painted facades in Florence. We however, were more influenced in execution and color by Roman lacquered designs for musical instrument.