BBQ Ratio Calculator



Based on smoker ratios developed by Alien BBQ and posted at




I produced these files to help fellow pit builders calculate their pit ratios. When I was building my first smoker I came across Alien BBQs ratios on the Smoke Ring just in time. Without a doubt the ratios Mike posted kept me from making costly mistakes on my first build. Thanks Mike!


As I was building the smoker I first made a crude spreadsheet to help me make sure I was calculating correctly. I soon found that it also helped me quickly recalculate as needed during the modification periods. The sheets below grew out of that first sheet.


To access the file:


1.  Click on the links below.

2.  You should see a dialog asking if you want to open the file or save it. Opening the file will allow you to use it but not save you inputs to the form. By saving the file you can open the file in excel and save your changes.

3.  To use the spreadsheet, just enter your dimensions in the yellow cells.

4.  Calculations in the green cells to the right are based on the dimensions entered for a square or rectangular fire box. Calculations in the blue cells are based on dimensions entered for a circular firebox.


Download here:


Ratio calculator Excel file



If you dont have Excel 97 or newer, this calculator is also available on Google spreadsheet. You can click on the link to see it but will need to sign in to use it. If you dont have an account you can create one for free.



This is the best I can do without more web page building experience! Good luck and feel free to ask questions. Just pm me on the Smoke Ring.


Tom C.