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Jon and Jim, being avid collectors and players of fine vintage amplifiers, set out to build the amp of their dreams. Only the finest and most authentic components were selected in the construction, as not to compromise on tone and "the look". The Fullertone Twin V10is the fruit of their passion.                                                                                                                                       

The cabinet design reflects back to the late -  '40s when the finest amp was unveiled in Fullerton, California, the "plow front" Dual Professional. The circuit is based on the highly desirable '59 Super model 5F4 "Twin-V0", but with slight modifications.

The transformers are much larger than the originals, increasing bass response. Filament lead dress was updated as well as three prong power cord to match today's electrical standards. A bias pot was also added to insure proper and easy adjustment of power tube idle current.

"Our initial intent was to satisfy our personal desire to build the finest amplifier, regardless of cost. Our attention to every detail ensures the highest standard of quality. At the request of all who have had an opportunity to play the amp we decided to go into production."

Jon and Jim