John T Rice (Tom)

Information Technology with over 37 years of experience. Most of my job experience has been in Mainframe Cobol software development. On the personal side, I am an FCC Licensed Amateur (Extra) radio operator, Bluegrass Banjo Picker, Harley-Davidson rider, Personal Computer enthusiast, former BSA Scoutmaster, BSA Eagle Scout 1968, BSA Wood Badge 2003. I write webpages from scratch using HTML (avoiding WYSIWYGs), and I build and repair PCs. I enjoy working with people, and sharing my knowledge with others.


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2013-present Greenville Health System, Greenville, SC

I/S Analyst

Technical support of GE Centricity, Siemens Soarian, and other Acute Care Clinical applications for the Greenville Health System (formerly known as Greenville Hospital System).

2005-2012 UnitedHealth Group, Greenville, SC

Sr Applications Developer / Systems Analyst

MVS JCL, Cobol, CICS, Batch, Endeavor, TSO, TSO-QMF, DB2/SQL, Oracle/SQL, Rational Requisite Pro, RSA.
Programming/Analysis & Systems Analyst for Network Database, Payment Systems. Medical Provider Maintenance, Eligibility Systems Maintenance, Onboarding/pricing Claims, Member EOB processing, Provider Remittance Advice processing.

1997-2005 MetLife, Greenville, SC

Information Systems Consultant

Work involving MVS JCL, Cobol-2, Macro-Level & Command-Level CICS, Batch, Changeman, TSO
Programming/Analysis. Group Universal Life: Development of Full Service Life system, Automated Enrollment, maintenance of Batch & CICS Full/Term Life GUL programming systems. Institutional Dental Insurance: Cost saving changes to Clearinghouse claim intake, and, Provider EOB/Check consolidation, maintenance of Batch & CICS claims payment systems.

1995-1997 UnitedHealth Care, Greenville, SC

Business Analysis Consultant

MVS JCL, Cobol-2, Command-Level CICS, Batch, TSO
Programming/Analysis in Group Medical Insurance: development & maintenance of Batch & CICS claims payment systems.
I was an integral part of the systems split from MetLife Group Health to UnitedHealth care.
Business Analyst in IS Corporate Security: Y2K compliance effort, cleanup of the RACF databases, the moving of the AARP account from Prudential to UHC.


1982-1995 MetLife, Greenville, SC

Sr. Systems Analyst

MVS JCL, Cobol-2, Macro-Level & Command-Level CICS, Batch, TSO, VM. Development & maintenance of Batch & CICS Group Medical, Dental, & Vision claim payment systems. I maintained a CICS/Batch IO System, and converted it from Macro-level to

Command-level/Cobol-2. I was a lead programmer in conversion of all systems from macro-level to command-level/Cobol-2 within the Group Medical systems.

1980-1982 Dan River Manufacturing, Greenville, SC

Programmer Analyst

Work involving OS/VS Cobol, Command-Level CICS, OS JCL, Roscoe/Librarian. Worked on order and inventory systems.

1978-1980 South Carolina Appalachian Computer Commission

Programmer Analyst

DOS/VS Cobol, RPG II. This was (now defunct) a non-profit organization that provided computer services for other non-profit organizations (schools, city and/or county governments, etc). Worked on fixed assets, real estate, and government vehicle maintenance and planning/zoning.

1977-1978 Winn Dixie, Greenville, SC

Computer Operator - IBM 370-125 & 370-145.

1972-1973 University Of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
1973-1975 Greenville Technical College, Greenville, SC - Data Processing Computer Technology (Cobol, RPG-II, Assembler, Fortran)
1995 Greenville Technical College, Greenville, SC - AS/400 Operations (Operator Essentials, RPG/400 Level-I/Level-II)
2012-2013 Skillsoft - A+ certification.
2014 - In my Senior year at Limestone College - BS Computer Science: Programming.