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WARNING:   Use of this software, RPMS, etc. may cause havoc, earthquakes, tornadoes, and all sorts of bad juju.  There is NO WARRANTY.  I, no one around me, and no one not around me is responsible for any damages the use of this software may cause you.

DISCLAIMER:   I dislike disclaimers, warnings and all but I figured I need to relay the fact that these patches to esound are my own. I try to make sure they work for every one but if you have problems with them, please don't harass the alsa developers and the gnome developers. If you have any problems getting my patches to work for you, don't hesitate to let me know.

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2002.10.15         esound-0.2.29 has been out for several weeks now. If you're using this version, you may notice that esd -h produces similar output to what my patched esd did. The latest alsa and help patches that my patch provided has been merged into the main esound source. The latest esound defaults to use the device hw:0 so if you need to have alsa do endianess conversions, etc. add -d plughw:0 (or -d default) to the spawn_options parameter in /etc/esd.conf. I probably won't be making any more patches to esd at the moment.

2002.07.30         esound-0.2.28-ztp20020730_0 (.patch.gz) (src.rpm) is available. plughw: interface in ALSA is now accessible with -d. plughw is default device for alsa. See ChangeLog for details.

2002.06.23         esound-0.2.28-ztp20020623_0 (.patch.gz) is available. See ChangeLog for details.

2002.06.16         esound-0.2.27-ztp20020615_0 (.patch.gz) (src.rpm) is available. If you have problems getting alsa9 working with esound on your computer, give this one a try. For details of the changes, see the ChangeLog

2002.04.22         esound-0.2.24-ztp20020422_0 (.patch.gz) (src.rpm) is available for download. This adds big endian to the alsa support. Here's the ChangeLog

2002.03.19         esound-0.2.24-ztp20020319_0 (.patch.gz) (src.rpm) is available for download. This fixes several alsa sound anomalies and adds a -unlock option to the sound server. Here's the ChangeLog

2002.03.14         Patch release ztp20020314_0 is now available. segfault causing bug fixed in players.c

2002.03.13         Patch release ztp20020313_0 is now available. This includes a merge with 0.2.24 and trailing sounds in the alsa code has been fixed (again). See ChangeLog for details.

2002.02.28         Patch release ztp20020228_0 is now available. See ChangeLog for details. The files are here .

2001.12.27         Update the website a little.

2001.12.19         Patch release ztp20011218_0 is now available. See ChangeLog below for details. You can get the it here. Both a .patch.gz and SRPMS are available. If my patch doesn't work for you, i.e. the sound is fast, garbled, etc.. please email me with the details. Thanks.

2001.11.13        Blips and blurps in sound is now finally fixed.  It sure helps if the alsa buffer size matches the esd buffer size.  oops.  This is a must grab download. Get it now!  Patch(es) are available here.

2001.10.21        I've updated the ALSA 9 patch for esound 0.2.23.   The latest patch is available here .   See changelog below for more info.

2001.09.02        Very cool.  I'm done with adding ALSA 9 support to esd.  I've fixed the problem with the static sound. I've also fixed the problem with the autostart. Click here to download! There are two groups of packages. One is compiled for ALSA9 support and the other for ALSA5 support. The source code for both are the same. Oh yeah, I've compiled these rpms on Linux-Mandrake 8.0.

2001.08.28       Well shucks. I've worked on the patch and it works mostly. It has a bit of static in the sound and for some reason the autostart feature of esd causes the alsa code to go nuts. The patch is here in src.rpm format if you'd like to play with it. I've split the alsa code for x.9 and x.5 into seperate files to make it easier to manage (note/hint: don't use rpm to install this, use midnight commander, if installed, to extract the contents. It's soooo much easier.).

2001.08.15       Sorry for the LONG delay. I've patched ESD for ALSA 0.9beta6 but am still testing it. I'm having problems with the playback, it's going real fast. I'm on it though and should have it working shortly.


I had patched ESD for ALSA 0.5.0 back in April 2000.  The GNOME team was kind enough to include it in ESD.  Unfortunately, it was a preliminary patch because the documentation for ALSA 0.5.0 was not fully complete yet and I had to sort of 'wing it'.  I based my changes on the way ALSA 0.5 support was implemented in ALSAPLAYER.   Everything worked great except for the fact that my GUS Classic sound card's sound was all garbled when I'd tried it with ALSA 0.5.0.   I figured I'd release the code as is since most people do not have GUS Classics and it worked fine with all my other cards (including a GusPnP, SB16PnP, SB64awe, and now SBLive!).   Soon after the initial patch I fixed the problem and have been enjoying mp3s on my old GUS Classic.   The changes have yet to appear in the mainstream ESD release so I figured I'd share it with any one interested.  Since then, I've been happily using ALSA natively with esound.  Now that the ALSA team has begun releasing 0.9.x releases, which will not compile against anything originally compiled for the 0.5.x line, I've updated my patch to include support for these versions as well.  

An additional note: The latest versions of esound that are typically included in all of the Linux distributions is at

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