Engineering Marvels- 2015

From the ancient 7 wonders of the world to more modern day inventions,

the products of engineers surround us on a daily basis.

Do you use anything designed by an engineer?

Can you engineer your way out of our Engineering Marvel?
How were the pyramids built? How did we cut this maze?

Photo coming soon!

Simple Machines - 2014

This year's maze design is Simple Machines!

Basic tools that simplify our daily lives.

While they may be basic, this year's maze design is not!

Will you need help to make it through? We've got trivia to help you!

What are the five simple machines?
What can you do with them? How do you use them?

Photo coming soon!

Tennessee Wildlife - 2013

Let's celebrate the wonder of Tennesse Wildlife!

Will you get lost in the racoon? Maybe the iris will trip you up!

Watch out for that channel catfish - take his bait and he might send you the wrong way.

Never fear! Trivia questions on Tennessee's state plants and animals will help you find your way.
Get to know TENNESSEE!
The Volunteer State!

Photo coming soon!

Statue of Liberty - 2012

Lady Liberty is our corn maze theme this year. We'll have trivia questions to aid you along your way, so get to know her before you arrive!

Proud to be an AMERICAN! VOTE!!!!

Birds - 2011

This year's maze theme is BIRDS! Fly in for some fun and see how much you know about our feathered friends. Trivia questions will help you find your way through the maze.

Birds of a feather, flock bring your friends!

Maze photo coming soon...

Giant Tree Frog - 2010

Our maze theme this year is Reptiles and Amphibians! Hop on over and see if you can find your way through our giant tree frog maze. We'll have trivia questions to help you find your way, so study up on those frogs, toads, and snakes!

Leaping Lizards! This is Fun!

Space - 2009

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo astronauts landing on the moon, we are using Space as the theme of our maze. The maze design is a large astronaut on the moon with stars in the background.  We will have trivia on space, stars, and planets to help you through the maze.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!

Mount Rushmore - 2008

In honor of the presidential election this year, we are using Mt Rushmore as the theme of our maze.  We will have presidential and election trivia to help you through the maze.

Don't you wish you could vote for one of these guys!!!

School is Cool !!! - 2007

 This was the theme for our 2007 maze.  However, due to the severe drought in our area, the corn did not do very well at all and we chose not to do a flyover for a picture.


BUGS !!! - 2006

“Get Bit by the Fun Bug!”

Although many people consider bugs and insects to be annoying pests, some insects actually play a very important role in agriculture.  The 2006 corn maze design at Holiday Acres Farm depicted several bugs buzzing about flowers.  As visitors worked their way through the 6-acre maze, they encountered a caterpillar, butterfly, ladybug, ant and bee amongst the flowers.  They were given a choice of clue sheets to help you through more quickly.  They could also go on a bug scavenger hunt!

Thank you Jay for the great plane ride over the maze!!!

Our 2005 maze was designed to honor  the 75th anniversary for Cub Scouts and the 95th anniversary for Boy Scouts.  Our 6-acre maze depicted the life of a scout all the way from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout.  As visitors worked their way through the maze, they searched for scout related items and progressed through the scout ranks.  For those not associated with Boy Scouts, Girl Scout and general public versions of the scavenger hunt were provided.  Unfortunately, no picture is available because Hurricane Katrina arrived before we were able to take an aerial photo.



Click here for a map and driving directions

Holiday Acres Farm
Tom & Debbie Brown
346 Campbellsville Pike
Ethridge, TN 38456
(931) 829-2660